We're giving away an Alcatel Idol 4S prize package! (US only)

We recently took a look at the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile. This phone is honestly one of the best Windows 10 Mobile devices to date. Reception is strong, the display is gorgeous, battery life is outstanding, and the phone is just stunning. Reasonably priced with included VR, the Idol 4S is a very welcome addition to the small Windows 10 Mobile family. The only real caveat is that the Idol 4S is locked to T-Mobile. If you haven't yet, you should check out our full Alcatel Idol 4S review!

And while the Idol 4S is supremely affordable, we can do you one better: we're giving one away, and throwing in a pair of great accessories!

THE PRIZE: One winner will receive a brand new Alcatel Idol 4S, an Incipio USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (opens in new tab), and an Incipio DualPro hard shell case{.nofollow}.

THE RULES: There are several ways to enter using the widget below — completing every one of them will maximize your chances of winning! Entries will be verified — so don't enter if you're not actually completing the required actions. The contest ends on November 30th and we'll announce the winner right here shortly after the closing date.

Please note: This phone is locked to T-Mobile, therefore the contest is US only. International readers, be on the lookout for our next giveaways, and be sure to check out our weekly Microsoft, Gaming, and Libations stream and enter to win a different prize every week.

That's it! Good luck, everyone!

Enter to win this Alcatel Idol 4S prize package giveaway!

  • I got one myself. It's beautiful. Has a really bright screen and loud speakers. I really recommend it. P.S. It works with the Microsoft Display Dock for the Lumia 950/950 XL. I use it with the dock from my old 950 XL.
  • Do you like it more than the 950/xl?
  • Yes, it's a beautiful device. Almost didn't want to put the case on it.
  • How does the unlock work to get it to AT&T?
  • You have to pay for it in full then get an unlock code from T-mobile customer service.
  • Or simply buy the unlock code from ebay for couple of dollars...
  • But you don't have to pay a cent to T-Mobile to get an unlock code from them. You just have to pay for the phone. If you're paying T-Mobile in installments, then you'll also be stuck paying them for service, so why not use the service and not bother with unlocking.
  • If you have to sign some contract then yes. However, if you are from Europe and buy, say, a gophone from at&t or a similar other network's offer, then you need to unlock the phone to use it overseas.
  • I completely agree with you. But this isn't a GoPhone, where a special low price is tied to a minimum service requirement. A law was passed here a few years ago requiring providers to unlock phones upon request if they have been paid for in full. All you have to do is ask.
  • Well, what if a friend of mine from the US gave me his name and address to participate in this contest for alcatel and what if I won? :)
  • Have him stop by T-Mobile and unlock the phone. Then have him ship you the phone. With all the T-Mobile stores around here, I would even do you that favor without even knowing you.
  • I thought you need to use the phone for a while (and pay some monthly fees) before you were eligible for an unlocked phone?
    You would, eh?
    Ok what's your facebook profile? :)
  • You sound like a Tmobile CCR...
  • Most of that information can be looked up by looking at the unlocking terms and conditions on their website.
  • No, I just keep up with Federal policy, particularly tech stuff. This stuff is law. Not T-Mobile policies. The same applies to all mobile carriers.
  • Ah, I stand corrected then... If it should be standard, why can't I get a Cricket phone unlocked without first using the service, but I can get AT&T? Is it due to the fact that the subsidiaries aren't held to the same polices being pay as you go?
  • No, it's because the phone's low cost is subsidized by the carrier, contingent upon a minimum use of the service which effectively pays for the balance if the cost of the device.
  • That sounds so well put... Are you married?
  • LOL, yes. Funny how questions like this come up in the comments on some of the most random, unlikely articles.
  • Find my post on the forums about this. Bottom line, pay full price at TMobile, USE TMOBILE SERVICE WITH PHONE FOR 40 DAYS, THEN get unlock code. The phone is too new for 3rd parties to unlock it, believe me, I tried. Or wait for TMobile exclusivity to run out... whenever that may be.
  • Windows 10 mobile app notification didn't had "us only" written in title :/
  • Entered the contest though I already bought this device. Very impressed with it so far.
  • How much of a heavy user are you? Does battery life last as long for you as it says on the specs?
  • I consider myself a fairly heavy user. Battery life is very good; comparable to it's advertised specs and charged very quickly with QuickCharge. Battery life is better than my 950XL that I had previously.
  • That phone does look good. Nice specs too.
  • Why can't I participate? I'm from PR, we are part of US.
  • It depends on the company. 25 years ago there were excise laws and shipping rates that prevented participation, but now it's just tradition. Even online you still see the restrictions, but I just put the zip in and things have been coming my way for the last 2 decades.
  • Dan had it working with ATT sim, so its obv unlocked. geo blocking? really? technically there are tons of people abroad who can receive items on US soil, and do it frequently, but yea go ahead make your job "easier" guys ;)
  • Daniel had a special pre-production device, as noted here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/alcatel-idol-4s/444636-not-sim-unlocked.html It actually makes my job harder to limit entries, because then I feel obligated to answer to people who complain about it, lol.
  • lol I stand corrected then, GL everyone :P
  • Feeling left out. No love for UK? Just because we voted Brexit!! ;-)
  • Shush! they might blame us for Trump
  • This maybe the replacement for my Lumia 1520 while waiting for MS Surface phone.
  • So I will win if I comment here, right.
  • Sweet looking phone! I'm glad it's an upgrade from the Android version. Slightly concerned about the Camera for the price. I'll just have to try it for myself to really get a feel for it.
  • Camera is very nice. It doesn't have as much "noise" as the Lumia 950 XL, but pictures are a bit sharper. I actually perfer the lower "noise."
  • Hope I get It
  • The phone looks great. Would be happy to try out the VR stuff.
  • I love that companies are still dipping their toes with Win Mobile, I think its time for Microsoft to rev up their Mobile OS, they need to introduce new features
  • No, they have to get everything working. That was one of the biggest problems when they released the 950 and 950xl -- windows 10 was not ready.
  • Yorùbá ni gbogbo wa l'Amẹ abi nibikibi.
  • I think this could be considered an upgrade from my lumia 950 right?
  • That depends. I have the 950 and the Alcatel. The Alcatel is faster opening web pages and apps. The camera is ok but improves with the pro shot app.
    The Alcatel also has double tap to wake, but no glance screen. The phone itself beats any Lumia design wise. That's only my opinion though. The materials are premium with the metal frame and glass back. Feels well built in the hand. Hey Cortana works better on this phone than my 950 and the fingerprint scanner works well too but sometimes is a little touchy. The speakers are nice and loud and clear. The display is beautiful and the battery lasts longer for me than the 950 with moderate to heavy use. Sorry for being longwinded. I think the only drawback may be the camera for people used to Lumia quality pictures, but the Alcatel takes good pictures especially using pro shot app.
  • The camera looks amazing, Thanks for the reply
  • It should in therory be faster at anything requiring pixels being drawn onscreen. The 950 XL I had was QHD while this phone is only 1080p Full HD. Personally, I find the screen to appear a hundred times better, but it is lower resolution, which means the GPU of that Snapdragon 820 has to do ALOT less work.
  • how do you sign up for the newsletter?
  • You can sign up to the newsletter by clicking on the contest request, I believe.
  • I received this phone 2 days ago and I love it ! Now I need to win this so my wife can have one .
  • How's the battery life?
  • No love for us Canadians ? So not fair
  • I need to get one soon to get the full Windows 10 Mobile effect. My phone hasn't got the latest update and I want to experience before they shut the whole thing down.
  • Shut what whole thing done? With how merge with desktop Windows the mobile OS is now. There isn't much reason to shut anything down. It take minimal work to push out updates to mobile. The updates are unified as of the last insider update. I have build 14695 on my phone. Just turn the insider updates on and choice slow or release ring if you don't want the latest and greatest builds that could have some bugs in them.
  • I have one and I love it
  • I would really like to get one unlocked and use it on ATT
  • There is not a single store in Tampa, Florida that has the F.... Phone... I even went to Microsoft store to see if they will have in the future and head what... The employee there didn't have a clue what phone I was talking about... That's why Windows phone is so F....ing dead
  • I want this phone
  • I am on t-mobile and I want this phone. To bad none of the stores here have them in stock. Never got them in. They do have it on display and they said they do not know when they will get them.
  • I've been using the Alcatel Fierce XL for 6 months and it's been like really decent device, but I really want to get my grimy mitts on this one! I almost forgot to add that I'm a T-Mobile subscriber. Actually for the last 12 years.
  • I currently use the Lumia 640 XL and would love to try this one out.
  • The phone looks stunning. Would love to use this on att. Might even be worth switching but t-mobile doesn't have the greatest coverage near me.
  • I wish you guys would open this contest to Canadians as well. We do travel to the states and can get the phone unlocked for use on another carrier. I expect this may have been a condition from T-Mobile (the actual donator, I'm assuming)
  • Looks beautiful
  • I bought it at launch. Got the display dock from the Microsoft Store, also. Continuum works fantastic. The Hulu app works and all of the other video services work perfectly in the Edge browser. So glad that I got it . For someone without home Wifi, this is the best device to get from T-Mobile.
  • how is the camera comparing to lumia 950 xl ?
  • Nowhere near as good. If you have the 950xl, keep it. I upgraded from a HTC One M8, so the difference was leaps and bounds better. It's the best choice if you're on T-Mobile.
  • Not true, it's a matter of opinion. The 950 XL I had had more "noise" in the image making "appear" to have more detailed pictures, though the edges of objects look more clear and sharpwith the Idol 4S. So in the end, it's up to the user on what they perfer. Someone did a review stating the same as my conclusions from personally owning both devices. P.S. I gave the 950 XL to my roommate as I like the Idol 4S so much.
  • That's not fair. -_-
    When in India? :/
  • Does this Idol4s have double tap to turn on and off for the screen? Because I currently have the Lumia 640 and can't live without this feature. I've tried the Lumia 650 as well, but it only lets me double tap to turn on, but not off the screen.
  • Short answer is Yes. Double tap to turn on, double tap the nav bar to turn off.
  • US only pffft
  • I've never had an Alcatel phone.                                                                                                                                                                                                ------For those of you who have, were you pleased with the overall quality and durability of the hardware? 
  • I've had a Lumia 1520 since it was released and love it!  I also have a Lumia 640XL dual SIM---it is good but not great, IMHO.  I am interested in having a Windows phone that can use Continuum and the dock so as to work with my computer---but hope to have something that is as good a phone as the 1520 with the dual SIM of the 640XL.   How do people think this Alcatel stacks up against the HP Elite x3, and the Lumia 950XL?  (I am not particularly interested in the Acer Liquid Jade Primo, but am open to feedback on that as well). Thanks all!
  • I had the 1520, the 950 XL, and from the moment I opened the Idol 4S, Ifell in love with it. There really isn't much more to say. Only down side I could see for you is no Dual SIM. The 950 XL I had was Dual SIM though. I just have no need for it.
  • Thanks very much for your reply.  Kinda bummed about the Alcatel not having the dual SIM....sighhhh........but from what you and others have posted, it seems that the overall feeling about the phone is positive - . 
  • Yeah, personally it's the only downside to the phone for someone like yourself who actually needs/wants the dual sim option. Personally I don't need it so it's a deffinite upgrade to both the 1520 and 950 XL for me. Some people may perfer the camera from the 950 XL more, but that's more a matter of opinion than straight saying one camera is better than the other. I personally like the Idol 4S's camera better, but some may like the more "noise" of the 950 XL's camera.
  • I definitely have a place for this phone.
  • Ironically I can't sign up for this contest for a w10m cell phone with continuum and edge.  Windows Central, Ghostery listed 18 trackers on this page. EIGHTEEN!!!!! no wonder I can't post on the forums in continuum and edge.
  • बहुत उम्दा phone है ...i wish mai jeet jaau
  • whatever happened to the Yoga book prize. Didn't see any winners mentioned.
  • Awesome stuff! Its a lovey phone. Perfect for that everyday user. Thanks for the giveaway WindowsCentral. Ill definitely be on th look out for the next international giveaway. Until then, Good luck to all ym fellow US readers. Someones going to have a early Christma / Festive season gift! Keep up the great work Michelle ^_^  
  • Cool beans. Papa like new toys =)
  • Good luck to everyone. I'm here loving the Lumia 950
  • Well Done Nokia are back.
  • I really love the design of this phone, hopefully I will win this contest so I can hold it !
  • Too bad it is locked
  • I think it is a good step forward to broaden windows phone appeal.
  • Great looking device.
  • This device has me so curious! i want one
  • Now this here's is a great give away! Besides the phone, the best part is the case that come with it. It's a beautiful device and as long as its not the one Michael Fisher let drop on the tile floor, it would remain pristine. No sense in testing Dragon Tail . The Windows 10 home screen looks so Hot with those live tiles just flipping and updating, shucks, looks like Xmas.
  • Hey, I have T-Mobile! And my 1520 is on death's door too! This is for me.
  • Gimme that dang phone! - Cletus the Slak-Jawed Yolkle
  • This is great giveaway for Windows fans.
  • I need a new phone my Pop died
  • I really want to get rid of my iphone
  • I really want this Alcatel Idol 4s 
  • This would be the perfect replacement for my Alcatel Fierce XL!
  • I'm impressed with how this phone adapts to so many OS's and know it will be great on Windows Phone. It's exactly what the platform could use.
  • I love the design for this phone. I love windows and thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.
  • Do we know who won this one yet?
  • ...so who won?