We're In from Microsoft brings friend finder to Bing, Windows Phone

Update: Sorry folks, appears to be U.S. (and Israel) only for now :-/

We've always wondered whether Microsoft would launch a Google Latitude service--after all, they have Bing, a nice aGPS/WiFi location finder and a solid mobile OS. So it comes as a nice surprise to see them launching "We're In" today:

"We’re In makes organizing get-togethers, carpooling and trying to find people in a crowd a breeze. Any time you want to see where your friends are—We're In can help you. It's simple, invite your friends, and when they join, they'll see your location and you'll see theirs. When the invite expires, so does the shared location – no complicated process to worry about.We’re In is a great way to save time and frustration when planning your road trip or meeting your friend at the mall – helping you connect with your friend faster."

The best way to describe the service is it's like Latitude combined with Glympse--the former because it allows you to see where your friends are, the latter because these events "expire" meaning you're not tracking people (or being tracked yourself) for eternity. The app allows you to

  • Create a get-together invite for a group of friends
  • See where your friends are
  • Share your location with your friends in real time
  • Control your privacy - your location is only shared with the group of invitees, only for a short time slot

Interestingly, you don't use LiveID to sign up but instead your phone number. Microsoft is looking to make this platform agnostic (it's coming to other mobile OSs) and by keeping LiveID out, Microsoft seems to be keeping the entry-barrier low. That's good news if the system is to grow and catch on.

Oh and the code didn't work with our Google Voice number, just FYI.  If you want the app, here you go: link to the Marketplace.

Source: Bing Community; Thanks, Michael, for the link!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Another US only app - Thanks again Microsoft. :(
  • They should really change the name from "We're in" to "US in" since you apparently need to be "in" the US to use it.
  • Or "We're in the US only!".
  • Ah...boo. Will add to post, thx.
  • Sadly, nowadays we have to ask with each app or feature if it is US only. Microsoft get your act together... Fast!!!
  • "We’re In makes organizing get-togethers, carpooling and trying to find people in a crowd a breeze.``yeah about that , my phone seem to alwasy tell me : your proximity 4milles from this points .... try finding me in a 200000people rave party! never gona happen. lolbut im glad this feature is coming cause ONCE IN A BLUE MOON its really accurate!! like with in 5 meters. And it’s a FUN feature to tract my Girl-friend ;) lol
  • Wonder if the other platform versions will be US only as well. And I see you are still using the DVP, still going to post your review? Or even a forum post?
  • Yeah, i have a mini-review coming up. Hopefully in the next few days--I have Mango RTM on it, so want to judge with that version.
  • The Dell Venue Pro shown in this post's photo is looking pretty good!
  • The irony of this is that Microsoft properties are usually a lot more popular internationally than in the US, with the Xbox being the notable exception.Yet they keep putting out all the cool stuff in the US, either only or first.
  • You know, I'm a huge fan of Windows Phone - but this continuing US-centric behaviour of Microsoft is starting to piss me off big time.I can somewhat understand music licensing issues or similar things - but what the **** is the reason to restrict this app to US only???
  • Guess bing must be really rubbish outside the US.
  • It is mostly but it's great in the UK, that's one place they could easily have released the app.Not really the issue though, they should just make all their apps available worldwide in the first place.
  • you guys have Bing get me there so shut it!
  • We're going to be labelled as whiners again but all this US only **** is really infuriating. Keeps piling up!Even in Mango something like OTA Podcasts will be US only. Like US only worked so well for Zune didn't it?
  • Just gave it a spin. Send an "we're in" message to a friend, they got a link to download the app, and it rebooted their phone. WIN! I forgot they had an android phone. LOL.
  • if they launch mango with a bunch of US only features Im ditching my WINDOWS phone
  • Podcasts will be US only, Bing services will vary from region.
  • once mango gets steam I have no doubt this will stop.
  • I hope a big part of the Nokia deal is giving Bing access to data that will help make a lot of these (license issues aside) services available to the rest of the world. I feel for those who can't use all this cool stuff. And of course it will only make the platform that much stronger.
  • One more US only app and I goddammit go over to iPhone!!! Are u kidding us or what? I dare you... one more US only app...
  • I understand your frustration, and I wouldn't be happy about it either, however you may want to see what happens post-Mango official release and see what they are doing with regional stuff. Some of these things may still be locked until they "go live" officially. Of course I suspect some stuff won't be available, but depending where you are some services may.
  • so g*ddamn is allowed to be said on this site but héll isn't? g*ddamn is worse than héll. and as for this comment u need to stop complaining wait till after mango is released and the licensing situation is straightened out. would u rather something not be available at the moment or be available and not work well?
  • Im off to find a windowsphone site that doesnt go apeshit when a US only app gets released.
  • You don't have to read the comments, just saying ;-)
  • or one that isn't loaded with spec haters.
  • Many of these types of services will be introduced on a larger scale when Nokia's maps and navteq data are integrated. Its unfortunate for now, but wait just a few months and see what they do. Bing maps is only really good in the US & UK.
  • It's NOT US only. It also supports Israel. It's the first time we get supported before the rest of the world... we're usually last to get anything cool. It's funny because they don't even sell WP7 devices here (no bing and no Hebrew). It is supported because this specific app was developed in the Israeli MS R&D center.I think that the actual reason for this app only supporting 2 regions is the phone numbers. It works kind of like WhatsApp and you sign in using your phone number. Also, notifications to other users are sent by SMS. I think it only "knows" how to deal and text to US/Israeli numbers for now. I'm sure it'll change in the near future when this whole WP7 region thing expands to the rest of the world.Anyway... really cool app! I actually thought about this idea 2 weeks ago in the middle of a 200,000 ppl protest here in Tel Aviv... couldn't find my friends! I'm sure next time it'll come in handy.
  • To our UK and Aussie friends out there who are infuriated about this app not being available in their country: I heard Microsoft will make a deal with you folks and share this app, but only in exchange for some Weetabix, Marmite, and Vegemite. =)
  • Do you not have Marmite in the US!?!?
  • or Bing get me there. I would love to have that here in Chicago but u don't see me bytching about it.
  • what's this phone? never see before.