MotoGP Esports Championship has returned and is open for registration

It has been another quiet week in the world of esports with the LCS taking a quick break and everyone enjoying the sunshine. However, MotoGP took the time to open registrations for this year's world championship, and Immortals picks up an all-Brazilian team for Rainbow Six Siege.

Immortal Brazilians

Esports organization Immortals has come a long way since its days in the League of Legends Championship Series. Forming multiple teams, the organization announced a new roster for Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege, comprising of an all-Brazilian line-up. Interestingly, CEO Noah Winston notes how many fans the esports org has in the region and plans to use the team to host local events and push esports further.

Two wheels better than none

MotoGP 17

The MotoGP Esport Championship is returning, and Dorna Sports has opened up registrations. One of only a few racing games that are picking up steam in the esports scene, last year saw the winner take home a BMW M240i vehicle. Everything is handled through the game itself, rather than having all participants flown to an event somewhere. After registering online, you can take part in any available tournaments.

If you happen to be interested in registering your interest in participating, be sure to hit up the official website and fill out the form.

Upcoming live events

  • ESL Rainbow Six Siege - July 09 - watch on Twitch.
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