Sitting properly at a desk is incredibly important, but you may still overlook some of the easy steps you can take to improve your posture. Sitting incorrectly could lead to health-related issues, so we've rounded up a few products and steps you can take to be healthy online. You'll want to start with a chair like the GT Omega Racing Pro.

Get comfy: Invest in a good chair

The best choice to make when sitting at your desk is to purchase a chair to support your body. It's easy to pick up a $10 chair from your local store and call it a day, but this simply won't do. We rounded up numerous "gaming" chairs like the excellent GT Omega Racing Pro that happen to be seriously comfortable with all the support you'd need.

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Never criss-cross: Don't cross your legs

To avoid posture-related health issues, you need to have your feet placed firmly on the ground or a raised surface and not to cross your legs. If you have an uneven or hard floor, there are some great floor mats for office use you can choose from.

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Back to back: Make use of lumbar support

Providing adequate support for your back is another important step to a more comfortable and pleasant computing experience. Some office chairs and a fair number of gaming chairs come with lumbar supports in the box, but if your seat doesn't have one, you can pick up an aftermarket memory foam lumbar support.

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Look straight: Adjust your monitors

The best position for your monitor setup is to have your panels eye-level. Most displays have swivel, tilt and rotation support and are easy to get the surface of the display pointed in the correct direction, but mounts like this AmazonBasics monitor arm allow for further adjustments to be made. Aim to position the middle of the display at the same level as your eyes.

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Ergonomic typing: Placing your keyboard is important

Keyboard placement is more important than you might assume. It's recommended you keep the keyboard between 4 to 6 inches in front of you with your arms bent and wrist at your side. If you're looking for a new mechanical keyboard, the HAVIT HV-KB390L offers stunning value with excellent switches for typing and gaming.

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Have a break: Get up and move around

You should never sit in the same position for too long. It's important to get up and move around every so often to stretch your legs. Even working in some exercising between breaks is a great way to get physical without leaving the house (or even the office). A Fitbit wearable will remind you to move when sat down for too long.

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These steps will help you sit properly at your desk and ensure your head, neck, back, and legs are adequately supported. Using the recommended products included in this collection will allow you to revamp your office set up to support such health improvements. Starting out, you'll need a comfortable, supportive chair like the GT Omega Racing Pro.

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