Waterproof Fujitsu Q584 Windows 8.1 tablet with impressive display now available for order (US)

There isn't a shortage of Windows tablets out there, but specifications and designs have been rather similar, if not identical. Looking to differentiate themselves from the OEM pack, Fujitsu has begun taking orders for its STYLISTIC Q584 Windows 8.1 tablet. What makes this device different from other offerings already available? Good question, head on past the break to find out.

Fujitsu has been an interesting partner for Microsoft. We last saw the manufacturer launch a Windows Phone, the IS12T, which was a waterproof smartphone and a decent mobile handset. This Windows 8.1 tablet is a special case since it too is also waterproof (IPX5 / 7 / 8), just in case you're reading some ebooks or flinging enraged birds near that pool of heated water.

That's not all that is eye-catching about the Q584. You're also looking at a quad-core Intel BayTrail Atom processor, 64GB or 128GB eMMC, 4GB RAM and an impressive sounding 2560x1600 display - all packed inside a 10.1-inch tablet that only weighs 640g. But what would a mobile product be with its trusted power plant? To help you get through the day, Fujitsu has included a 32Wh battery that will provide a reported 11 hours worth of use. Not bad.

Fujitsu Q584

How much does all the above set you back by? $879 for the base configuration. If you add and personalise the tablet to fit your requirements and needs, the price will of course increase slightly. That said, for a product as feature-rich as this Fujitsu tablet, we're excited to see the price tag set below $1000. The dock is sold separately, but is listed for $59.

Head on over to the American Fujitsu website to configure and place your order for the Windows 8.1 tablet. Let us know if you're looking to pick one up. We'll be sure to grab one ourselves for review purposes, so be sure to remain tuned for future coverage..

Source: Fujitsu; thanks, Kiel, for the tip! 

Rich Edmonds
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