What we expect to see from Microsoft at Build 2017

It's coming at us fast, so we thought it'd be a great idea to list what we're expecting to see (or hoping for) at Build this year. Build is always full of surprises for developers and users, and here's what we're expecting.

Where and when to watch Microsoft's #Build2017 day one keynote

Project NEON

This is an obvious one. The Project NEON design language is well into its development at this point, with several of its APIs already available in the Creators Update. We expect Microsoft to finally detail Project NEON in depth, including showcases of how Redstone 3 is supposed to look, and how developers can get involved.

BUILD is a developer conference, so we expect Microsoft to show devs how to implement the best possible Project NEON designs, too.

Cortana Skills Set

Microsoft announced the Cortana Skills Set a while back, but it's still not available to developers. We're expecting MIcorosft to go in-depth with the Cortana Skills Set at Build, hopefully giving developers a chance to try out the Skills Set for themselves.

The Cortana Skill Set is a developer SDK that allows developers to build Cortana-enabled devices, as well as integrating Cortana-based skills into apps.

We also wouldn't be surprised to see the upcoming Harmon Kardon Cortana-powered speaker at the event. We've seen work being made in this area, including integration with Cortana with the latest Redstone 3 builds.

More bots

Microsoft went all out with AI-powered bots last year, so we expect it to do the same at Build 2017. Bots are a big deal, so hopefully we'll see further strides in that area from Microsoft. Since BUILD last year, we haven't really seen much AI action from the Redmond giant.

Redstone 3 plans

This is another obvious one. Redstone 3 is due in September, so we expect Microsoft to detail what it has planned for this coming release of Windows 10. We might even get an official name, highlighting what the overall update is all about. We've got our money on "Productivity Update."

There's a lot in the works for Redstone 3, so we're expecting to hear about some new things as well as some existing features, such as My People, a new social feature being built into the Taskbar. If we're lucky, we might hear about Tabbed Shell, and maybe even CShell, although we're not counting on CShell being shown on stage just yet.

Windows 10 Mobile

It's a long shot, but we're hoping Microsoft will talk Windows 10 Mobile at Build. Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about its future plans for Windows 10 Mobile, and we think Build will be the perfect time to outline those future plans, whether they be good or bad.

I have in fact been hearing that internally Microsoft continues to develop CShell for Windows 10 Mobile in Redstone 3 builds. Whether that means we'll see it at Build, or at all, is another question. But we'll keep you posted.

The future of the Universal Windows Platform

We hope Microsoft will outline its plan for the future of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) at Build. If Microsoft isn't willing to talk Windows 10 Mobile, it needs to tell developers where UWP as a whole is headed, because without a mobile counterpart, the company needs a different strategy.

Microsoft also needs to explain that alternative strategy, because developers aren't adopting UWP as fast as Microsoft hoped. Microsoft needs to reassure developers that UWP is here to stay and encourage developers to build for it.

What do you think?

We're not expecting Microsoft to announce a Surface Pro 5 at the event, or the mythical "Surface phone," because Build is mainly for software development. Announcing hardware at BUILD would be uncharacteristic of the company.

What's your take? Is there anything you're expecting or hoping Microsoft will talk about next week?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • "I have in fact been hearing that internally Microsoft continues to develop CShell for Windows 10 Mobile in Redstone 3 builds" Now that statement just put the first smile on my face since morning. Hope it comes true.
  • :D
  • I would assume Feature 2 is a way for them to continue delivering builds to insiders whilst they work on other mobile bits in RS3 branch that they don't want rolling out to users right away.
  • Being a developer, I totally agree with you.  They are probably hacking apart the core, and that would probably leave mobile in a really bad state until it was done.  So I'm guessing this branch will come back when they have the core work done.  By having the "feature 2" branch, they can keep rolling out important fixes without breaking anything going out, while working on the core in a different branch.  
  • Well, then they should tell the truth so people won't get lost and jump the ship
  • they are not working on anything else for mobile! You being a developer, I thought you had more brains than this...to actuallyh believe such crap and live in a fantasy world...
  • Bitter much?
  • Then I don't understand why would the Engineers in the Insider team (Brandon, Dona, Jen, etc) take all the **** tweets people have been tweeting. Why can't they at least say, "Hey, just watch out for Build ;)" ???? And keep ppl happy.
  • Or devices need a firmware flash to run it, maybe.
  • https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/3/15528690/microsoft-surface-satya-nadel...
  • Can someone explain what's the pro and con for cshell vs remote DT other then bandwidth?  Serious question.  Because I don't use alot of x86 program, for everything I use I rather have the power and storage of a PC.
  • CShell is an adaptative shell usable with any screen size (read: mobile, tablet, desktop, tv). It's not related to x86 emulation nor to remoting :-)
  • Does anyone use bots? Like those in Skype? I don't see what's the Big deal with them...
  • Bots make great frontline support agents. Add sentiment to the mix and you can determine when to hand over to a real agent - when things get tricky. Bots will also help with "conversational apps" where you don't need to build a UI for a quick service enquiry.
  • I guess Bots are good for developers but I don't see how consumers will ever care about them. I can order bad pizza and a few other novelties that will quickly wear off. I think their functionality is way overhyped. They will never replace applications in in the next few years.
  • Or just the phone, calling and getting a real person on the line.
  • Bots will be morr intelligent than monotonous ivrs and can handle few enterprise applications. WC made a big deal abt them linking them to apps and how bots will replace apps and how apps are dead. Aint gonna happen.
  • No.
  • Bots are in high demand in Contact center industry specially for IVR prompts and motonous works
  • yes, they are actually pretty nice. But so far they cannot do much. I do use the bot that monitors NFL games for me which is pretty nice
  • Certtainly not me. In fact, I avoid them if at all possible.  I don't find them useful in any way, shape or form. It seems stupid to use them for entertainment, and if a business wants MY business, a bot shouldn't be the way I have to engage them.
  • Options man, it's all about options. Smart companies will always have a human for you to talk to...at least until AI is completely indistinguishable from a human conversation but that is a couple decades away is my guess.
  • Tbh, I use them a lot (actually two) they are very useful but it's upto the developers they make relevant bots. I use foursquare and Andhra Pradesh transport (Indian state governance app) bot. Problem is they are not many productivity bots available.
  • Project Neon is probably the most anticipated update I'm wanting to see and talk with the designers about while there. Really hope they are not moving the window management controls (Minimize, Restore, Close). They need to be more consistent with their designs, but other than that it looks like a nice improvement. They need to get developers focused on Cortana and expanding the capabilities. Natural language processing hopefully is coming along with these updates. It's definitely where the rest are heading, this idea of understanding the user even multitudes of different ways they could say the same thing. Really moving beyond keyword skills.
  • I don't see the attraction for "Neon". It's fluff.  When developers focus on style over substance, I lose interest fast. Especially when that "style" is as lame as Neon.
  • Agree, being consistent is the keyword here. Many MS apps feels like a mishmash between WP7/8/8.1 mixed up with hamburger menus. I loved the pivot layout on my old phones but having it back partially feels just meeh.. I had a HTC Mozart back in 2011. Lovely hardware, beautiful software. Blew both android and ios out of the way back then, and it still does :)
  • Totally agree about pivots. I also liked how ellipsis was consistently in the lower right hand corner.
  • Man, seriously. Neon is just a reboot of the old Aero. WTF is wrong with you fanboys? you take any crap MS is serving as a perfect main course. Don't you guys have more brains than this? Project Neon...what is to be so amazed about some nice blur effect that everyone else had for years, including MS until they dropped it in windows 8 for whatever pathetic reason, and now, they are bringing it back as a wow! Give me a break...having another Aero effect is nice but please don't make a case out of it...if this is all MS can deliver, a blur effect, well it's simply pathetic if it took them 2 years to do it :)))
  • seek help
  • They should make a definitive "yes we are or no we aren't" statement WRT to W10M, both H/W and S/W IMO.
  • Zac, you don't think there will be HW launch @ BUILD? w/o USB-C thou
  • I'd say unlikely.
  • Hello, Daniel. I would like to buy the Lumia 950 but I'm not sure how much microsoft will give support. I am interested in your opinion of how smart this decision is and whether you are buying 950 now
  • don't you have anything else to do with your money? besides throwing them to the trash bin by buying that phone running a dead pathetic OS?
  • seriously....your anger issues and bitterness can't be healthy.
  • What ever you say about the OS, I'm running it on three different Lumia's (Creators Update) and it's actually nice!!
  • The OS is getting updates, more so now than last year, although not the huge feature updates. Yet. We do not know what will become of W10m, if current devices will ever get future W20ARM, CShell and the good stuff coming, or if it will stay forever on this fork. It does not matter much though. Regardless of the mobile direction MS takes, the UWP apps remains the same I imagine. At least in the timeframe I'd expect to own my 950XL. Should you buy? Well, if you know what you'll be missing out on app wize, why not.   
  • They wouldn't launch hardware at an event right after they launched hardware at a previous event
  • Why not?
  • Yeah! Especially considering how long SP4 and SB were launched
  • At Build, I don't think you'll hear anyone from Microsoft utter the words, "Windows 10" and "mobile" together in the same sentence.
  • You also most likely won't hear the word "Yammer" ;)
  • https://youtu.be/4xf_aN1Velc
    Check the video from 4'59". Maybe this is how cshell will work.
  • this is superb and i expect the same
  • Wow, I agree.  Nice to see that in action.  I know the talk about "scalable" apps (or whatever term is used) has been on this site for some time now.  But I don't think I've ever seen it in action.  Shink down the Windows 10 PC desktop and you've got a Windows 10 Mobile. 
  • Don't expect anything related to mobile from Satya, only Azure, Windows 10, Windows 10S I'm sure.
  • Who the f#%& are you and why did you steal my profile pic.
  • Ok, I see you changed you profile pic, but you didn't answer my question. Why did you have my (personal photo) profile pic as your own?
  • He didn't thats a bug in the app lol.
  • Haha, I guess I owe him an apology. I was starting to freak, wondering if my MS account had been compromised. A few minutes after I pointed it out, it had changed. I thought, "this ***** fukka"!
  • 😂
  • One of many bugs
  • The only one that really affects me is sometimes the submit button for comments doesn't work. Don't really notice anything else that affects me though
  • The WC app is really crappy. I don't understand how they can't fix it. MSPU has a wonderful app that works great, why WC can't? It's a pity, because the content of WC is by far better. But their app is so slow to start, hangs for many seconds while on the first page, and crashes EVERY TIME I put it in the background. All of them on the 950XL.
  • so, after to much time, the windows central win10 app still has bugs? :))) so much for the uwp...
  • That's a bug. I see my profile pic by many others. For weeks now but I am to lazy to report it. 😉
  • Sorry dude, I should be yelling at window central for some bad code instead.
  • Unfortunantely, I agree.
  • The Xbox one scorpio?
  • vs. at E3 a month later? Definitely not.
  • Since BUILD last year, we haven't really seen much AI action from the Redmond giant.
    Par for the course with Microsoft, big talk, little action.  
  • again,  for consumers Bots are a joke and will never replace apps.  
  • Cars are joke and would never replace carriages. You never know what may happen
  • Bots are to replace workers, not apps.
  • If so,  how are/were they the savior of windows mobile then?  That was the talk when they were announced.  Bots for mobile use ARE a JOKE.   I don't want to be yapping to my phone about things like my bank account info etc in public...
  • I suggest practicing asking some clever questions...., throw them off to find the truth, like "What's up with Windows Cellular Mobile computers.....will they be sold at MS stores and ATT??? or at the Best Buy computer and phone areas". .....or just go nuts with "where's my ******Surface Phone you bunch of *******
  • Agree. Ask directly the question, "Which phone should I purchase RIGHT NOW, or six months from now?"
  • Waiting for what's in store for mobile🤔
  • My take:
    - Xamarin will be a focus (maybe we see a new version of UWP apps that will also work on Android and/or iOS)
    - Azure will also be a very big topic (in the past years Azure had its own Keynote on day 2)
    - Web Development and Microsofts offering will be highlighted (maybe as part of the Azure keynote)
    - Holographic Computing/HoloLens might make an appearance I doubt that we will see new Hardware as Microsoft just had a Hardware event. And as a software developer, I have one wish: Do not complain that Microsoft shows tools for developers and maybe even shows coding in a demo. For most people that might be boring but Build is not aimed at consumers but is aimed at developers. And as a developer I expect to see code and details (however, that is better discussed in the in-depth session that only focus on single topics).
  • I am surprised that the Microsoft ToDo app wasn't build using Xamarin - I assumed it was at first and as a developer was looking forward to hearing them talk about it
  • It's precisely this fact that has stopped me investing time in Xamarin so far. If Microsoft themselves aren't using the platform for the vast majority of their apps, why should I? Common sense, surely?
  • I would love to see them invest more in it internally, the Teams app "feels" like it was made with Xamarin but I don't know for sure. If ToDo was made using Xamarin and looked and felt exactly the way it does now on each platform I would be very impressed. I'm personally more interested in Xamarin for the Xamarin Forms side of things - The iOS.Navtive and Android.Native stuff is good for advanced scenarios but sharing UI code and not just business logic is very tempting. I'm working on something soon in Xamarin as a bit of an experiment and plan to blog a lot about how I set things up if it works well - I'll be focussing on Forms more than anything, hoping there is more convergence between Xamarin and UWP and maybe one day they'll be one and the same so code and UI can be written once including being responsive to resizing for mobile etc.
  • If your company have enough money to develop each part (at least) 3 times, then Xamarin is not for you. If you want to share code or even UI then Xamarin makes perfect sense. We are using Xamarin for long time (even paid version before MS bought them) and it was definetely good choice.
  • I'm halfway expecting a processor refresh for Surface Book and Surface Pro. With the new Surface Laptop running a Kaby Lake processor it would make sense to bump the other products to the latest processor too before the back-to-school ordering season in June - August. Unless MS has a major form factor change already in the design phase to be released later this year, I would think it would be a little risky to try and milk a third unchanged year out of their flagship products.
  • They do need that, didn't the Pro 4 come out in October 2015? That has an excuse for using 6th Gen up to now, but I was disappointed the Surface Book Perf base stuck with previous gen GPU and CPU
  • Sorry, "Productivity Update"?  I really hope Microsoft doesn't go with a name that'll go by "PU".  That just stinks.
  • I see what you did there. 😏
  • yup! I realise it was completely immature, but I know I wouldn't be the only one to call them out on it. Personally, I'm hoping they start going for alphabetical stuff, similar to what Ubuntu did.  We had AU and CU, but there's no reason to not just continue with DU and EU next year.  Assuming they stick to their bi-annual schedule, at least.
  • Will they skip EU in the UK?
  • I'm hoping for an update on the progress of .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 2.0.
  • I'm giving MS a year to come up with a new phone. I am currently (so so) satisfied with my L950, but in spring 2018 I'm switching to android unless MS straightens their act on phones.
  • So are you looking for a first party phone from Microsoft, or would an OEM Windows phone be sufficient?  Which Android are you looking at, the Pixel?
  • They've already lost me - I switched to Android last month after going through every generation of Windows Mobile from 7 through 10. I might look at it again sometime in the future, but given their moves to make Office apps (the number one reason I chose WM in the first place) available on other platforms, it's doubtful.
  • I wanna hear about windows mixed reality because there are still alot of questions like when will it finally come out? Im mainly waiting to hear what they plan to use xamirin and UWP for. Because I hope they annouce some kind of Universal App that runs anywere or tell us more about PWA's. Where is the Cortana stuff! Last but not least I want to see windows on arm. Like fully.
  • Responsive Xamarin apps would be pretty cool. I would expect that to be for Xamarin Forms apps though, and don't expect iOS and Android native to get that
  • Actully overall I want to hear about the plan for getting DEVELOPERS back on their side for once! When the hell are we going to get the Developers Update? I just want to come out of build and hear that developers were really excited and are looking at Microsoft and a real option again.
  • Bot's....lol
  • "I'd say unlikely." "vs. at E3 a month later? Definitely not." Damn... Daniel is crushing peoples' hopes and dreams without any hesitation.
  • They will probably talk about UWP on Xbox at some point - But people should remember it's a developer conference. I remember years back when it was only developers actually interested in the event, it's good more fans are showing an interest they should just remember what it's all about
  • Why not,  it's the truth.  E3 is where MS does most of their gaming reveals.   Why the F&(K would they release anything at build?
  • I don't think MS will talk about Mobile in Build!
  • What exactly is the point of so many bots? Do consumers actually care about it? Unless those bots will eventually benefit Cortana, I don't understand the appeal.
  • The idea would be that eventually you don;t even feel like you're "using a bot" but you are actually talking to a person
  • Here is what MS should know about their mobile customers. The numbers may not be that high is regards to the populous, but I guarantee that a higher percentage of windows mobile users own hardware like Xbox, surface and have subscriptions to groove, office than any other niche of consumers. Rewarding us would be too much to ask for /s, but at least give it to us straight.
  • "It's a long shot, but we're hoping Microsoft will talk Windows 10 Mobile at Build."  Eh, if I had to guess, we'll see the new HP WM phone for 5 seconds.
  • Windows on ARM. OneDrive sync on demand. A tabbed shell File Explorer with a tab for each connected storage space, local as well as cloud: Box, Gdrive ...
  • Did I hear windows mobile?...Huh? Must've been the wind. Of course I try to make light of the situation because I am WP User and it would be cool to hear something. Did I mentioned I'm legally deaf too? Again trying to make light of the situation surrounding the platform.
  • This education-focused event was a non-thing for me, and Build will be the same.  There are only two types of hardware I have any interest in at this point.  Phones and tablets.  There's zero chance we'll ever see a phone from Microsoft again, and we likely won't see a Surface Pro 5 until next year.
  • Whatever gets announced, it all looks refreshing :)
    I really, really hope there is some ground covered for getting more app developers. I love the ones we have, and more like them is always a win :)
  • All the UWP apps have been really cool, working with the same thing on my laptop, L950XL w/continuum and L830 - it's an unexpected joy,
  • which ones? :))) two?
  • More on Windows-Linux and Bourne Shell, etc?
  • That'd be nice. Move it beyond being just a compatability layer. The shell, however, is bash. 
  • Nadella slyly indicated that microsoft would create a  phone form factor that would not look like any smart phones in the market place today. This info plus Microsoft 2 new patents on dual screen mini Tablets make me think  Microsoft will merge a dual screen  Surface Mini Tablet and the Windows 10 mobile smart phone as one device running smart Phone Apps and Full Windows PC win 32 Desktop PC Programs.  Microsoft has the software to do this Today. It will be interesting to see them do this. I would buy this dual screen mini tablet smart phone and carry it around in a small shoulder Bag. I think enough people will buy them to make it worth while for Micrsoft to make and sell them
  • I've long learned to just expect nothing. LEt them do what they plan to do and react, rather than predict. Expectations are what have them in such a bad place in my mind, as they have repeatedly fallen short of what we've been led to expect. I don't think we'll hear of any hardware, and we'll get some vague talks of improvements 6 months or more still away. I expect nothing from mobile, hardware or software. I'll just see what they say and go from there.
  • I think every single journalist present in that room should give them a hard time, pressuring them until they have no choice but to come clean about Windows 10 Mobile (or On Phone). Maybe even ignore the rest of the presentation for a bit until they answer.
  • What's the next upgrade? Redstone 4? They gotta have some more interesting code names...
  • What's the next upgrade? Redstone 4? They gotta have some more interesting code names...
  • The original plan was 3 Redstone iteration (remember, there was two Thresholds) but it changed to become 4. The one after RS4 will have a different name. But does it really matter? Code name means nothing for end users, they don't even need to know them.
  • If the presenters are up on stage using the Galaxy S8 with Microsoft apps installed, people's heads here would explode. I almost wish it happens, so we can read the hyperbolic reactions 
  • I really hope that will happen. maybe that way fanboys here will come back to earth from their fantasy planet.
  • OR...Or... You could stop coming to the comments section just to start spreading your angst, and hatred. Could give it a shot, because I'm sure people would rather not read your inane hatred for all things Windows Mobile. Good luck with all.... That.
  • It's not "hatred", dude.  Sadly, it's "reality".  As it stands now, WinMo for the consumer truly is dead. 
  • Never said it was real, or imaginary, however, I do think if someone decides they hate a product, perhaps they don't need to harp on it. Is it real? We don't, and wont, know this until Microsoft makes their plans known. The lack of information is not always information in, and of, it's own self. No one knew (perhaps even expected) Disney to buy Star Wars, right? Well, they did, and they kept that fine secret up until it happened. Certainly didn't mean squat in regardes to their plans. Either Microsoft is actually moving into a pretty sweet plan that ultimately does something (good or bad), or they give up and stop updating, or supporting WM10. We'll have to take a wait and see approach.
  • I knew it, I knew cshell was on the cards for mobile :) Happy. Think that and Cortana skills will make win10m more attractive again. Keen to see all the developments @ build. Will be watching it live hopefully, like edu. Keep up the good coverage!
  • Nadella already said mobile is dead as far as phones. Time to move on until the ultimate mobile device comes out....
  • Build 2017: "How we killed Windows Mobile" LOL
  • The problem with Microsoft is that they come up with features that are never fully developed or thought of and no one could use that in real world. Take Continuum for example. Even Surface laptop is way too costly for students. Apple on the other hand is completely different. I hope that Microsoft will rely more on COMMON SENSE than charts, data and marketing research to come up with a new strategy.
  • I think they will reiterate about Xamarin
  • You simply won't get Swift and Java developers to convert to C#.  It's great that C# developers can use Xamarin to deploy their apps to iOS and Android, but Xamarin doesn't address the Win10 app gap.  Making the Islandwood bridge actually compelling is the only way forward, IMO.  Support for something later than iOS7, support for Swift rather than just Objective C, and making the port to Windows effectively a zero-effort affair is what's required.  Unless and until that happens, Islandwood is little more than a gimic and thus will do little or nothing to address the app gap. 
  • For the next year, I expect and hope for surface book 2 !!!!!
  • Hello
    Is anybody there to help me...
  • Probably not. There are people in the forums to help. Probably best to ask for help in the forums, instead of a comment section for an article.
  • Why ad blocker opera mini is not there in windows store ....
  • You should ask in the forums, not in this comments feed... Nb : I didn't even know Opera mini was in the store, and that it came with an optional ad blocker.
  • because it isn't. simple. because the windows mobile platform is a sht hole that even Microsoft does not give a damn about, so you expect other developers to care? You want apps, get an andrtoid or an iphone. Stop torturing yourself with this pathetic OS.
  • Believe the OP was talking about Windows 10 desktop, not mobile...
  • Actually, WM is a very usable platform that receives regular updates and offers distinctives from android and ios.  Yeah, the future of the platform is uncertain.  And?  It wasn't that long ago that blackberry and palm would have been considered sure things, so no platform lasts forever.  That said, I just upgraded from a Lumia 640 to the Alcatel Idol 4s, and couldn't be happier. Even if MS moves from WM to full W10 on ARM with the "surface phone", I'm pretty confident that my phone will continue to get security updates and bug fixes for the next couple years, which is probably the useful lifespan of the phone. I'm no stranger to abandoned platforms - I have several Win CE devices, a Surface RT, and a MS Band, all of which are not being actively developed for but continue to work just fine.  The Surface RT even still gets security updates. I understand being frustrated with MS for the lack of communication about their future plans for mobile; unfortunately, that seems to be their MO.  But there's no need to bash the WM platform because of it.
  • The OS is fine.  Loved my Lumia Icon.  It's the dearth of apps that killed it.  My Icon sits upright in a Nokia DT-910 charger, running the "Night Stand Clock" app.  No sim card, just wifi.  That, combined with the excellent "Realarm" app make for a perfect alarm clock.  But can I deposit checks to my Discover Bank account?  Nope.  Can I access my Vanguard account to review my portfolio?  Nope.  That's the kind of thing that killed it, IMO.  I use a ZTE Axon 7 Android phone now.  It's a very good phone and the seemingly endless offering of apps in the Google Play store is an absolute breath of fresh air.  But the OS absolutely is no better than Win10Mo, IMHO. 
  • more crap talking and lies...that's what I expect to see
  • I want mobile info!!! We all need mobile info 😢
  • I don't expect to see anything related to Windows Mobile but I'm hopping at least for Windows 10 on ARM. They have been awfully quiet about that lately.
  • Yes, Windows 10 on ARM and the announcement of a new device class.... the PocketPC. What's old is new again.
  • Windows Help Center is completely run by bots, no human interaction, zero intervention. Yes, bots are a big deal: they are cheap, polite, don't ask questions and don't provide solutions. I like them.
  • The Build 2017 session schedule has just been published on Channel 9. It obviously doesn't tell us what they will talk about in the two keynotes, but I did a bit of filtering on terms of interest to me (many of which overlap your list). This is what I found: no or little mention of NEON or CShell, a fair number of sessions devoted to IOT, UWP, and bots, but many of these are from MS customers or partners, and are of the form: This is how I built thing XXX using feature YYY of product ZZZ.  I'm sure that will be of interest to some, but not to me -- I want to hear what MS is doing. No mention of Windows mobile, ARM, or RS3.  Cortana was mentioned, but it seemed to be a bit peripheral. I only fooled around with the list (using terms  I thought might be relevant) for about an hour -- maybe it'll appear a little differently after I delve more deeply over the weekend>
  • I hope Microsoft will talk about the future plan of windows 10 mobile. those flaws and daily-use stability issues on my Lumia 950XL is annoying me for quite sometimes, so new features is not part that I concern about, stability of performance and productivity is what I care about the most.
  • They will, for sure, talk about all of those stuff and much more but NOT about Windows Mobile. I think we will NOT ear a single word (again) about it, and I also think it's a mistake if they do talk about Mobile because there's nothing new and I'm sure they will not be spending time talking about a failure... That Surface Phone, that everyone talks about (if it is indeed named "Surface Phone"), is not ready yet. Maybe some sort of a pocket device / smartphone with full Windows 10 on ARM will come up someday, but not just yet. I love Microsoft, I have a Lumia 950XL, which I love, and I will use it until it breaks but, honestly, I don't expect to see or ear anything about Microsoft Mobile, Lumias, Surface Phone, or whatever, in this year's Build, nor until 2018 (at least).
  • That might all be true, but I do hope they are done trolling us, because I'd love to eye something good. Even if we can't skin something, or ear something, then to eye some glimpse of awesome would be great. This is Microsoft, though, and the way you brain they should do anything, is not the way they will do it.
  • The subtle digs there are hilarious, I eye what you're doing.
  • Eyes, skin, ears, brain...  That's a lot of body parts right there ;-)
  • I think they will talk about https://www.videobreakdown.com because Video Breakdown will be down on May 10th. When you open the site It will say "Video Breakdown will be offline from May 9th, 1am PST to May 10th, 8am PST, in preparation for some exciting changes".
  • No idea why you've been voted down, it seems very plausible.
  • Because they don't know that it's a MS Garage offering and they think the guy's just spamming.
  • I hope you're right. Maybe the keynote will be encoded/decoded live with Video Breakdown, complete with captions and descriptive audio.
  • I would love an announcment of a high end Surface Phone thats subsidized on all carriers (or atleast on my carrier).
  • And I want a pony.
  • IF they say even a word unprompted about W10M, I will be shocked.
  • At least I want Satya to declare himself that "Windows 10 Mobile is dead" if he is not interested in Windows 10 Mobile and enjoying Android and iOS..... At least we will stop hoping for good days.
  • I hate them when they dropped my Lumia 930 support for creator's update !!
  • In fairness, the 930 had three years of support; that's pretty good. A lot of Androids don't make it that far.
  • You can get official updates by changing registry from
  • well, is it really "official" at that point? not saying i disagree with the action, just stating i don't know if "official" is the right word. It's the official update for a different set of phones.
  • Nice article. There is a really bad misspelling of the word Microsoft in the paragraph about Cortana Skill set.
  • Spot on!. To the author/editor: Look for "MIcorosft" and fix it. I know fast fingers. 
  • I believe a SP5 device will come out!
  • Seems unlikely for it to come out at Build. The conference in China the following week though... I'd be surprised if we didn't at least get an SP4 refresh.
  • Panos said yesterday there is no such thing as a Surface Pro 5. As far as the May 23 announcement, I believe that will be the reference design for the consumer edition of Hololens.
  • Maybe a minor thing... but last year, there was some fuzz about Linux and the Bourne Shell. Has that project been completed, or completely stopped?
  • Bash on windows is alive and well. It's still beta but getting really good. It's technically called Ubuntu Bash, which is a real Ubuntu image running on top of WSL - windows subsystem for Linux.
  • And the Creators Update updated the CMD process which hosts the bash environment, to support 24M colours, for all those console programs which generate coloured output.
  • Exactly, they are finally improving the CMD prompt after 25 years!
  • Isn't that what PowerShell was for?
  • I'm actually glad that MSFT is staying tight lipped about any WM10 plans. I think they realize that this needs to be something really revolutionary and needs time to gain traction, which equates to not having rivals put out alternatives too fast.  Just look at the 2-in1 category...The Surface Pro line was the tip of the spear, but you have some many alternatives now, it doesn't surprise me that there was a drop in Surface sales.  Satya has said he believes that MSFT will continue to produce mobile hardware, which is rather smart instead of saying what he's said in the past. 
  • Tabbed shell would be great and CShell even better. Msft needs to speed up. "Even if you are on the right track, you get run over if you just sit there."
  • Oh, it is not next week, but tomorrow, May 10.
  • The way I see it they need to reassure that Windows Mobile is not dead, even if they have no major announcements. They need to drop hints that something is coming this year. I also want to see advancements in IOT. Both Mobile and IOT are important to the one OS strategy.
  • Honestly, I couldn't be less interested in Build this year.