Microsoft gives AT&T users some hope for NoDo

In the wake of the uproar over their lack of communication on their update strategy, Microsoft created a web page to communicate with users on the status of their updates. Up until now AT&T users were left wondering what "Testing" meant, and how long that would take. The bad news is that all three Windows Phone 7 devices on AT&T are still in the testing phase, but the good news is that there are target dates attached now.

According to Microsoft’s website, testing for both the NoDo and Pre-Nodo updates are estimated to be completed early next month. While this is obviously later than anyone wants, at least we have a time frame to mark on the calendar.

What do you think? Is this too late? Are you at least glad that there is some communication rolling at this point? Get your rant on in the comments.

Source: Microsoft; Thanks to Bryan for the tip!

Tim Ferrill