These are all the Anthem classes, and how to use them

Anthem is BioWare's brand new science fiction game that features flying mech suits called javelins that the player can control. There are four different classes of javelins, and each one offers unique strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield. Here's a breakdown of each class, as well as what the most effective weapons and strategies are for each one.

The Ranger: The jack of all trades

The Ranger is Anthem's "jack of all trades" class. In other words, the Ranger javelin is useful at everything, but is the best at nothing. This means that its greatest strengths lie in its versatility, but it will suffer in situations that require a specialized approach.

As the most well-rounded of the javelins, the Ranger is best used with a play style geared towards reacting to what enemies do. This is because being able to quickly adapt to combat situations on the fly pairs perfectly with the Ranger's versatility. In addition, the Ranger excels at medium range in combat due to its average health, its powerful grenade attacks, and its devastating missile barrage ultimate ability, which are all best used at this engagement distance. Because of its mid-range prowess, players using the Ranger should opt for assault rifles, marksman rifles, heavy pistols, and light machine guns.

The Colossus: Big problems? Big solutions

The Colossus is part tank, part heavy weapons platform. Its gigantic frame gives the javelin two advantages: it makes it the most durable javelin, and it makes it possible to use heavy weapons such as autocannons, something unique to the Colossus. In addition, you can mount mortars, railguns, and more onto the Colossus's chassis. You can even pull out a shield to soak up damage and then smash enemies with it.

All of this damage and health is great, but it does come at a cost: your speed. By far, the Colossus is the slowest javelin of the bunch, and this means that instead of dodging incoming fire, you'll be gritting your teeth and taking it. While the Colossus does have a lot of health, it can still be destroyed quickly by enemies if you're reckless. Therefore, keen game sense is an important part of using the Colossus well. Knowing when to turn on the aggression and draw fire away from teammates and when to pepper foes at longer ranges with your artillery weapons (or your siege cannon ultimate ability) is a very crucial skill.

Colossus players should always keep an autocannon as their primary weapon, as its rapid, consistent damage makes it an excellent weapon at short-to-medium range, which is where Colossus players will be doing most of their fighting. The secondary weapon, though, is dependent on your personal style. If you like to be in the enemy's face constantly, a shotgun would be an ideal choice. However, if you want to do damage with something other than your mortars at range, then a marksman rifle or a sniper rifle will be great for you.

The Storm: Rain down hell upon the enemy

If the Colossus is Anthem's tank, then the Storm is its mage. Because the power of the elements is available to its pilots, the Storm is the highest damage javelin in the game. Whether you opt for devastating thunderbolts, meteor strikes, or blizzards of ice that freeze enemies solid, the Storm's power will often put enemies into their graves before your teammates even fire a shot. The Storm's ultimate ability combines all of the elements into one massive, terrifying attack that looks reminiscent of a deity smiting somebody.

However, this massive damage potential comes with one gargantuan caveat: you have incredibly low health, less than any other javelin. This means that if you're caught out in a bad position, it's very likely that you'll die. Thankfully, the Storm is capable of hovering in one place for extended periods of time, giving its pilot an invaluable height advantage against foes that would otherwise kill you in seconds. If you're going to use the Storm, then you need to keep your distance.

Fortunately, all of the Storm's elemental attacks are long range, so there's never a reason you'll need to get up close to foes. This natural synergy with long range and height means that the best firearms you can take into battle with you are sniper rifles and marksman rifles. An assault rifle in your secondary slot may also be a good choice in the event you are forced into a fight at an uncomfortable range.

The Interceptor: Bob and weave

The Interceptor is the "ninja" javelin of the bunch, and as such, is the fastest and most mobile of all the mech suits. In addition, it also has the strongest melee attacks, even outdoing the hulking Colossus. This is because the special blades that its equipped with deal tons of damage and can be used rapidly, cutting down foes in quick succession. The Interceptor's ultimate ability lets you use two of them at once and briefly turns you invulnerable, giving you the opportunity to slice and dice at will. Lastly, the Interceptor is also equipped with various types of gadgets that can debuff enemies and make them susceptible to follow-up damage.

Like the Storm, the Interceptor is weak to direct damage, though not to the same extent. This means that you're going to need to focus on dodging enemy fire and using cover between melee attacks. Also, the Interceptor thrives on close-range combat, so fighting foes from a distance is not the best idea. Because of this, it's a good idea to bring shotguns and sub-machine guns along with you, as they're ideal for close combat. An assault rifle or a heavy pistol as your secondary isn't bad either, since sometimes you'll be forced to fight from medium range.

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Anthem is expected to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22 for $60. If you have an EA/Origin Access or Origin Access Premiere subscription, you can play it early right now on Xbox One and PC.

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