What is the warranty on a Secretlab gaming chair?

Secretlab 2020 Series gaming chair review
Secretlab 2020 Series gaming chair review (Image credit: Windows Central)

What is the warranty on a Secretlab gaming chair?

Best answer: Secretlab chairs come with a warranty that lasts two years if it's an older chair and one that lasts three if it's one of the new 2020 models. Additionally, you can extend the warranty to five years on a 2020 model if you participate in Secretlab's extended warranty program.The latest models: Secretlab 2020 Series (From $329 at Secretlab)

So, what are the details?

Secretlab offers warranties that vary in length, depending on the type of chair you get. If you opt for a chair that was released before the latest Secretlab 2020 Series, your warranty will last two years. However, choosing one of the new 2020 models will net you an extra year of warranty time. It's also important to note that, if you select one of the 2020 chairs, publicly posting a picture of your chair on social media will further extend your warranty to five years as part of Secretlab's extended warranty program.

In terms of what a Secretlab warranty will cover, Secretlab promises to replace or repair any damaged or missing part or mechanism of your chair as long as you provide evidence of the problem within 14 days of it occurring. However, the warranty does not cover damage to the chair that is caused by either yourself or a natural incident, such as a fire. Furthermore, modifying the chair in any way without written permission from Secretlab will void your warranty. Make sure to check out Secretlab's full warranty information statement for all the fine print details.

Why get a Secretlab chair?

A Secretlabs Titan gaming chair.

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Secretlab chairs are famous for being some of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the market, featuring extremely high-quality PU leather, very adjustable designs, and super durable frames that can stand up to a ton of weight. We got a chance to get our hands on one of the new 2020 Series models in a review earlier this year, and we loved how enjoyable it was to use.

Secretlabs offers three different types of chairs, with each one designed to accommodate a different weight and height. People who are 4'9" - 5'3" and weigh 220 lbs. or less should choose a Throne chair, while folks that fit into the 5'3" - 5'11" range and weigh up to 240 lbs. should go with an Omega. If you're any taller or weigh any more, the Titan chairs are the way to go.

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