What will the next update release for Minecraft be called?

Minecraft Mountain Update Landscape
Minecraft Mountain Update Landscape (Image credit: Windows Central)

What will the next update release for Minecraft be called?

Best answer: While we still don't know with 100% certainty what the next update for Minecraft is going to be, we can be pretty confident that the answer is 'the Mountain Update.' Now that the Nether Update has broken ground, it only makes sense for Mojang Studios to set its sights on the update the Minecraft community voted for: an overhaul of Minecraft's tallest biome.Always up-to-date: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Xbox One Master Collection (opens in new tab) ($50 at Microsoft)Subscribe to Minecraft: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-month subscription) (opens in new tab) ($45 at Best Buy)

The future of the world's greatest game

Being one of the most popular and wildly successful video games of all time means there are constantly thousands of eyes looking towards the future for Minecraft. What the next update is going to be is a question constantly revolving through the dedicated Minecraft community, as we're all eager to learn what new features, mechanics, and gameplay we can expect from whatever is around the next corner.

After the massive arrival of the Nether Update, Mojang Studios is probably going to set its sights a little lower and release a smaller update in the meantime, before talking about the next major update we can usually expect on an annual basis. The most likely target for Mojang Studios' attention? The mountain biome. During Minecon 2019, Mojang Studios hosted a poll asking their community which of Minecraft's many biomes they'd like to see updated next. The answer was clear.

This means the Mountain Update (or whatever it'll eventually be named) is very likely to be the next release for Minecraft, giving the mountain biome a much-needed makeover with new features and changes. While we can't be totally certain that the Mountain Update is next for Minecraft, it only makes sense, considering Mojang Studios sought the input from Minecraft's fans in the Fall of 2019.

As for what the Mountain Update will include, you'll have to bookmark our comprehensive guide on exactly that subject, which we'll be sure to keep updated with all the latest information. In the meantime, make sure you're prepared for whatever is held in Minecraft's future by ensuring you're playing on either the Bedrock or Java Editions of Minecraft.

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