What's the perfect length of a video-game campaign? (poll)

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Gears 5 is almost upon us, and it is rather great. The campaign evolves the franchise's base formula with new features, delivering a beefy 12- to 15-hour experience that is well worth the wait.

In the run-up to the full reveal of Gears 5's campaign, many had wondered just how long it would be. Gears of War 4 sits at roughly 9 to 10 hours according to average playthroughs, whereas Gears 5 took me 14 hours to finish on hard difficulty, while I mopped up the majority of its side objectives and collectibles along the way.

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The debate around How long is too long? And how short is too short? is subjective and depends on various factors. Does the game cost $60? Does it have additional longevity through replayability or added modes? Does it potentially pad out its length with difficulty, like the recently released (and super hard) Remnant: From the Ashes? And so on. However, in a broader, average context, I wondered what you all might think is the perfect campaign length for a $60 title, presuming you had no intention of playing any additional multiplayer content.

So, we'd like to hear from you. Presuming a game has a high-quality experience, what is your preferred story campaign length for a $60 game? Vote the poll below and let us know.



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