What is the difference between the paid and free versions of Among Us?

Among Us Promo Art
Among Us Promo Art (Image credit: Innersloth)

Among Us Promo Art

Source: Innersloth (Image credit: Source: Innersloth)

What is the difference between the paid and free versions of Among Us?

Best answer: Mobile players who download the game for free are subject to ads and will have to agree to share their personal data. They can pay a small fee to avoid doing so, but if they do, they still won't have access to the additional cosmetics PC players get with their purchase.On PC: Among Us ($5 on Steam)On your Android: Among Us (Free download on Play Store)On your iPhone: Among Us (Free download on Apple Store)

Can you spot the difference?

No one expected the success of Among Us. Originally released in 2018, the game saw a spike in popularity after going viral and has since breathed new life into the game. The social deduction game pits a crew against Imposters that are disguised among them. Crewmembers must complete tasks and avoid the killer, while Imposters try their best to avoid detection. It's an exciting and tense game, perfect for parties and gathering.

Part of the game's massive popularity comes from its availability and cross-play capabilities. The PC version costs $5, but it is totally free on the phone. What's the difference then? Besides the obvious price and platform difference, mobile players must decide if they are comfortable with sharing their personal data.

Money matters

Among Us Cosmetics

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The first and most obvious difference is the price of the game. It is $5 on Steam, but free on iOS and Android. Free comes at a cost, however. Among Us will share personal data and show ads instead of normal purchase-based monetization. If you don't mind the occasional ad and your data being sold, then you're all good. However, players who are willing to pay $2 can stop that entirely.

If you buy the game on the PC, you have access to a slew of cosmetics to customize your cosmonaut. On mobile, the cosmetics cost $2 each. There's no $5 option on mobile, unfortunately. If you're playing on your phone, you'll have to pay full price for any hats, skins, or pets you want.

Everyone can get in on the fun

Among Us has proven itself to be a juggernaut of a title and shows no signs of slowing down. It may be a small game, but it has become a hit at parties and gatherings happening in-person or online. Its addictive whodunit gameplay coupled with the game's accessibility is sure to impress gamers and non-gamers alike.

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