Chime in: What do you think of Cuphead for Xbox One and Windows 10?

After three years in the public eye, one of this year's most anticipated ID@Xbox indie games has finally hit the Xbox Store. Offering a blend of boss rush mechanics and platforming, Cuphead is a charming, yet challenging game. Its unique hand-drawn art style may be the centerpiece of the experience, however, gameplay is equally rewarding.

With the challenge of Cuphead being a barrier to entry for many, we wanted to know what you're thinking of the game so far. How are you finding its platforming levels? Any favorite bosses so far? Thrown a controller through that new 4K TV? We've created a thread over on the Windows Central forums, giving you a space to share your experiences.

So after a few (billion?) years of waiting, Cuphead is finally available on Xbox One! Pretty excited to spend some more time with the game this weekend, but been wondering what you guys are thinking so far? As I said back at Gamescom (and Jez said in our review) the game is really hard, so wondering if I'll ever actually end up completing it though 🤔

Matt Brown

And if you're yet to give Cuphead a try, make sure to check out our full review. For $19.99 the game offers a significant amount of gameplay, paired alongside an unrivaled art style. While it's not for the faint-hearted, the game's combat remains fair and rewarding throughout.

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Matt Brown

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