Like our sister sites, we thought it was high time to deliver to you a Weekly Software Wrangle, where we herd and rope in some of the new and updated software for WM Standard and Professional.

This week we're looking at new software for WM Standard, including PhoneyCall, Fizz Alarms, and WM Tip Calculator. Updated software includes Extreme Agenda, AE Button Plus, and CorePlayer Mobile for Smartphone.

Over on the WM Professional side, new software this week includes Lexisgoo English Dictionary, In The Bag Shopping List, and Ringtones Deluxe +250 Volume 4. Updated software includes Softick Card Export, Master Kick and Zoomboard.

So saddle up, partners, and ready your lassos! Be sure to holler "YEEEHAWW!" as you stampede over to this week's Wrangle!

WM Standard: New

First up is PhoneyCall by AIM Productions. This little gem seems diabolical and outrageous on the surface, but the ability to send yourself a fake phone call sounds like a great way to escape a long-winded conversation, for instance.

PhoneyCall comes with pre-recorded communications sounds, or you can create your own. So not only will the fake call ring on your phone, but you can have an interactive chat with the fake caller. For a bystander this sounds even more realistic!

Get PhoneyCall for $19.99 here.

Next up is Fizz Alarms 1.0 for Standard from Fizz Software Ltd. If you want a more robust and feature-rich alarm program for your WM smartphone, then Fizz Alarms may be worth a closer look.

Fizz Alarms is your every day time manager. From repeating alarms, stopwatches to counters. Its your time so take control.

Features: - Comprehensive Alarm Support - Control your alarm recurring options - Control your alarm volume playback - various options - WAV, WMA & MP3 support - Snooze Support - Stopwatch Support - Save your lap times - See your laptimes at a glance - compare the speed bar. - Multiple Counters - Name your counters - Select different sounds for each counter - Snooze time - at end of counter - Digital or analog main clock face - Windows Mobile 6.1 support - all screen sizes - Super Simple Interface - Localised in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch & Russian

Get Fizz Alarms 1.0 for Standard for $14.95 here.

Windows Mobile Tip Calculator v3.0 by Neutronix Corporation rounds out the new WM Standard apps this week.

Calculate your tip amount and split the bill faster and easier than ever before using Windows Mobile Tip Calculator.

Featuring the most powerful bill splitting and itemizing functionality available on the market today, Windows Mobile Tip Calculator allows you to split bills not just by the number of people in your party, but accurately, based on who had what, and how much. Your friends who only had a salad will be happy to know they're only paying for the salad they had, and not part of the two steak & lobster entrees your other guests enjoyed.

The built-in tipping guide provides you with suggestions for common tip amounts on most types of situations and services where tipping is customary or recommended. Whether you're tipping the paper boy, or your server at a fine dining restaurant, you'll know exactly how much to tip, and who owes what using Windows Mobile Tip Calculator.

Get Windows Mobile Tip Calculator v3.0 for $14.95 here.

WM Standard: Updated

Extreme Agenda - Your Organizer v3.26.1 by Birdsoft is our first featured updated software.

Extreme Agenda is the premier Personal Information Manager for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

It features Powerful Agenda Views, Photo Contacts, Todos, Search, and even Notes and a Secure Wallet in one easy to use package!! And with complete customization and great high-end features found only on other platforms you can't go wrong.

And now we have taken Extreme to the Extreme in new Version 3.0. A Project view, Innovative Spinner Selection screen, timeline week view, and so much more... Free upgrade available if purchased after May 1st. Contact Birdsoft for details..

So if you want to upgrade your Smartphone's built-in Pocket Outlook Applications, there is only one real choice!

..::Take Your Agenda to the Extreme::..

You want more than just pretty icons! We offer more powerful features like Linking, Templates, and Notes, friendly one-handed operation, half the footprint, a smarter price-tag; the list goes on and on.... It justs works more!

Get Extreme Agenda for $21.95 here.

AE Button Plus v2.6.3 by AE Software extends functionality of hardware buttons by allowing you to directly assign built-in action (of more than 40) or remap to "virtual" button single, double, tripple and "long" keypress of almost any hardware button on Windows Mobile devices.

Features: - Intercepts almost any standard button: application buttons, WM5 softkeys, volume slider, red/green phone buttons, Win, Ok... - Distinguish up to 4 different keypress events on each button grabbed (single, double, triple and "long" keypresses) - Remaps each of the keypress event to "virtual" application button or dirrectly assign it to one of the more than 40 built-in actions - Contains built-in task manager, actions menu, clock display and other useful functions - Gather uptime statistics and makes prognosis on battery uptime left

Get AE Button Plus v2.6.3 for $7.99 here.

CorePlayer Mobile for SmartPhone v1.2.4 by CoreCodec, Inc. is at the center of the CoreCodec