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Windows 10 Mobile isn't quite dead yet, but it's hanging by a thread while Microsoft figures out how the company will deploy its planned ecosystem. But did the Build developer conference outline the future of the OS?

Windows Phone (now known as Windows 10 Mobile) is a stagnant mobile OS, and even die-hard fans are now accepting this as fact. (Bummer.) Microsoft continues to roll out updates, but it's clear the company has other plans for the platform. We're wondering if you feel like the most recent Build conference outlined the future of the mobile OS.

Over on our forums, user Luuthian decided to voice an opinion on the matter.

05-13-2017 01:54 AM

Before BUILD I know a lot of us around here were hoping that Microsoft would have some news regarding the future of their mobile vision. Since that didn't happen... Silence says it all? Anyone want to make their own interpretation? Seems like more than anything Build highlighted Microsoft's commitment to platform agnostic growth. My own take is they're going full speed ahead with mixed reality...


Windows 10 Mobile-powered hardware was present during Build, OEM partners are showing interest in building and supporting hardware that runs the OS, and the company appears dedicated to rolling out updates. It's also a balancing act to develop an in-house solution while supporting competing platforms, such as iOS and Android, to get more consumers to use Microsoft products and services.

We do you think of the current state of Windows Mobile? Did anything at Build change your opinion on the subject? Head to the forums and throw your two cents into the mix.

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