WhartonBrooks gives us a peek at Cerulean Windows phones!

In the popular film Jerry Maguire, the main character famously shouted, "Show me the money!" As I have taken the opportunity to chronicle the unique story of WhartonBrooks, the only phone OEM making Windows phones for the Windows fans, many fans have shouted "Show me the phone!" I have asserted over the course of this journey that that reveal would come when we reached that stage in the journey. That time is now. CEO Greg Murphy provided me with the following image to share with the fans!

Here is your first peek.

For the last couple of months WhartonBrooks has been relatively silent. Per Murphy the company was advised by Microsoft to communicate "hard facts only." I exclusively reported an "experiment" Murphy is conducting where he supplied skeptical fans with more detailed information in an attempt to win more support:

So, let's do an experiment. We are so concerned about false information that we have been silent for some time.  We had several podcasts recorded, but the details changed so we did not release them.  This happened several times with press releases and tweets that we planned. So here is the latest. The latest sample will be shipped this Saturday.  We should receive it in 7-10 days from China. I will run a test with SIMs from several US carriers.  If they work - there will be a lot to talk about. Otherwise, we will press on. The experiment is whether this small bit of information will bite us or provides a chance for people to join in the story. It's been my position to have people join in the story, but we are a team at WhartonBrooks.  After the details started to change, the position we took, with advice from MS, was to communicate hard facts only. Let's see how this goes and perhaps we can provide more information going forward. -Greg

Now, in a late night tweet, Murphy has given us a peek at the company's Cerulean phones with the tease, "Should we name them?"

What do fans think?

Stay tuned to Windows Central for your WhartonBrooks updates, as we'll have the latest on this unique story of the only Windows phone company founded by a fan, for the fans!

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