What is the best class in Anthem for you?

Anthem is BioWare's latest science fiction franchise, primarily emphasizing combat and exploration with deadly high-tech mech suits called javelins. In the game, four different classes of javelin exist: the Ranger, the Colossus, the Storm, and the Interceptor. Each one has specific strengths and weaknesses, and as such it's important to know what type of play style goes best with each class. Here's a guide to help you decide which class is best for you.

The Ranger: For the generalists

Anthem flight

Anthem flight (Image credit: EA)

The Ranger javelin is the very first one players are introduced to, and it's the jack-of-all-trades of the four classes. Unlike the other javelins, which specialize in one specific type of style, the Ranger is perfect for people that like flipping between offense and defense at will. The Ranger's medium health, support utility, and strong mobility mean that it can serve well both as a front line fighter and as a reactive defense unit that can go help an ally or an objective that's in trouble. However, it lacks the specialized elements that make the other javelins useful, so the Ranger class will struggle against foes that require a more specialized approach.

Overall, the Ranger is for team players who want to "fill in the gaps" between the specialized roles. If covering your teammates' weaknesses and giving them the opportunities to leverage their strengths sounds fun to you, then the Ranger is an amazing choice — especially since the Ranger isn't without its own powerful capabilities, such as powerful grenades and a devastating missile barrage.

The Colossus: For the tanks

With its huge size, even bigger health pool, and high short-to-mid range damage potential, the Colossus javelin is designed to be the closest thing Anthem has to a tank class. Its unique autocannon weaponry and powerful melee abilities make it a brutally effective brawler that draws the attention of enemies away from your allies and onto you. Thankfully, if things get too heated, you can deploy a large shield to soak up damage. In addition, the massive chassis of the Colossus allows it to be outfitted with artillery weapons that can soften foes up from range, setting them up for combos from allies. The weakness of the Colossus, though, is its speed and lack of long-range power. Its hulking size makes it the slowest javelin by far, so good positioning is critical. Additionally, it possesses no consistent long-range power, so unless you opt to bring along a sniper rifle, you'll need to constantly be in the thick of combat.

At the end of the day, the Colossus is best suited to players who love to constantly be up in the enemy's face and don't mind getting shot more than everyone else. However, the role also demands a good amount of awareness, too, since being hyper-aggressive all of the time will get you killed. Sometimes, it's important to back off for a bit before jumping back into the fray. People who know how to thread this needle and find the "tanking sweet spot" will have a blast with this javelin.

The Storm: For the mages

The Storm javelin is Anthem's equivalent of a mage — its devastating elemental attacks give it has the highest damage potential of all the classes, but the trade-off for that is that it has extremely low health. Thankfully, it also has the ability to hover in one place for an extended period of time, ensuring the Storm always has the high ground over foes. In addition to that, the Storm's attacks also have a very long range, so it's usually possible to launch volleys of fire blasts or thunderbolts from outside enemy range. However, you often can't kill everything on your own, and any number of enemies that manage to get close to you will be a threat. Therefore, knowing when to retreat away from advancing foes is key.

If you enjoy playing the "carry role" and doing the majority of damage to the enemies your team is fighting, then the Storm is right up your alley. Like the Colossus, though, you'll need a keen sense of awareness in order to not be caught out by foes.

The Interceptor: For the rogues

The Interceptor javelin is the fastest of the classes, and also the most acrobatic. As the "rogue" of the bunch, the Interceptor is designed to be a heavy-hitting melee ninja, even out-damaging the Colossus' slam attacks with its quick and deadly blade strikes. The caveat to this is below-average health and a lack of long-range power, so Interceptor players will need to make use of the javelin's dodging and jumping capabilities in order to stay in the thick of the fight and keep the damage up. In addition, Interceptor's are also equipped with special attacks, such as acid spray, that weaken foes and make them more susceptible to damage, giving this javelin some decent support utility as well.

Ultimately, people that want to weave in and out of combat and deal heavy damage, only to zip into cover as return fire comes their way, will get a massive kick out of the Interceptor. It's one of the harder javelins to use, but it also ends up being incredibly rewarding as well, since the Interceptor can chain together damage combos that significantly help the team.

Your thoughts

Which javelin class is best for you and why? Personally, I love the Colossus the most, as I'm a tank player at heart and it's a play style that I've always been good at. Make sure to check out my in-depth guide on how to play each of the classes, too.

Anthem is expected to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22 for $60. If you have an EA/Origin Access or Origin Access Premiere subscription, you can play it early right now on Xbox One and PC.

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