Weekly Nodo Update from Microsoft

According to Microsoft, they aren't going to be happy until everyone gets their update and continue to work hard to get this job done. In their weekly Nodo Update Microsoft recognizes that the update has gone out to O2 and SFR customers in Europe and Telstra customers are receiving the February update now. Eric Hautala also offers a word of caution to those turning to homebrew solutions.

As an engineer and a gadget lover, I totally understand the impulse to tinker. You want the latest technology and you’re tired of waiting. Believe me, I get it. But my strong advice is: wait. If you attempt one of these workarounds, we can’t say for sure what might happen to your phone because we haven’t fully tested these homebrew techniques. You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get mis-configured and not receive future updates.

Hautala continues to say a lot of progress has been made in recent weeks. However, we all know there is still a lot of work to be done. AT&T has changed their update status to indicate that Scheduling (the stage before distribution) would begin early April 2011. But "early" April is fast turning into "mid" April. It is entirely possible we'll see the new AT&T HD7S running the updated OS before existing phones are updated.

With the original Windows Phone 7 OS working well, I'm more concerned about the update process than the update itself.  While I agree with Hautala's call for patience, at some point Microsoft needs to get better control of their update process and make it more timely. Thoughts?

You can check the latest Nodo Status for your Windows Phone at Microsoft's Update Page (opens in new tab) or you can download "Dude, Where is my update?" app here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune).

Source: Windowsteamblog

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  • Seriously...AT&T, what in the world is taking so long?
  • how the heck do you pronounce Nodo? is it "no-due" or "no-doe" or "nod-o" or what???
  • Seeing as how it is short for 'No Donut' you would pronounce it no-doe.I agree with George. Part of my reason for abandoning Palm and signing onto the WP7 platform is because I wrongfully assumed Microsoft would have better control over the update process. This is pathetically disappointing. Delays are met with excuses. It seems Apple is the only entity that can release updates like a professional company anymore.
  • it is short for No Donuts....so I assume no-doe
  • Speaking of the HD7S, anyone heard a potential release date? I have 2 more weeks with this Atrix and i'm dying to go back to WP7, but the Focus felt really cheap to me so i'm hoping the HD7S will suit my needs better. Thanks in advance folks.
  • Delays from AT&T.....the once company most likely to **** and tamper with the OS. Gee.....real surprise there !!
  • I'm betting the ATT update won't happen until May. Mango won't happen in 2011. IE9? Won't come to our current phones as it will end up scavaging the next round of WP7 phone sales for ATT.I hope the FCC doesn't allow for the T-Mo takeover. There has to be another GSM alternative to ATT! Service will be even worse than it currently is.
  • I hope that you are wrong but that's beginning to seem highly likely DRAT!
  • well to me early would be trhe first ten days mid the next 10 and the rest the last Hopefully scheduling will be the ned of the week and a rollout bystarting the 20th and done by the 27th. I am ready for the whining to stop but fear that once no do is done that the whinin g about mango will begin immediately in earnest.
  • To be fair, this doesn't mean that ATT couldn't have the update ready by tomorrow. Granted that may be extremely optimistic considering this is ATT we're talking about. Still, theoretically the update could be out before the end of next week.
  • I am hoping so too but anything is possible.
  • Let me start out by saying i'm a huge Microsoft fan. I'm usually the first one to take MS' side when someone blames Windows for crash. It's usually a 3rd party software causing the crash of the OS. But moving to WP7 and this whole update mess, it frustrating to see Blogs saying stop whining and be patient. This is not Microsoft's first time in the Mobile market. When ME and Vista came out and had all those problems were people saying stop whining and be patient? No, they were hard on Microsoft until they took notice and made improvement. You have consumers locking into 2yr contracts or like myself paying the $499 up front for a device that was promised to have quick and carrier block free delays. I do understand that a "WP7" site/blog probably would frown or steer away from bashing Microsoft or pointing out they're wp7 update flows just because you dont want to bite the hand that feeds you (wp7 ads, and promotions). Usually I have to go to a tech blog for unbiased feedback regarding the update problem.The point i'm trying to make is at what point do we stop babying Microsoft? I have my NoDo update thanks to a mod/hack. But future updates... Mango no do till the end of the year, what about all the feature missing for wp7? Mango is not going to cover that, and it would be foolish to think that Microsoft will be adding ringtones, mms video sending, ymsg,aim,msn, etc access... I don't see this update process getting any better especially with AT&T buying Tmobile.
  • I remember the days of pocket pc and the original active sync and all the issues I had. I was so glad when the treo 600 came out and I could get back to palm os. When the treo 750 came out I was very hesitant to switch to winmo again but active sync caused no problems. then. I have been p[leased with thefocus itself and the update will be nice when it gets here hopefully sooner rather than later. It works fine right now as far as I am concerned Faster loading and resuming will be nice copy/paste will be okay but I am fine until it comes. I believe that the update process will be improved by MS and ATT will fall in line and speed up their process if MS will not roll over when ATT says "boo!"
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  • I have T-Mo HD7. Nodo is installing right now. I think its sad how we have to wait for carriers to push the update. Don't blame MS.
  • But MS is the one who made the deal with carriers in the first place. As such, they clearly have some liability here. For example, they not only inked a deal with ATT, but they gave them the title of "Premiere Partner" here in the US. Now it looks like ATT might well be the last carrier in the entire world to push out the update. MS had control over to whom they gave such a title, and they gave it to someone who clearly cares nothing for the product. That is MS's fault, and it is wholly appropriate to lay such blame at their feet.
  • All this time and all the fuss, and the joke is on us -- the update is a small set of baby steps.Yeah, the bigger problem is that the process does not seem to be working and the big dog (MS) seems to be getting pushed around and embarrassed by ATT.My guess is that ATT would rather sell Android ... or iPhones! ... or Berrys. They must have a bad $$ deal with MS.
  • Kinda what I have been saying for months, dudes! The pace is rediculous, and MS should have taken MORE concern towards the END USER knowing FULL WELL that in order for OEMS & Carriers to maximize profits they are going to take as LONG as possible to give end users updates. At the very least they will want to wait until the new devices are out w/ new software in them already.It has been this way for over a dozen years, what on earth made MS think it would be any different now, w/o a contractual restriction on the ability to interfere w/ direct OS updates.