Here is what is coming in the next WhatsApp update for Windows Phone

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has been quiet lately for updates on Windows Phone. In fact, it has not been updated since the end of June, which is a very long time in technology. The good news is the private beta was receiving updates at a steady clip, including one yesterday.

The latest version of WhatsApp beta is 2.11.574.0 and with it are a few new features that have been added over the last few months. Here is your first look.

1. Archive

In place of email conversation history, you can now archive messages for safekeeping. Holding down on the user name reveals a pop-up menu with 'archive' as an option. To view archived messages, on the main menu with ellipsis, you can select 'archived chats'. You can also un-archive them. Emailing chat history can now be found under the person's contact info.

2. Send custom location

Sending your location to another user has been present in WhatsApp for some time but with the forthcoming update, you can move your position around on the map and send that instead. This option is good if you plan to move to another spot to meet with someone. It is also useful to deceive your spouse about where you are, but I digress. You can also still select Nearby Place for quick reference of popular locations.

3. Add captions to images, crop, and rotate

A more robust photo editor is featured, letting you crop, rotate, and add captions to photos before sending.

4. Smaller fonts for higher resolution screens

The fonts get tighter and smaller in WhatsApp, letting you see more on the display and making Lumia 1520 owners happier.

5. Backgrounds for individual users

Currently, you can add a background to all of your chats under the Chat Settings option. With the beta, you can add wallpaper to individual contacts, giving each chat a unique look and personality.

Finally, there are the usual unreported fixes, optimizations, and performance improvements to the app.

6. Windows Phone 8.1 only and release?

Unfortunately, there is no ETA for when this update for WhatsApp will go public. Some rumors, particularly one on Reddit claims it is "soon" but it is not clear how they would know this, as they are unverified source. It is clear though Windows Phone users are long overdue for a WhatsApp update, so hopefully it happens sooner than later.

Interestingly, the latest version of WhatsApp is Windows Phone 8.1 only, marking a significant departure for the messaging app.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Kik needs to be updated bad. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Kik abandoned support for Windows Phone like 18 months ago. Time to move on ;)
  • Why is there a mention on deceiving your spouse in the article. That's kind of tacky and lowbrow for wpc standards.
  • +920 Micah
  • 68% of women would cheat on their partner of they knew they wouldn't get caught... It's the way of the world and no matter how ignorant you drive to be, it is an everyday occurrence :(
  • 98% of stats are pulled out of our asses lol. That's not how the world works. That's how SOME people work in the world. There's a difference lmao.
  • Aah you believe you are somehow different from every other higher functioning mammal? Bonobo's, Lion's, Chimp's, Dolphins, Killer Whales...every one of those reinforce social bonds through sex.
    It's only a modern social constraint that conditions us humans to be monogamous.
    Good on you for committing your conkers to one person....but don't be naive ;). Women cheat.
    Welcome to the world.
  • +cheating ex's :|
  • :P
  • What about gibbons Captain Herpes?
  • I don't think Micah is against cheating. I think he is pointing out that statistics can indicate whatever you want them to indicate. I earned a PhD and I can say he is correct, for the most part.
  • It would be funny if you actually believed that only women would cheat :/
  • Hey anyone using all these alternative apps for communication are hiding something.....
  • I'm not hiding anything. In fact I can tell you this secret that just yesterday I...uhm, sorry, I have to go. Bye.
  • @Superboy Micah It was a joke. If you don't get it, don't like it, don't find it funny, that's on you. Your constant complaints around here are wearing thin.
  • I've made 2 complaints....The first one, perhaps wasn't valid even though it still had nothing to do with the  830. It's not a hit against you or WPC, but considerng you guys are the De Facto blog for wp and you guys have excellent quality, it should be a compliment that I(And others) expect quality since you guys usually showcase that. I get that it was a joke...I'm not stupid. But it was a tacky one. I apologize if all 2 of my  "Cosntant complaints" are wearing thin but it's just because i expect more from the site as well as my preferred writer(You). No big deal.
  • Fair enough.
  • Totally..we must think about the new update while we're busy discussing whether we can cheat on someone...
    If you love your spouse...simply be true (and don't update ;P)
    -for those who are against what wpc mentioned.
  • Amen :P
  • I agree superboy, very tacky
  • I'm thinking about doing this more often...I like when you folks find stuff unprofessional/tacky :)
  • Way to impress your readers, Daniel :)
  • I like talking to the WPCentral team. Its pretty cool, I know you guys dont always reply because you have lives and are busy, but I see you guys as celebrities, your pretty awesome! This community gathers together ones who share common interests and talk amongst each other.
    Sometimes... However, I like to go our in public and straight up ask a random stranger "Hey, what's your opinion on Windows Phone?" And I like to see what people outside think about stuff too, some stuff might surprise. But yeh... Live the WPCentral team, is there anyway I can donate to you guys or something?
  • Hah, thanks for the kind words. Regarding donations, no, not yet at least. We have some plans for something similar though, but with perks.
  • Anytime Daniel, hope to meet you one day, maybe at a Microsoft event! Alright cool, like a rewards program? Well, if there's no donations, I guess could always start buying my devices/accessories from you guys.
  • I like it..
  • I would find a headline article featuring nude photographs in weird positions to be highly tacky and unprofessional. DO IT
  • Hey daniel, y there is no mp3 attachment from storage in whatsapp?? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • who said anything about decieving your spouse means cheating on them. you coul be saying you're working late when in reality you are shopping for a surprise gift for them, or you could visiting a friend to watch them game at their place when in fact you're in the pub with them.
  • Lighten up. this made me chuckle because its true XD.. But in all honesty, it sounds like a very usefull feature :P
  • How is your phone charging Daniel over your surface pro 3??
  • Because humor, some vital part of one's personality which you obviously keep discreet or lack at all.
  • And you still remember this info. :P
  • What about that Buzzzzz Noise from speakers when we use WhatsApp ,, Any idea  :) ?
  • What phone do you have?
  • I know and it sucks. Everybody I know uses Kik. Hopefully they'll come back with all the OEMS coming on board. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • You wouldn't be saying that if no one you know uses WhatsApp or BBM or whatever else. KIK is literally what everybody in my STATE uses for communication and most my friends don't even use Facebook. We need support for KIK users and Microsoft should really use Webkit and maybe internet explorer wouldn't be a piece of SHIZNIK. :-)
  • How is your phone charging Daniel over your surface pro 3???
  • Sadly they dropped support because they suck. So..... I actually think whatsapp is one of the best but since they CHARGE YOU MONEY they should update faster and more frequently.
  • 79 pence! That's less than a loaf of bread....for 12 months of unlimited messaging.
    Not a bad price IMO!
  • So what, it's not a much used apps. No stickers, very difficult no find any sites, ect. Facebook does it better, but since they own this, who knows?
  • Not at all, I never said it was expensive. It's an EXCELLENT price indeed. But it's a price afterall over a "free" app so... they should put more dedication to it.
  • Exactly! That is a nominal price for something which everyone in Asia uses!
  • 0,99 €! It's less than a chocolate bar. For something that you say is one of the best and that you probably use everyday during the year...
  • Entering 5th year now and haven't been charged a penny
  • On the store it looks like it's been abandoned for over 2 years now.
  • Kik was abandoned the way it is because WP doesn't have webkit support (I thought WP 8.1 brought it but I can't confirm it). And you can't use the unstable test html5 they use in the app on IOS and android. I wish too that they would update it already, like seriously. I don't want to use WhatsApp because of that yearly fee.
  • What yearly fee? Anyone actually paying that? It's like..winrar u know >_
  • Nope. Viber needs to be UPDATED.
  • Not bad :P
  • Not bad??? All useless stuff. Still missing the most important part, video compression and music share and further things...
  • I dunno, I find the stuff you mentioned useless. Point is, what one values in an update is relative. Calling out people on their opinions is kind of weak. It's a decent update, but no one is claiming it is the end all, be all for the app.
  • Still no option to add mp3 files directly from "files" ??
  • Basically because it's illegal.
  • Yeah, I mean, I could see many companies having a problem just freely letting you send MP3s to others, especially now that they are owned by Facebook.
  • +1
  • I really dont understand the logic here... whatsapp on Android allows you to send or share mp3 files... Even symbian version of Whatsapp does... So only WP version is going to be held out for copyright concerns?? Thats ridiculous in my opinion... 
  • iOS too, do your homework and work for free.
  • Nokia S40 allows it too
  • Well. I don't think any other app on WP is able to send .mp3 files so I think it is more of an OS limitation than WhatsApp's fault..
  • Dan, the issue is we have to compete with Android in every aspect. 1. Not letting Sharing Mp3 or Saving received mp3. 2. Some games in Wp for paid are free in Android. I don't know why this double standards?
  • Some android price difference See Modern Combat 5 is ₹360 on WP on android it's ₹390 It depends on where its put
  • True
  • Music sharing is really important. A lot of my friends on Android make fun of me when they hear that such basic features are not available on whatsapp for Windows Phone.
  • Hehe, change your friends, if you need this so badly, just rename your mp3 to mp4 and move it to WhatsApp folder...
  • How about the audio files sent to you?
  • If it's going to be a WinRT phone 8.1 app then even without any additional features that would make it an incredible update!!!
  • Just because you are not using the features, and that renders as useless? Hmm... Ok
  • Yes, background and themes are freakin useless if you don't even have basic functions... And it bothers, because I don't give a xxxx about colors, I want to have the same features available of the others os
  • Same with that weird location sharing, and foto crocop
  • Still not possible to delete or send multiple msg , that feature is missing since last 2 updates?
  • But he is right, video compression would certainly be nice, I can't even send 5 sec Videos and that sucks badly!! ;(
  • Do they group together consecutive messages like the one on Android?
  • We need the option to select multiple messages!! That's all I want.
  • I second this!
  • I second music share... I find it very usefull and hate when my iphoners friend share their music through whatsup and I can't join the party
  • iOS can't do that I think.
  • i dnt know wen LINE messaging app can have feature of password security on windows platform then y cant WHATSAPP have it? platform is same fr both, isnt it? or u guys dnt hv the desire to provide windows phone users this or any other features... :(
  • The cat picture is definitely the best.
  • :) He is a lazy, fluffy bastard
  • Omg you sweared. Screenshot->activate
  • Nah, it's the truth! I have no idea who his father is, he was adopted from a shelter. lol
  • +image of a Darth Vader cat making a reappearance in your cat's life at some point haha
  • We need password against girlfriends!!!
  • Have you tried putting a password to your phone?
  • Even better, a "fake whatsapp screen" to show when entering the wrong password, with many chats with people like "Chad, John, Joshua, etc."... This will not only fool her, but will also make her feel bad for not trusting you ;)  
  • If her is a he, Chad John and Joshua are gonna look damn suspicious.
  • Lmfao if you need to password from gfs then the problem is definitely not her lmao
  • I mean something more subtle...
  • Lmao comments like these make me sad to be a man sometimes
  • But then I remember I can pee however I want and it doesn't bother me anymore. :P
  • That is a plus :P
  • What we really need is a relationship based on trust. :D
  • Trust comes when you don't have a male thinking with the wrong head lol
  • Micah, you are funny. Keep it up..damn it - regarding the thread, no pun intended.
  • Try hike messenger, hike has chat hiding feature and it already has individual chat background for each contact
  • But it's soo slow!!! I get notifications 4 days after they've been sent to me...
  • It's temporary network connection problem, just report hike team and use regularly so it will work fine. Mine is working as charms
  • I want the fix where you get a message on the whatsapp app as I still don't get any
  • Maybe you have no friends?
  • Lmao! ^^^^ :')
    Almost all the comments on this article are hilarious!
  • Yes, they are. Unfortunately, when I make a funny, WPC deletes them :(
  • Or maybe if u remove suicide from ur name u may :P
  • I stopped messaging you because you got creepy. All that cheerleader stuff... Just got weird.
  • Still no mention of improvements of the notification center.
    The rest doesn't interest me at all
  • I second this
  • Sometimes it works well with notification centre but not all the time.
  • Yes! I agree.. The live tiles get adjusted but the notifications don't and vice versa..
  • I agree kik needs an update just as well
  • Kik is dead.
  • Kik ed to death....
  • Still no option to add mp3 files directly from "files" ??
  • there is a way around to send the mp3. ( and I am not sure if my comment has proper grammer so please just let it be )
  • We need more support on current windows phone apps, rather then adding new apps. Like Instagram has been in Beta since forever, Twitter...
  • 1520 only, did you forget 1320 ? :)
  • They don't like that phone I think, still it has my love
  • +1320
  • They almost always forget 1320... ):
  • Doesn't the 1320 have the same screen size? Hypothetically, the app should look identical on both phones....right?
  • the app consider the resolution, not the screen size. it means 1320 may not change a lot
  • 720p is very good
  • They always forget it n its still one of the best windows phone out there....+1320
  • Good update, but what we really need is a support for 8.1
  • Well, since it says that you require 8.1 to get the update...
  • ...but it doesn't mean that we will get that support in the near future.
  • Does this save messages to cloud and restore when you change phones?
  • I'm curious about this too...sucked I lost all my whatsapp messages when I switched from 925->1520
  • What is the benefit of archiving?
  • Same as always: it gets it out of your inbox to be more organized, but you do not have to delete.
  • Btw you still can email conversation with the latest private beta version. It is available under contacts information page.
  • ah, thx, will update. missed that
  • Dan's active today :P
  • Will the archived threads be compressed to save storage space?
  • I liked the article, though I didn't like the "spouses thing". NO ONE likes to be cheated, man or woman, so why giving ideas? I think that was unnecessary. I feel like if you have nothing to hide you don't have to send fake locations, I only protect my phone from friends but when I'm with someone my phone is an open book, got nothing to hide there.
  • Yeah I said the same thing lol. I thought it was tacky and low brow.
  • I completely agree with you!
  • It was a joke. If you find it unnecessary, that's fine. It, however, stays. Also "giving ideas" is a pretty ridiculous thing to say. You sound like an old-fashioned parent who wants to censor things because you think everyone is dumb and mimics others. Lame.
  • Except most people are dumb and mimic others :P That is why we have trends after all.
  • Daniel Rubino, the trendsetter for infidelity. I can just hear it now, "all this cheating on spouses didn't start until that WPCentral site starting giving people ideas on how they could.... what jerks!"  Actually there you go, new section. WPCental After Dark. First topic, how to hide your sexts from your spouse.
  • We actually have a WPCentral 'After Dark' article written months ago. Still need to get that posted. Maybe. lol
  • Please post it, it would be an awesome read! And don't worry about all the hate man, I thought the joke was funny
  • I've seen butt hurt before, but these guys are ridiculous 
  • I thought it was funny. Funny because it's true.
  • Davestrada, get the fuck out out if here. Just go. Take your man tits full of milk and go.
  • Well, as I said I liked the article, I didn't expect that giving my opinion was a "ridiculous thing to say" I was sent "the fuck out of here" I was sent to "grow some balls" and more... Look, this is why the world is as it is, we NEED to agree to disagree, respect different points of view and understand each other. I said I don't like it because my ex used to hide conversations from me, went from a Lumia 510 to a Moto g and learn every shit about android by reading blogs and stuff... I had a terrible experience and never expect to live it again, that's why I say my phone is an open book with my couple, I still believe,you can say I live in a fantasy but I rather to believe, I'm sorry if my opinion offended you Daniel,"manly men" and people here, it was never my intention, lets try to agree to disagree and be happy. Have a great weekend ;)
  • If you want to give your spouse a fake location it doesn't necessarily mean you are cheating on him/her, maybe you just want to pretend that you are further away from where you really are so as to avoid being asked to pick up someone or buy something on your way back.
  • OMG, you really think that BECAUSE of that comment people will start cheating or become better at it? People cheat, and yes, that's a shame, but you live in a fantasy if you believe otherwise. 
    On top of that the comment was clearly ironically. On topic: I'd like to have seen:
    - read entire messages right from the notifications (by swiping right to left)
    - searching in and across all conversations
    - faster loading when viewing older messages in a conversation
    - saving voice messages Hopefully we'll get that soon :)
  • Let me save those tears. I heard tears of whiny manbabies can transform shit to gold. No seriously, grow some balls man. Daniel was clearly joking.
  • Good relationships starts with lies, I'm having fun, would be good something like password protection or a hide feature.
  • I also wonder why some of the above people immediately thought about cheating. My first thought was that this option is perfect too hide the fact that you are in here favorite shop to buy a present and do not want to spoil the surprise. So the fact that people think about "negative" things say's more about them than about Daniel.
  • Thats what ive been waiting for! Smaller fonts for my Lumia 1520!
  • I hope this also applies to the 930 as it's also 1080p...
  • Will this reduce battery drain? In recent times I've seen immense battery drain due to WhatsApp.. After cyan actually
  • I believe that was because of WhatsApp not being optimised for 8.1 .
    Since it requires 8.1 to run now, I'm assuming that its been optimised and the battery drains been fixed.
  • Hi, I'm biggy00 from reddit. "it is not clear how they would know this" <-- about this, I've the changelog file sent to translator for every country version of store.
  • So you know the exact date? :D
  • Songs share/save :(
  • What about video re-encoding/shrinking?
    This is desperately missing...
  • I wonder what Facebook will do with this app?
  • Hopefully replace it with Facebook messenger which is superb in comparison
  • Sarcasm right?
  • With WP8.1 I hope that chat history will be part of the system cloud backup. This is especially important for users of a phone without an SD card who want to backup chat history because of a phone hard reset...
  • Yes, i been wondering about this.... i have a Lumia 920 and use Whatsapp a lot. So.... if i hard reset my phone, i will loose all my chat history? Everything?
  • No mute for a year / forever ?
  • mute is there since ages
  • Yes, but there is no option to mute forever or any period of time longer than one week. 
  • Would be nice to have this update. Still way behind from other platforms. Slow load, large video support(compressing), looks better on Android.
  • While the other points that you gave may be true, I really feel the the windows version of WhatsApp with the entire black interface looks the best as compared to any other OS.
    Personally, I do not find the IOS and android UI version very useful too as it lacks the swipe to see contacts features and you actually have to click a button. ( small thing, but it matters to me. Anyway, this was just a personal opinion )
  • black interface looks the best. however i want watsapp to add features like
    cortana support
    ability to delete multiple chats
    sending Microsoft Office files and OneDrive files
  • Yeah, sending files will be a boon for me..if it happens..
  • If whatsapp gained the ability to send word and ppt files. Email would pretty much become redundant to me. :)  
  • I'm interested in backup and improvement in notification center.
  • When in India?..... Lol
  • Yesss! 8.1 only, I guess it is writed in winRT -> next step Universal app :D
  • Not likely. WhatApp is not supported on tablets on any platform.
  • When is it going to get a notification tone for when a conversation is open on screen like iOS and Android? Even the messaging app does it
  • ^ This!
  • +730
  • Notification fix? Toggle for automatically saving photos to the photo library? C'mon, these have been issues for months.
  • Uhm there is already an option for automatically saving photo's/video's...
  • Wrong. There's a toggle for automatically downloading; saving to the photo gallery happens whether or not that's turned on.
  • WhatsApp needs to save the photo in device's memory after download. Hence it will be shown in photos app.
  • There's a toggle in the iPhone app that allows it to not be autosaved. No other apps require the photo to be saved to the photo library, there's no good excuse.
  • Auto save option is there in there in the settings. But when u save it, it will be saved to library. This change was made to make the downloaded videos available to access outside of whatsapp
  • You can't view the picture without saving it to the picture gallery, that needs to be fixed.
  • Quicker scrolling up to remind girls of things they said before wouldn't go amiss :P
  • Think you mean faster
  • No it scrolls fast, but it's the quickness that needs work :D
  • If it is WP8.1 only, it should be optimized and faster! So no resume and stuff...i read somewhere that devs hold back wp8.1-only-apps till the newest wp8.1 gets more marketshare. but its more than 50% now..!
  • Okey dokey, sounds great! Now we just have to wait until 2050 to get the update...
  • No. You need to wait until Verizon releases cyan.
  • Same stuff
  • Cool. Keep em coming
  • Where is video crop function?????
  • I want audio file sharing. I know dan doesn't really care about mp3 share, but if it's a mass demand, shouldn't they deliver ?
  • WhatsApp icon matches with Lumia Green... Damn good looking
  • Wondering when they'll make it as an universal app. 
  • In theory, they could. But since WhatsApp needs a phone number to work, not sure what the benefit would be for tablet/pc. Unless, of course, they shift away from the phone requirement.
  • just look at the viber for pc or viber for windows 8. It requires authentication code and it comes to your phone via viber. when my friend calls me via viber my phone and pc rings at the same time. whenever I answered it the other stops. also same thing goes for messaging. that's what was skype trying to do lastly. 
  • Skype is sorta failed when it comes to send short video message to other one and that is why they introduced Skype Qik("Quick").
  • WhatsApp isn't supported on tablets on any platform. So universal thing is not likely to be happen anytime soon.
  • Android tablets has WhatsApp support but only for cellular model.
  • Wow an article on WhatsApp. Been waiting for an update for a long time. Wish they would open up their beta program to more users. Universal app would be awesome
  • Need access on SP3 via Bluetooth connection... Third party app idea perhaps?
  • "Windows Phone 8.1 only" thats exactly what we need from skype
  • Looks good! I use it extensively, so I would definitely welcome the new features. Intrigued about it being 8.1 only. Can't wait to test it out.
  • Since support has ended for 7.8 I guess its over for us right? Need to start saving for a new phone :(
  • Uhm I really wonder why people complain about this just get a second hand Lumia 520 for 50 bucks and you're set. Not much saving involved.
  • This.
  • Its kinda pointless getting a 512mb ram device. I will rather save some money buy a nexus and use android for a few years and jump back to window phone when it has better services.
  • Seriously, the 520 has been $19 new.
    530 is in the $50 range as well..
    Would be expensive even if they offered the phone for free, same day delivery
  • $20 in the startes and a bit expensive out here in India. Since im still in college I can't upgrade phones every year. So save and get something worthwhile. But your also right sir.
  • That there is funny
  • Maybe funny to you. But makes sense to me. Haha :)
  • I'm hoping it's only for 8.1 to use the new social media API. Then maybe WhatsApp messages will show up in history, etc., in the People hub. Heck, I'd love to see text-to-speech Bluetooth connectivity as with Messaging.
  • Woah!
    That would be so cool, imagine being able to see their current status and profile pictures along with our last few texts with them!
    I hope that such a feature does come one day.
  • Current Whatsapp version don't support sending images from a custom folder, you know, the one you create with specific pictures in it (kids, pet, events, personal wallpapers, etc.). If i have to send on of this pictures i have to send it via Share>Whatsapp on the gallery.
  • Complains... Complains everywhere... I love WPC, but too many drama in comments..
  • But those are valid complains.
  • Not all complains are valid. But even there are a lot of complains even on "good News".
  • That's all welcome but I need the ability to attach the bloody videos of size more than 16MB! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!!
  • I feel you
  • Can't wait for the next update
  • WA still the smooth application
  • Looks great. Only if we had an audio file share option, it would have been absolutely fantastic
  • Love the spouse thing , handy update indeed , these kinds for news I like the most
  • Better than finding out your wives have been sexting me :O
  • Update to share mp3 files from my library
  • Still gotta pay a yearly fee for this thing? If so I'm not interested.
  • .... 1$ ...
  • Well eff WhatsApp I ain't using it. I'll stay with kik.
  • actually it always says your subscription is prolonged. 
  • Oh really? Huh okay o.o, well if it does ask for money ill just delete it.
  • voip comes to IOS and Android. Why not here?
  • because we are niche to them, so there is no point of complaining here.
  • Im actually inclined to use Whatsapp now! Its not so dull anymore, im so glad Microsoft helped them with there app!
  • Hopefully this at least brings it close if not up to par with ios and android. glad to see they're taking wp seriously though.
  • My WhatsApp already crashing...need this update badly...
  • Still DONT have the option to PERMANAT mute of groups alarm ?  ( This option is avilable at other OS like Android )    Sotty about my English level...   
  • when you started to get notifications again, you can mute it again for 1 year.
  • Love the new features watsapp came up with..
  • The text size thingy is welcomed on my 1520.
  • On my 920, 928 too! More content is always welcome
  • :((( i wish they would add those big vibrating hearts finally! And that chat search option
  • Question to anyone who is beta testing it: Since it is Windows Phone 8.1 only, does it stay tombstoned in background when pressing back key till the end, like Facebook/Mehdoh and other apps which take advantage of this feature, or does it completely back out?
    I would love to see it behave in tombstoned mode, not exiting completely, as it would be faster then. Anyone else feels this would be better?
  • Blah blah blah.... just release it already!!! I see incremental updates so often on android and this windows phone version taking months! And still no ETA??! C'mon.
  • maybe they want to create the WOW effect.
  • Unfortunately I don't see any wow feature, just catching up with Android. They are just not supporting Windows phone like they support Android if you ask me.
    Still hope you are right and this version has some wow factor in it :)
  • Only one employee working on this. An unpaid intern at that....with disabilities....several....all at once...acute-like
  • my mom litrally abandoned her 925 because she couldnt send videos via whatsapp video compression must be a priority !
  • But you can... Wth ?
  • Dude, your talking about your mom on here? Wtf, cut that umbilical man. Chew it off if you have to.
  • Backgrounds for individual users is a cool feature
  • Yeah it is, very needed feature
  • Lol, hike messenger already have it
  • How,about something as simple as a profile pic of the person ur chatting with in the chat window?? What's so hard about that?
  • I will prefer to have different color bubbles for different recipients in group chats. It is very confusing currently with all bubbles having the same accent theme color.
  • Another feature listed on my two-star review. You always have to read the name and ask the contests have the same color. This is one place where I don't care about my theme color applied.
  • I see what WhatsApp is trying to do here. They were waiting for BBM to get released, then after a few months of absence make some sort of comeback
  • I do not think WhatsApp cares about bbm anymore, I was one of the most hyped WP fans to get and use BBM but it was a very depressing experience... Nobody uses BBM anymore
  • I think build 600 will be the version for stable release update.
  • Oh well, good news finally! But I definitely hope to see video compression for my 1020 and maybe more options for audio and files sharing. BUT, if Skype (by MS devs) hasn't got these options already, it could be a system fail maybe. I really looking forward Skype to open for files sharing for mobile also.
  • This is great, I've long dumped GroupMe and KiK for WhatsApp. Glad they are still updating it.  All of my friends on other platforms use WhatsApp.  
  • Can't wait for this update!
  • Add audio sharing man!! N file sharing also, now on windows 8.1 developers have the access to the file screen!!
  • When will we get music sending support???
  • When will they merge WhatsApp to Messenger :v
  • Which Lumia is that in the picture? It looks like a green Lumia 920?!? EDIT: Ah, nevermind. I see that it is probably the Lumia 735. It looks similar!
  • What about Sharing music files??
  • Need an update to be able to send pre-recorded audio and mp3 files!
  • Hope this update saves photos in proper WhatsApp folder instead of "others" folder.
  • That is very important.
  • "The fonts get tighter and smaller in WhatsApp, letting you see more on the display and making Lumia 1520 owners happier" WHOO HOOOOO!!! FINALLY!!!
  • Need an option to send mp3 from music player
  • Y u can't update with all features of Android phones?
  • Why is there a need for messenger apps?
  • Because some people have basic need of communication...
  • Every company offers unlimited texting. The only reason for that then would be if you have a windows phone that had no service then fine.
  • Not every company... For e.g. Here in India we have a limit of 100 cellular messages per day which is very less and why invest in sms plan if you can have sms and data both in data plan :)
  • Sorry ass Indians. No wonder your always asking for shit at this site. Hilarious.
  • So you are saying that we should not ask for update? And it is wrong to use a messenger instead of SMS... I doubt many will support that opinion of yours and you can keep your shit to yourself nobody asked for it...
  • Not outside US. In India, they charge a bomb during festivals, has daily limit, etc
  • Yes I saw that article on Reddit, made me wonder about legitimacy. I just hope its not very far from release WhatsApp need an update badly... Love the new features coming, its gonna be great...
  • All I want is the ability to mute groups for a period greater than 1 week.
  • In Android version of WhatsApp we have the ability to view our old status updates and also we can view when did someone last update his/her status on WhatsApp. These features though not that great but still would be appreciated.
  • Need multiple select options
  • When they will give the feature of sending audio files...
  • What is eta
  • Eat The Apple ... :D
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Send mp3 please ?
  • Still no song sharing options ... :/
  • Why no one talks about integrating WhatsApp in the share center? I can't wait to have the option to share to WhatsApp.
  • Got my white Lumia 830 yesterday ;) excellent news for me ..but I'm afraid that.. There will be support for Lumia denim?? Because I got message from WhatsApp that "This version of WhatsApp does not support your phone software yet" figures crossed
  • Every WP 8.1 user gets that notification
  • Features stills missing:
    - Mute groups for a period greater than 1 week
    - Different colors for each member in group
  • "the latest version of WhatsApp is Windows Phone 8.1 only" Probably the best "feature" I was waiting for... Finally
  • Run time ?
  • Good grief. They still don't have voice control? Useless. 
  • Daniel. If you see all the ppl are correct as they does not update whatsapp for windows phone as they do for android and IOS. As you said its been almost 5 months we received an update whereas android users gets updated often. One feature we mostly miss is multiple selection of messages\videos for delete and forward. I wish they add this feature in upcoming update
  • Ok. What the hell is Danny Boy to do about it?
  • Finally! Smaller fonts for my 1520. Soooo happy about that!
  • @Daniel : Please ask developers to have an option Share Target enabled. (So other developers can Share images/Videos/Text to Whatsapp directly from their app)
  • I want to know why updates come so late on WP where as in iPhone/android such features have come over six months sure we have kick ass app developers still why cant we compete other platforms? One more thing I guess fb app wud take around a year to become wat fb app on android is at the moment!
  • its bcoz those operating system had more users. its all about ecosystem. once windows 10 arrives we will definitely get a big ecosystem and regular updates
  • I feel WhatsApp has already indroduced some of above features to android long ago. Due to this ignorrant attitude towards WP users, I also ignore WhatsApp. Guys, pls try HIKE once, I feel its better and fast in terms of features, working and updation.
  • +520
  • How about sending mp3 files to contacts ? All nice updates though.
  • black interface looks the best. however i want watsapp to add features like
    cortana support
    ability to delete multiple chats
    sending Microsoft Office files and OneDrive files
  • Does it remove the hissing noise from the earpiece when the app is open and in use?
  • Move to hike . A promising replace for WhatsApp.
  • yeah hike is good but problem is hike takes time to open sometimes on 512 mb devices or i may say old range lumias. rest all the features are awesome
  • Yeah but it will solve in next update, u know devs updates hike regularly:)
  • Yes, but consider half a second delay is not gonna considered me to go for devs who only consider iOs or android only. Team behind hike is awesome on consumer feedback as well as regular updates and new features.
  • I hope that they've fixed the saving of pictures to WhatsApp's own folder and not to the other pictures folder.
  • Still no option of sending or receiving audio files from library!!!
    Come on whatsapp - please include it as well !!
    For once i thought whatsapp stopped giving crap about wp 8
  • two words.....text wrap If anyone from WhatsApp is reading this, you just put [wrap] and [/wrap] in the tile configuration code. Glad to be of service
  • There are so many apps that need to be updated for larger displays. I hate that even the first party apps don't use large display cleverly.
  • What about ability to save media files
  • Whatsapp is just like MS they think nothing of WP users!
  • PPL all our suggestions and feedback is falling on deaf ears. Either you change yourself and get used to it or switched to android. Because WhatsApp will take another 6 months to bring next update for WP users. They don't care about WP users all they want is to add more n more features on Android and IOS.
  • The space between two messages bubbles should be reduce to help with font size
  • Juust that we need profile pictures in the chats, and a different color for everyone in groups. More beautiful :)
  • Can I apply for private beta testing. If yes then how?
  • Private beta has been closed a long time ago...
  • Now to wait for a billion years to get the update on the public version
  • So this is a WinRT app, or is it just a Silverlight app retargeted to WP8.1?
  • Use hike
  • Please add music send feature in WhatsApp for windows phone
  • Why there is no article about comparison between hike & WhatsApp
  • Imo hike is much better
  • Guys you know what WhatsApp takes minimum 6 months to add each feature in WP. It will take another 6 months to add mp3 feature and another 6 months to add multiple selection option and then another six months to add diff guys in all it will take 3 years to add all the features that we want now in whatsapp for WP. I'm seriously to changing to android.
  • Still no mp3 attachment feature available from storage??? Damn Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • When lodging update
  • "Fonts get tighter and smaller in WhatsApp letting you see more on the display making Lumia 1520 owners happier...." Why do you automatically assume all 1520 owners such as myself will be happier???!!!! The main reason I bought this phone apart from the awesome specs is the 6" inch screen. Part of the reason was to see more content yes, but a bigger reason was so I can actually read the text on the screen as its larger! Coming from a Galaxy S3 (4.7" screen) previously, and also having played around with a mates iPhone 5s (even worse screen at 4") I can tell you after 5 minutes my eyes are so strained I no longer want to use the device. I'm not against the option of making the text smaller to fit more on the screen, but the more considerate solution would be to allow the users themselves decide how large the message text should appear by letting them take control in the settings menu. This would be helpful to those that don't have such great eyesight! Incidentally this is the same problem that plagues this comment thread-the text is too small and not resizable like the main article is.
  • When lodging update For Lumia 1320
  • Cortana Not appear in what do I do
    Lumia 1320 System Cyan
  • I think the most useless feature of whats up and generaly all message apps is the location finder.Really what is the use of it i mean if we take the case the article says that you can show where you are so the other one can find you is useless i am going to write it to my friend not waiting my friend to think "oooo i will look to the gps finder to see where he is" WHICH  is very low in chance.Second i must have mu gps ON all the time to find so that will drain my battery faster.Third gps in phones are not so accurate and i am talking from a pro side (topografphy pro) especially if you are in a city where you have a lot of buildings around you and a lot of interfiarence.
  • Thank you ♥
  • My Location Saudi Arabia
  • Daniel+Mark+Sam = dream team.
  • I just want it as fast as other platforms. Features later.
  • That's seems to be a pretty good update. Lets hope it gets released soon
  • I hope the "speaker noise while chatting" problem will be resolved as well...
  • Damn that green 1520 looks gorgeous in that pic!
  • Meh.
  • I bet. It won't come till july 2015.. Lolzz
  • SUGGESTED UPDATE : to be able to configure 2 different phone numbers (dual-SIM phones) on same phone.
  • They should improve it For wp 8.1 devices. I Guess everyone is tired of "resuming" Message.
  • Does the update have performance improvements? It lags a lot on 512 RAM.
  • still no music share option ? :/
  • Looking forward for the video chat
  • Current version: 2.11.516.0 Last Updated: 26 June 2014 -----------------4 months later---------------- Current beta version: 2.11.574.0 Wow!! That's a huge bump in the version number. /s Way to Whatsapp WP developer team.
  • Lol
  • The WhatsApp is still very good in its current form. Compare it to the Viber app which is horribly slow when opening and resuming the app. It's so bad it's made the app close to unusable.
  • Finally
  • Deberían tomar en cuenta en las próximas actualizaciones de la app whatsapp, el envío de vídeo descargado de cualquier página web... no solamente el grabado en el smartphone... Gracias... should be considered in future updates of the app whatsapp, sending video downloaded from any website ... not only recorded in the smartphone ... Thanks ..
  • Still need the option to send and received audio's
  • These are fine but like on Android, we should be able to share mp3/ music tracks via whatsapp...  I do not, may be this has nothing to do with Whatsapp - may be WP doesn't let you share mp3 via whatsapp. Whatever, would love to get this feature...
  • When itll feature any kind of distinction for group members' messages? Like on android where each member of a group has its own color on its messages?
  • Videos should download even wen screen is locked in 2G /,3G network,it is getting paused when screen locks
  • The android and ios versions are already updated with these changes..
  • So the option to send, receive and save mp3 files won't be added??
  • Please tell me there is finally a setting to turn off "SAVE ALL MEDIA" like their is on IOS!?!!?!? My Photos should just contain that........ My photos, I dont want every pic that anyone has sent me on Whats app saved here.............Very frustrating !
  • 1. Just allow us to send AUDIO files though. 2. OPTIMIZATIONS (notifications, "RESUMING", ) 3. SEARCH ISSUE;
    3.1 Cant search for messages INSIDE a unique conversation - TERRIBLE;
    3.2 The search that is available ONLY shows the results, but DOESN'T
    mark them, so that I can jump EXACTLY on the results of my search; 4.  Cant mark messages on conversations and then delete selected; 5. On the list of the conversations, THERE IS NO CONFIRM message BEFORE
    deleting one selected (long press) - I can delete by mistake; Regards, /EV
  • Text size has been a big problem for my Lumia 1520, takes up alot of the screen, ofcourse over time I have gotten use to it but its good that this feature is being brought in. Saving of images is another annoying thing, especially when involved in groups wer pics are being sent and being saved on my phone without knowing. As for Instagram, it seems like its been in its BETA stage for a very long time, Instagram Direct needs to be added and as for Vine, there are many issues that needs fixing with that.
  • Turn off auto download so pics won't be saved to your phone without your knowledge. Download them as you wish
  • When is the update going live in the store....??
  • Waiting
  • WhatsApp need a Password facility, i mean a facility to set the password to use Whatsapp. so that we can make sure that no one will see our chats since we have no perfect app locker in windowsPhone like android has...