What time does Halo: Reach for PC go live?

Halo: Reach artwork.
Halo: Reach artwork. (Image credit: Bungie/Microsoft)

What time does Halo: Reach for PC go live?

Best answer: Halo: Reach is planned to go live at 10 AM PST / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on Tuesday 3rd December, 2019. See below for more timezones.Halo: Reach at Microsoft: Halo: Reach ($10 at Microsoft Store)Halo: Reach at Steam: Halo: Reach ($10 at Steam)

When does Halo: Reach go live?

Halo: Reach Goes LiveCountdown

Halo: Reach's servers are set to go live around 10 AM PST / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on Tuesday 3rd December, 2019. See above for a countdown timer in your timezone, or head to this link if the widget doesn't work in your browser. The campaign itself will definitely be playable, but like many big online game launches, there might be server issues with the multiplayer initially. We'll just have to wait and see on that one.

What is Halo: Reach?

Halo: Reach is a much-loved Halo prequel, and the last Halo title made by the original developers, Bungie. Set on the human colony of Reach, the game charts the early days of the Covenant-Human war.

Catching the UNSC off-guard, the Covenant proceed in decimating the human population. It's on you and your fellow spartans to make a last stand.

Halo: Reach is the first mainline Halo game to hit PC in years, and will spearhead a wider effort to eventually bring every Halo game to Steam and the Microsoft Store for PC. For more info, hit the link below.

Halo: Reach - Everything you need to know

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