Now that we're well into the dog days of summer, pull up a chair in the saloon, pour a cold glass of sarsaparilla, and check out this week's Software Wrangle!

This week we are featuring new software for WM Standard, MultiSMS and DVD Catalyst Free. Updated software includes Spb Backup and eWallet for Smartphone.

WM Professional new software is English French Codebreaker and MASPware AutoManager. Updated software includes IM+ for Skype for WM and Handy Weather. Freeware is Snap2Face.

Time to dive in to this week's Wrangle!

WM Standard: New

First up is MultiSMS v1.0 by 1TouchMobile.

MultiSMS provides a simple and efficient interface for sending an SMS message to a group of people. One can search for and select Contacts using a T9 search. Pressing ENTER not only selects a contact but also resets the search (no need to press the 'Back' key to clear the search). Filter contacts by ''Company'' or ''Category'' field and send SMS to all OR selected members within that group.

Features: - Filter Contacts by Company or Category - SMS to a Company or Category - SMS to selected members in a Company or Category - Search contacts using a T9 search - Selected contacts are highlighted for easy viewing - Sort contacts by Firstname or Lastname - View contact details - Make a phone call - A contact is displayed only if it has a MobileTelephoneNumber

Get MultiSMS v1.0 for $9.95 here.

Next is DVD Catalyst Free v1.0.1 by DVD Catalyst. Want a free app that will allow you to carry your favorite movies and t.v. shows in your pocket?

DVD Catalyst Free is a 1-click desktop application for converting movies and tv episodes into a format that can be played on your portable video player device.

(Requires the free TCPMP or other DIVX-capable player application for playback)

It is a free version of our award-winning DVD Catalyst applications, and while not as feature-packed as DVD Catalyst 3, DVD Catalyst Free does support the most popular video player devices.

It can convert DVDs (movies and TV episodes), as well as all common video file formats (avi, mpeg, divx, xvid, mp4, mkv, flv (youtube), etc) without the need of any additional software.

Get DVD Catalyst Free for FREE here.

WM Standard: Updated

Spb Backup v2.0.1 by Spb Software House is our first updated software for WM Standard this week.

Spb Backup is the ultimate backup solution for creating reserve copies of data on your Windows Mobile device. It creates self-extracting compressed executables, thus making backup and restore processes very simple and intuitive. You can make full, custom and scheduled backups. With Spb Backup, you'll get encryption, compression, scheduled backups and desktop PC synchronization and extracting tool.

Features: - NEW! - Desktop synchronization tool - NEW! - ROM upgrade mode - NEW! - Device upgrade mode - Storage card backup - Customizable file restoration - Scheduled backups - Self-extracting executable backup files - Full and custom backups - Backup file compression - Backup file encryption - Desktop PC unpack tool

Get Spb Backup v2.0.1 for $24.95 here.

eWallet for Smartphones v6.1 by Ilium Software is the next updated application this week. Carry a virtual wallet with you with this secure app.

Now you can have all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable wherever you want it!

Store your credit cards, passwords, PINs, calling cards, accounts, usernames and much more in eWallet. Your information is convenient for you, but encrypted for complete safety,a dn you can sync to your desktop for extra ease-of-use and backup.

This is the Smartphone-only version of eWallet, and will only work on your Smartphone.

You can also try the Professional Edition, which includes a version for your Windows PC and allows you to sync to your desktop for extra ease-of-use and backup.

Get eWallet for Smartphones v6.1 for only $19.95 here.

WM Professional: New

The first new WM Professional application on deck this week is English - French Codebreaker v007.6 by Oxford Translator.

The Language Codebreaker is the world's fastest most powerful translator. Great for Tourism, Business travel & Learning. Speak French today with the Language Codebreaker.

The most effective talking phrase book and language-teaching tool for Windows Mobile. The Language Codebreaker breaks the language code delivering proper grammar, syntax, pronunciation, accent and more.

Features: - Build over 110,000 phrases - 220 categories - Instant interaction - Empowering - Addictive - Simple - Easy to use - Fast - Dynamic - Communicate with no effort - Revolutionary Osmosis learning technique - Teach yourself French today

You can get English - French Codebreaker v007.6 for $39.95 here.

Next up is MASPware AutoManager v5.12.2 by MASPware, a great way to keep track of vehicle expenses, particularly in this time of constantly-rising gas prices.

MASPware AutoManager for Pocket PC provides an array of useful tasks for those who need to record vehicle usage or who just want to know their vehicles performance and at what cost. The portability and flexibility of the Pocket PC provides an excellent platform for its ease of use.

MASPware AutoManager turns the Pocket PC into an professional administration tool for all kinds of vehicles. Starting at the important calculation of consumption (l/100km, km/l and MPG) up to full cost- and appointment administration including a travel book for business and private travels. Furthermore, there is a checklist added for every vehicle (for using it as a To-Do-List for example). Finally, there are serveral evaluations possible as well as exports.

An All-In-One solution for full vehicle adminstration.

You can get MASPware AutoManager v5.12.2 for $29.99 here.

WM Professional: Updated

The first updated WM Professional app this week is IM+ for Skype for WM v2.0 by SHAPE Services. Take advantage of low-cost communication with the popular Skype on your mobile device!


  • Call Skype and MySpace friends from Pocket PC all over the world. Enjoy high quality of voice communication - clear sound, no delays even for long-distance calls!
  • Make cost-effective calls to any destination. IM+ for Skype is based on SkypeOut service. You can connect any mobile or landline phones (not necessary a Pocket PC when the mobile client is installed) and communicate cost-effectively, paying only Skype rates fee.
  • See who is online and chat with Skype users. You can send also Skype SMS at much cheaper fee than usual carrier's SMS.
  • Unique possibility of voice conference. Only with IM+ for Skype you can call to several contacts at the same time - again, at low fees!
  • One Time Fee, all updates included. One time fee for the application, no monthly subscription.
  • Option to redirect an incoming call to your voicemail to listen the message later.
  • By purchasing IM+ for Skype users are entitled to all products upgrades.

Pick up IM+ for Skype for WM v2.0 for $19.95 here.

Next up is Handy Weather for Windows Mobile Pocket PC v3.2 by Paragon Software.

Handy Weather software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC keeps you connected with updated weather forecast anytime and anywhere. Plan more efficiently with the best weather tracking software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store!

All you need is Internet connectability to get weather news and forecast for 40,000+ preset cities. Weather data is provided by the Intellicast, the world