Microsoft gives AT&T users some hope for NoDo

In the wake of the uproar over their lack of communication on their update strategy, Microsoft created a web page to communicate with users on the status of their updates. Up until now AT&T users were left wondering what "Testing" meant, and how long that would take. The bad news is that all three Windows Phone 7 devices on AT&T are still in the testing phase, but the good news is that there are target dates attached now.

According to Microsoft’s website, testing for both the NoDo and Pre-Nodo updates are estimated to be completed early next month. While this is obviously later than anyone wants, at least we have a time frame to mark on the calendar.

What do you think? Is this too late? Are you at least glad that there is some communication rolling at this point? Get your rant on in the comments.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks to Bryan for the tip!

Tim Ferrill
  • Early April? it is March 30th already and I don't think we are going to get this update before end of April. Though this is not the major update I'm waiting for, still AT&T sucks.
  • Hey, I'm getting the Feb 2011 update as we speak. It failed the first time. It's developer unlocked, but not debranded. AT&T/FOCUS Huntsville, AL.
  • I got the NoDo via the VPN hack. HTC AT&T Surround.I am so angry with AT&T not delivering updates sooner, but then when I think outside our platform, which is Android, which devices aren't getting updates way worse than ours, I think I'm pretty happy.When you compare these platforms just in that respect -- I couldn't be more happier I'm with Windows Phone.
  • Completely agree. I remember one article ( showed how often the various vendors/carriers provided the updates, and Samsung was third place and HTC being first."Eventually" isn't bad compared to "never."Besides, didn't Samsung also mess up one of their Android updates? Yeah, their stuff needs the additional testing >.
  • I to have the NoDo update via the hack. Samsung FocusAT&T may suck, but XDA-Developers makes up for it.
  • "What do you think? Is this too late?"For me it's too late. Too late in the sense that I always expect ATT to have terrible customer communication/service and to be behind the curve when it comes to releasing updates. I'm upset enough to jump ship, but not so furious that I'm in a rush. Fortunately I'm not on contract and can wait until something better comes along. The Venue Pro is looking pretty sweet (once the fixes come), but for the most part I'm not a big fan of the Arrive, HD7, or upcoming Trophy. Then again, T-Mobile may soon be taken over by ATT (if the FCC approves), so give it a few years and T-Mobile won't be much better than ATT.
  • Yeah I already got it too but i am wonder if we missed any firmware updates. Does anyone know if the MS updates have firmware updates for phones in them?
  • I'm concerned about the same thing. For the Dell Venue Pro, Dell is rolling a firmware update separately from NoDo. However, iirc, Microsoft had stated that firmware is included in the updates they issue, which is one of the reasons why the update vetting process has taken so long.
  • And I think XDA has several leaked HTC firmware updates, so I am expecting updated firmware for my Surround when NoDo eventually arrives.
  • This is irrelevant to me. The hack made it happen seamlessly.
  • I did the XDA hack with the vpn. It was worth it. This update adds nice stability and speed improvements. If your pulling your hair out waiting, this may be your only route. It is worth the 2 hours or so of effort to get it working. I'm no hacker, so it took me a bit of time to pull everything together. Get it if you can.
  • Target dates are meaningless at this point. Microsoft and AT&T have followed an "overpromise, underdeliver" philosophy so far, and it only gets more irritating every day the update does not show up.
  • I don't think it is too late. I'm not happy either with how this update has been handled, but at long as they keep passing information that will keep my happy. Early April (to me) would mean the first week of April (after that you get to 'mid' April). Of course, that is just for testing, so then we have 'scheduling' which can be another 10 days, so this means probably end of April before I get my update. Not as soon as I could hope, but again, just give me the information and I can deal with it.
  • Ditto!
  • Pleased to see this. I have to admit that, while I've been antsey about getting this update, I don't want my phone bricked either. And I'm not too surprised - I bought my Focus knowing I would be an early adopter on a new platform. While that's no excuse for them (AT&T, Microsoft or Samsung), I guess its tempered my expectations.When I got into WP7 it was because it looked to be a middle ground between Apple's "our way or no way" and Android's "anything goes." It still looks that way to me, although we'll have to see what the long run is like. I'm still quite happy with my purchase - so long as I get the culmuative updates (even if its only done "every other") and any critical patches ASAP - I should be content.
  • Let's just hope it doesn't change to scheduling on April 1st as a joke...
  • That's actually funny...
  • A sizeable majority of networks on the international page now read "delivering update", including my own... is it April 1 anywhere in the world just now?
  • I guess I'm a little disapointed. ATT had the phones first so the first adopters get put to the back of the line for the updates. Kinda crappy if you ask me.
  • Europe got them first...AT&T and T-Mobile (HD7) got them at the same time.
  • Yeah, I'm not holding my breath after all the missed dates and delays. I'll wait until the end of April before I perform the hsck on my ATT Focus.
  • I figure mid or late April. If testing is done next week then it goes to "scheduling" which is another 10 days max hopefully...
  • Software update is nice, but I have read that each device manufacture can also do firmware and other updates as well with these, improving things even more. That is why I am waiting, to see what all is changed. Samsung Focus, ATT, Developer Unlocked, Chicago IL.
  • I left iPhone cause I thought I was tired of the phone. Turns out, I might actually be tired of AT&T. Come on guys, get with the fing program! If they would only deal with this new launch they way they dealt with the T-Mobile acquisition. Dang.
  • Thanks Brian and Tim i would expect that by mid April we should be having the official update. I can wait till then; the focus is a great phone IMHO better than the tilt 2. I love the weight and thinness of the focus. I am waiting on a 16gb and 32 gb card to get to me on ebay. Will try both of those out hoping 32 gb works but if not the 16gb should.
  • If you are on Tmobile and still waiting for the NoDo update try this hacking or unbranding actually works.
  • Ahhhh bro thanks so much! I would totally give you a man hug right now! It worked the very first time I tried it! and I'd been trying that stupid tricking it to be Hungary thing for the past 2 days. But this worked the first time!! and its soo simple no hacks or registry edits, thanks bro!! PEOPLE GO TO THAT LINK RIGHT NOW AND TRY IT!!!!
  • Oh and its a Samsung Focus btw! Not T-Mobile
  • Thanks for showing us!!!I just did it and worked perfect for my T-Mo HD7 that's now running with the NODO update!Thanks again :)
  • Also worked on my Dell venue pro
  • Verizon Trophy or AT&T NoDo.The race is on, we'll see who ends up getting official title of "Last to the Party"
  • As long as they don't pull this **** with Mango, I'm OK with the wait. In other words, both parties had better be learning something from this debacle and identifying areas to improve upon.
  • So let me get this straight. Microsoft is a US based corporation. ATT is a US based corporation. MS releases an update to the carriers all over the world, and lots of carriers are pushing the update to their users. ATT, a US based corporation, is not pushing the update of another US based corporation to their users, but foreign corporations like Rogers and Telus are?Does this make any sense to anyone?
  • Debranded my Quantum, so got the Feb update. Hoping NoDo comes through soon for unbranded quantums. Not really willing to wait for AT&T. Ran custom WP6.5 roms on my original Touch Pro -- at least this is easier.
  • I did the unbranding trick to get pre-NoDo on my Samsung Focus and ran into the 800705B4 error. I wonder if that's the real reason AT&T is taking their time.The MS support article told me I should try cleaning my history, then removing content. I started with the history clean and went on to images and music. That wasn't enough, even though there was already over 8GB free when I started the whole thing -- I have an extra 16GB in there. I figured that would have something to do with it, so I kept on cleaning up. Deleted every app and almost every game. Because I had one Focus go bad already last November, I knew that unfortunately Zune does not back-up user data on apps and saved games aren't stored on Zune or in a cloud either, so I kept the one game I cared about keeping saved games - Glow Artisan. THANKFULLY, that was enough and pre-NoDo finally installed.From there I was able to use the unplug the internet "hack" to get NoDo. That install went smooth, but I'm not sure if it's because I had already stripped down the phone... All this stuff better be fixed with Mango... And also, they really need to have a better app backup process...
  • Dude, Where Is My Update? A free app to check the status of the update for your phone