What color Lumia 1520 should you get? Join the dicussion.

Your smartphone can say a lot about you, especially if your smartphone happens to be the massive Nokia Lumia 1520. There's just no mistaking that trademark Lumia look and the 6-inch 1080p screen. So when our fellow forum user, fawzib, who loves the yellow, but wants the professional vibe of white, couldn't decide, what did he do? He took to the Windows Phone Central forums for some input, that's what.

A large phone like Lumia 1520 is going to draw a lot of attention as it is, so choosing a color can be a big decision. And with this phablet, Nokia offers you four of its well-known choices: black, white, red, and yellow. What kind of person are you?

Does the classic black suit your desire to blend in with the business crowd, or does the shocking yellow appeal to your urge to stand out? Perhaps the white gives you that balance of sleekness and neutrality you are looking for.

Of course, if you're feeling bold, there's always glossy red, which is the preferred choice of our own Mark Guim (Daniel prefers white, but misses yellow).

If you're thinking of picking up a Lumia 1520 or already pulled the trigger on one, come join the discussion and tell us what goes into deciding your choice of colors. We're sure fawzib will enjoy your thoughts!

Seth Brodeur