This week's Deals with Gold features Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition key art
Dragon Age Inquisition key art (Image credit: EA)

Dragon Age: Inquisition joins Battlefield 4 this week as Microsoft's Xbox One Deals with Gold, among other listings to bring you some savings as we head into the final run of this year's festive holidays. You'll be able to save up to 60% on the Xbox One or 75% on games for the 360.

So whether you're looking to stock up on additional content for Dragon Age: Inquisition, or you fancy your luck against other players in Battlefield 4, be sure to check out this week's batch of deals below.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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  • If I get a free game on Xbox gold. Do I have it forever or just the time its free?
  • On the 360 forever, on the One while your Gold subscription lasts
  • Uh... Where do you base that affirmation? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because that's what it is. The only clarification is on the One, you can't redownload it if your subscription runs out. If you keep it on your drive you can keep playing it. On the 360 it's considered yours forever.
  • OK, but I was actually looking for a link to where Microsoft actually explains that. Because, honestly, that was never made clear to users. I've never heard nor read of it and I'm a Gold member... It also begs the question about what happens to games that we didn't get for free but got on Deals with Gold?
  • Right on the main page for Gold:   Scroll to the bottom of the screen. I don't remember where the annoucement was made, and I really can't be bothered to look for it.
  • deals with gold is just a discount. you're still buying it. if you end your subscription, its still yours.
  • Real the original comment. It specifically asks about the free games.
  • "It also begs the question about what happens to games that we didn't get for free but got on Deals with Gold?" That's the question I was answering. Seemed pretty clear to me he was asking about the ones that aren't free and are specifically deals with gold.
  • Exactly. I can understand they ask for a Gold membership to play the games you get for free but I wouldn't understand (and wouldn't accept) losing access to the games I paid for just because I no longer use Gold and got them with a discount. The problem is that "active Gold membership required to play downloaded Xbox One games." is not clear at all. Games purchased via DwG are also downloaded. Which could indicate we would need Gold to play even games we bought just because they're downloaded. It may seem farfetched but lest we not forget the original plan for the XBone.
  • On the One you keep it forever but can only play it while you have a Gold subscription. That's the difference there.
  • Tempted by star wars but have a backlog so ill wait for ea access
  • Same
  • Very weak sale this week.  Also not a fan that some of the EA games require EA Access to get the sale prices.  That means they have 2 paywalls now.
  • Weak indeed... I'll just be taking that Mega Man 10 and waiting for next week's sales.
  • Leave it to EA to bastardise deals with gold by also requiring a subscription to EA Access to unlock the sale price...
  • Today also starts a campaign to get bonus xbl rewards
    "celebrate 5 years of xbox live rewards with us!
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    Last week, we started celebrating early when we secretly awarded $500,000 in thank-you gifts to some of our top VIPs. We'll keep the party going by handing out over 500 MILLION Bonus Rewards Credits to you with a 5% boost to your MyVIP payback from December 15 through December 31. That's a minimum of 5% back on eligible purchases, even if you're not currently a VIP... and it can go as high as 15% for 5-Star Gold VIPs!
    Also beginning December 15, you can claim a Grab Bag Prize from our cache of cool stuff—the earlier you choose, the more choices you'll have. And once you've grabbed all you can, you can get featured in our 5th Anniversary Gallery when you share your favorite Rewards moments from the past five years with us via Instagram or Twitter.
    So come celebrate five years of Xbox Live Rewards with our deepest thanks for your devotion to Xbox. We can't wait to keep on rewarding you for another five! Enjoy,
    Xbox Live Rewards Team"
  • I bought BF4 premium last night, excellent value for money!
  • If anyone here jams Halo, COD AW, BF4 and Forza send me a friend invite, tag - Th3 l3looD
  • Hey, couldn't get your GT to take. add me for some H5. i11u510nz
  • Is there still a lot of people playing BF4 on Xbox? Went to play it again on PC and got ****** because Origins anti-cheat system kept kicking me from servers. Too many false positives, but I love the game and wanna get into playing it again.
  • Lol glad in a way their nfs team gaveup on pb
  • BF4 is the only origin multiplayer game I play on PC so I can't say how other games react, but it was bad. Sad part is, aside from skyrim on steam, I won't mod anything, and I don't pirate or add anything. Lol and i completely suck at BF4 so they shouldn't come close to suspect me of cheating.
  • Does anyone know if mega man 9 & 10 compatible with Xbox one?
  • Maybe by the time w11 is out