The Controller Gear charging stand is an incredible charging station that, while a bit pricey, is more than worth it due to its superb quality and bonus customization options.

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Controller Gear charging stand

The best of the best

Controller Gear's charging stand is, overall, the best Xbox charging station accessory that exists on the market right now. Between the durability, the charging capabilities, and more, you can't go wrong here.

Why would you want a Controller Gear charging station?

If you're someone that uses rechargeable batteries for your Xbox One controllers, then the Controller Gear charging station is for you. Built to be both sturdy and compact, as well as to offer some of the best battery charging capabilities on the market, it's truly the best option when it comes to controller charging. In addition, Controller Gear offers special custom stands on its website, perfect for collectors or special edition controller owners.

Is it a good time to buy this charging station?

As things stand now, there's no better product on the market and it doesn't look like there's going to be one in the near future. While it's possible that the price will drop if a new stand from Controller Gear came out, there's no real reason to think an updated version is coming.

Reasons to buy

  • Very durable
  • Compact design
  • Excellent charging
  • Customizability

Reasons not to buy

  • Pricier than competition

Big quality, small package

Arguably two of the most standout features of the Controller Gear charging stand are its compact design and its durability. Where other docks can often either be bulky or flimsy, the Controller Gear stand is neither. Built from the same sturdy material that Microsoft uses to construct Xbox One controllers, the Controller Gear dock is more than capable of taking a few hits from things like accidental drops. In addition, it manages to achieve this while also being smaller than Xbox One controllers themselves in both length and width, meaning it will occupy minimal space on your surfaces.

Charge quick and game longer. This stand maximizes your play time.

Controller Gear advertises a playtime charge of 12 hours with this charging station. In practice, it's more like 8-10 hours, but that's still an excellent result compared to many other charging accessories. Additionally, the Controller Gear charging stand is capable of fully charging a dead Xbox One controller between 2-3 hours. Overall, what you get with this charging stand is an accessory that keeps your gear powered and ready for gaming three times as long as you need to charge it from no battery to full battery.

Charge more controllers less efficiently

If you need to be able to charge multiple controllers at once, or simply find the Controller Gear stand a bit too expensive, then you'll want to check out a stand that has two charging points and costs a little less.


SnakeByte Twin Charge X

Charges more controllers at once

Though it charges individual controllers less efficiently than the Controller Gear stand, you can charge two at once with the SnakeByte. In addition, the SnakeByte only costs $22.

Like the Controller Gear charging station, the SnakeByte Twin Charge X is relatively compact (though less so). It also has the ability to charge two controllers at once and costs only half of what the Controller Gear stand does. However, it's less durable then Controller Gear's stand and it doesn't charge controllers as efficiently.

Bottom line

The Controller Gear charging stand is, overall, the best charging dock that you can find for your Xbox One controllers in 2018. While you'll have to pay a little extra for it, the cost is more than worth all of the benefits.


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