What's new with Microsoft Edge for the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Creators Update is the next major refresh for Windows 10, and it introduces a slew of new features and changes. New support for mixed reality and 3D out-of-the-box; Settings, Start menu, and Cortana improvements; and Windows Update and security tweaks and enhancements. But that's not all. The Windows 10 Creators Update also includes a new version of Microsoft Edge.

On this new version of Windows 10, the default web browser doesn't change its looks significantly, but there are a lot of new improvements and features, including new tools to manage multiple tabs, easier way to pay for goods online, 3D support, Windows Store e-books. And there a number of other small tweaks that makes the browsing experience faster and more secure.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll dive deep and show you everything that has changed and improved with the Microsoft Edge web browser for the Creators Update.

Microsoft Edge new features and changes

Microsoft Edge tab management system

Microsoft Edge adds a new tab management system that allows to organize and reduce clutter for users who work all the time with a lot of tabs.

Starting with version 40.15063, if you're working with a lot of tabs, you can click the Set these tabs aside button on the top-left corner to save your active tabs, and start with a clean slate.

Tabs to set aside will be saved as a new group in the Tabs you've set aside section, which you can access by clicking the first button in the top-left corner. You can click a tab to restore, or click the Restore tabs link to restore a group of tabs.

If you click the More (three-dotted) button, you'll see the options to add tabs to favorites or share them using the new Windows Share experience.

Additionally, the web browser also features a new drop-down button (next to the new tabs button) to preview all the open tabs with a scrollable row that includes a thumbnail preview of each page.

Microsoft Wallet support

Currently, close to 50 percent of online shoppers do not complete a purchase transaction and leave then e-commerce site due to the complexity and the information required to go through the checkout process.

In order to address this issue, the new version of Microsoft Edge adds the ability (Payment Request API) to connect to Microsoft Wallet allowing access to payment information stored on your Microsoft account. This way you can quickly go through the checkout process without needing to enter the same payment and shipping information over and over again.

The new Microsoft Wallet integration aims to speed up and make the checkout experience across e-commerce websites more convenient and secure.

On the Windows 10 Creators Update, on supported sites, when processing the purchase payment, the browser will trigger and display the Microsoft Wallet with your payment and shipping information already populated, and a Pay button to complete the transaction.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge Windows Store Books

The browser also improves the e-book reading experience on Windows 10. Now, when you purchase e-books from the Windows Store, they will appear in the new Books hub built in Microsoft Edge located next to "Reading list" and "History" sections.

While reading a book using Edge, you can quickly left-click or tab inside of the current page to access the different tools, including table of content, search and bookmarks tools.

On the top-right, you can customize the experience with the options to adjust the text size, spacing, font style, and page theme.

Microsoft Edge can read books aloud by clicking the Read aloud button on the top-right corner. In addition, you get controls to pause, play, jump to previous or next paragraph, as well as an option to change the speed and voice settings.

Flipping pages is also very easy. You can either click the left or right edge of the page, use the seek bar at the bottom of the page, or you can flip pages using touch, as you would normally do on any e-book reading app.

In addition reading books from the Windows Store, the browser also adds support to open unprotected epub files you store locally on your computer, and you can pick up where you left off because edge will always remember the last page you're reading.

Microsoft Edge Web Notes

The ability to annotate websites using digital ink is nothing new on Microsoft Edge, but on Windows 10 version 1703, Microsoft is updating Web Notes to align the design language with the Windows Ink experience found throughout the OS.

The only difference that you'll notice is new Web Notes icons, and tools now appear on the right side, instead of the left.

Microsoft Edge settings changes

This new version of the web browser also adds a few settings tweaks.

Although you can already import and export bookmarks from other web browsers, it's not until the Creators Update that you get an option to import and export bookmarks from a file. To do this, simply go to Settings > Import info from another browser, and use one of the available options.

In addition, under "Favorites bar", you can decide whether to show the favorites bar below the address bar.

Microsoft Edge also drops Reading list settings, and inside the Advanced options page, you'll see an option enable or disable sites that can open in apps.

For example, if you're trying to load Facebook.com, and you have the Facebook app install, you can configure Microsoft Edge to open the app, instead of loading the page.

To change this behavior, simply click the Choose which sites open in apps button, to open the Settings app and customize your settings.

Microsoft Edge 'about:flags' changes

Microsoft is also adding a few changes to the Developer Settings page (about:flags). This page is only meant for developers and advanced users to enable and disable advanced and experimental features, which may or may not become a permanent feature on Microsoft Edge.

While the "Developers settings" section hasn't changed, under "Experimental features", you'll find a number of changes, including:


  • Allow independent rendering of HTML5 Video elements


  • Enable individual transforms

Text input and editing (new)

  • Enable new editing command implementation
  • Enable new serialization for clipboard implementation

Mouse event for touch

  • Disable navigator.pointer.Enabled API
  • Enable Pointer event implicit capture for touch


  • Disable requestAnimationFrame callbacks for cross-origin iframes when not visible
  • Force setTimeout and setInterval to 1 second periods for cross-origin iframes when not visible
  • Allow background tabs to be put into low power mode

Service Workers (new)

  • Enable service workers
  • Enable push notifications
  • Enable background sync
  • Enable service worker cache storage

Fetch networking (new)

  • Enable media downloads over Fetch
  • Enable XMLHttpRequests over Fetch
  • Enable Fetch based network stack

Web Authentication (new)

  • Enable Web Authentication APIs for accessing scoped credentials

Alongside the new additions, remember that some features found in the previous version have been deprecated or are now part of Microsoft Edge, which is one of the reasons some of the options are no longer available.

For example, the browser now ships with WebRTC 1.0 API, and support for VP8 and H.264/AVC video codecs for RTC. This enables real-time communication without needing a plugin, and it's the reason the Enable experimental H.264/AVC support option is now missing from about:flags.

It should be noted that for the most part, regular users never have to adjust these options. The features available inside about:flags are to help developers create new apps and services, and for Microsoft to test future functionalities for the browser.

Microsoft Edge tweaks and improvements

In addition to the new features, Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Creators Update gains several smaller tweaks and enhancements that make the experience a little more complete.

Adobe Flash content blocked by default

On version 40.15063, the browser now blocks Adobe Flash content by default to improve security, performance, and battery life on mobile devices. However, you'll continue to be in control and allow Flash content once (or always) by clicking the puzzle icon that appears in the address bar.

Downloading files

Instead of downloading a file and then double-clicking to install an app, now you have the choice to Run the download without having to click the Save As button first.

New icons

Next to the address bar, you'll now find new icons for Hub, Web Notes, and Share.

Jump list support

Right-clicking the Microsoft Edge icon in the taskbar, you can now access the jump list menu that allows you to create a new tab or start the browser using InPrivate mode.

3D support

Similar to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is also getting support for 3D with WebVR to allow websites to deliver virtual reality experiences, just like in desktop apps.

Extensions improvements

While support extensions has been available since the Anniversary Update came out, Microsoft is now letting developers get access to over 30 percent more APIs than before, including access to roaming data between devices, favorites, and the ability to communicate with other apps installed on your computer.

Page loading and security improvements

In this new version, Microsoft Edge includes support for Brotli (opens in new tab), which is a compression format that improves compression and decompression ratio speeds. This only means faster page loads without significantly impacting system resources.

Microsoft is also making sure the browser is more secure by introducing the Microsoft Edge sandbox to block Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks, which makes it harder for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

Wrapping things up

Although most of the new changes included with the new version of Microsoft Edge are not groundbreaking, they're welcome additions that improve the overall experience and makes the browser more compatible and secure for PC and Mobile devices.

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  • I don't think turning on/off the favourites bar is new in the Creators Update - Pretty sure it was there in AU too
  • Definitely you are right. I've used that all along. I think this was even there before AU, since Windows 10 launch. Sadly, still poor support for nested folders on the Favorites Bar and no way to open properties for an individual Favorite, either from the Favorites Bar or from the Favorites Hub.
  • This.  New features are nice and all but maybe they should finish the basic stuff first so people will actually start using this browser.
  • Which build did they change the Hub icon in? I'm not on the latest Cumulative Update for RS2 at the moment but I still have the old icon
  • me to maybe A/B testing
  • This is not the sort of thing they can do A/B testing.
  • Does it matter? It's there in the Production version of RS2.
  • well, none of this actually matters in the grand scheme of life does it... Few others have said it's not there for them on the latest build.
  • I'm on 16170, but I don't have that hub icon...
  • It was my understanding that some got the new icons and some didn't when they appeared. I've had them since the last build. Still getting use to them.
  • Maybe they changed it again for RS3.
  • I am currently up-to-date on creator's update, and Edge, but I do not have the changed hub icon. ?!  I know that Microsoft has been testing out new icons for Hub starting just over a month ago, but none had been rolled-out wide-spread as far as I know. Perhaps you have one of the "test icons?"  
  • What about the plan to distribute new versions of Edge as an app in order to shorten the long release cycles to better compete with other browsers?
  • haha
  • Unfortunately its not yet here. Hopefully they will seperate the components of EdgeHTML engine from other components that isn't really baked on OS. Especially the front-end aspect where they should've able to make that seperate and available on Windows Store to be updated. On W10M, they must allow to change default web browser and introduce some way for developers to user their own engine.
  • Unfortunately its not yet here. Hopefully they will seperate the components of EdgeHTML engine from other components that isn't really baked on OS. Especially the front-end aspect where they should've able to make that seperate and available on Windows Store to be updated. On W10M, they must allow to change default web browser and introduce some way for developers to user their own engine.
  • Who are these 50 percent of shoppers leave the site without making a purchase because it is too hard for them to enter information? If this is what people are considering too hard to deal with, they might as well just give up on life. Are they counting the people, like me, leave the checkout because of finally seeing the 15 dollar shipping cost on a 3 dollar item?
  • Both things, yeah. You would be surprised at the level of ineptitude among older generations, when talking about tech. Also, it's not just about too complex and confusing. Their metrics for this are possibly stupid. Like you said, "shipping kills it" is a joke online for a reason. Almost bought a CD for $8, but $5 in shipping chased me off. The other part is more lazy. Sometimes, you have to enter a card number (credit, debit, security code, gift card) but don't have the card next to you. I have decided to finish an order later because I was lazy or busy and didn't want to go get my wallet to grab the number off a gift card. I just tell myself I'll finish the purchase later and either get the card next time I'm up or altogether forget or stop caring about the purchase, haha.
  • Is anyone else still waiting for them to bring back more advanced printing features? Like selecting the printing preferences right from the print dialog box (i.e. Any Windows program ever).
  • Hugely, yes. Also need (sometimes) to be able to include background colors/images. Often, business tables use white or light text on various color backgrounds in graphs. Those are unreadable if printing from Edge. Also amazing that it still won't save any print settings when closing the print dialog. I've logged all of these in the Feedback Hub.
  • Everything you need to know: it still sucks. it's still buggy. extensions are still trash. it's still slow. stuff still doesn't work. Use it to download a better browser. 
  • That's a little overboard but there is truth to what u say
  • You know what would really make Microsoft Edge work better??? Removing it all together. Guess Microsoft feel if they keep force feeding you that crap, you'll learn to like it. Sorry, I'll stick to Chrome, it actually works first time, every time.
  • I still  use IE!
  • You know, I've actually never had a single problem with Edge and its integration into W10 makes it really quite useful to me.
  • That's pretty much my take. I do get frustrated with its limited print selections and management for Favorites, but in terms of web page performance and rendering and supporting the extensions I care about (except Xmarks), I prefer Edge to other browsers. Still like Opera best for printing and Firefox best for RSS support built-into bookmarks (like on Windows Central -- bookmark is drop-down of all the recent articles and always up to date).
  • Yes, enjoy the browser built by an ad company now deciding how to filter and present content based on what they seem is mortally or politically acceptable.
  • So, you have admittely not even used Edge. Your opinion is wortheless and it makes you sound like an idiot.
  • I do not understand why you get so many downvotes just because you dare to mention "Chrome".
  • Importing favorites is still hopeless in Edge. I have a lot of favorites in IE. When importing favorites nothing happens. Edge freezes and 0 favorites are imported. Will never use Edge. 
  • What is chrome? you mean that nonsense?
    Dear, don't go there! Edge is more faster, more resourceful (with adobe and epub reader built in, reading mode, setting aside tabs, you can write on the web page with your pen, save to one note). It sync seamlessly with my windows phone. It is currently the safest browser.
  • In reference to the set tabs aside feature, I was surprised to see that clicking one of those tabs deleted it, rather than restoring that one tab. I sometimes want to bring back one tab into my current session.
  • Where does it say that?? "You can click a tab to restore, or click the Restore tabs link to restore a group of tabs". So clicking an individual tab brings that one back, or click "restore tabs" to get them all (in the same group)... it seems quite logical?
  • What about what is still missing! Block Senders or block top level domain.....
  • Hard to read your note with that avatar... Please consider changing.
  • You know what would be awesome, is if I could use the Web Note feature when annotating on PDF's instead of just an active web page -- you'd think annotating PDF's straight in Edge would be a no-brainer feature...unless I'm missing something?
  • ^THIS! I already gave feedback about this. I wouldn't say to enable WebNotes on PDF since it would save on OneNote as images, but bring basic features that every PDF Reader has, such support for bookmarks, basic text editing like highlighting, and so on. Edge is just too simple handling PDF. It just lets you view them, jump to a page entering a number, and find text. Simple editing features, notes/comments and bookmarking is something most of us need and would avoid the need to install third-party win32 like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit.
    In case you are interested -> https://aka.ms/U3hlw4
  • Edge seems to work well as an e-reader, but they really  need a separate app like they have for music (Groove) and videos (Movies & TV); it's too difficult to keep track of your digital book library by burying it in Edge. Also, for those on W10 Mobile who now will not be getting the Creators Update (and thus, the updated version of Edge for mobile that supports e-books), they will be unable to access their books on their Windows phones.
  • They may extend it to it's own app at some point, at least on iOS and Android. Right now, it would seem unusual to read anything other than free EBooks in Edge because the DRM I assume MS are using for purchased books means you can't currently read them outside of Windows 10/Mobile
  • You guys should really refer to Edge by the application version, 15, and not by rendering engine version, 40.
  • Even IE 11 has picked up a few interface tweaks. Nothing major but there's now a new Open Microsoft Edge tab which will directly open the Edge browser and there's also a new start page in IE 11 similar to the start page in Edge. But I find Edge to be very buggy and crash prone. It could be my setup alone so will have to see but I surely know that the AU had a much more stable Edge. Since there's no built in session manager or an add-on, the only workaround to get back all tabs is ensure that I choose to re-open the browser with previous tabs. It's become a real nuissance. Right now, my primary browser is Chromium build 59 and IE 11 with Adblock. Edge still has rough edges (pun)
  • My Edge browser has been slugging and not loading some of my sites at work since I forced the update. Anyone else?
  • My Edge browser is broken since I forced the Creators update. It sucks!!!!
  • Hello there, 1999 called and asked for a Fullscreen option for Edge like any other modern browser. thanks!
  • Oh, you mean by pressing F11?  Ya, I was looking for that yesterday too.  Had to go back to using Chrome.
  • Now, if only downloading the update worked. My home computer failed at the install last night, getting to 95% then never moving over the next couple of hours. Had to roll back in the end. Multiple work computers simply refuse to download it, as they get to 100% then just restart the download, never finishing over several hours. I've never had the level of update distribution I've encountered with W10. I had to do a clean install to get the Anniversary Update downloaded at home, and I'll be a monkey's uncle before I play that stupid game for every update. It's completely unreasonable.
  • Pretty darn amicable improvements. Though I still do not like having ebooks open in Edge, think it dilutes it's function as being the web browser. Users won't normally think ebooks go to Edge. If they wanted to make development simpler, just make a shortcut to edute that puts it into a console sort of mode that opens directly to eBooks and call it Edge Reading or something. Really appreciate the improvements. Might want to cover if there are touch shortcuts to get to some of those functions. Really like that quick veiw is back. Though it would make tab navigation much easier for tablet/touch users.
  • Good to know that extensions will have access to favorites. Hopefully Xmarks will follow with their extension for Edge. It's the only thing holding me back from using Edge all the time.
  • Late last year Xmarks told me that they would put out an Edge extension by first half of this year. I contacted again last week after CU came out to ask if that was still the case. They were noncommittal on the date, but said it's still on their roadmap. With the changes to extension support in the CU, maybe they needed some of those functions to complete the Xmarks extension. I remain optimistic. In the meantime, I use Xmarks with other browsers and re-import from IE or Firefox from time to time into Edge. I use Edge Manage to manage the positioning and favicons for Edge favorites (great functions that should have been included in Edge). With all of these, Edge is my primary browser.
  • Without the ability to easily drag shortcuts to website & page to the desktop or folders, it's of no use to people who need that capability when researching and saving sites. And I know all about the roundabout way to create a shortcut, but that's ridiculous & tedious. Every other other browser still allows dragging of shortcuts. Then there's the new way Edge stores favorites, which is another mess & topic. Because of these issues, I have to stay on Chrome and occassionally use IE 11.  
  • I like the idea of Set Tabs Aside, but I have no interest in using Edge (for various reasons I have no interest discussing). Does anyone know of a similar Chrome extension?
  • Yes, I do. But I have no interest in discussing them :)
  • Gee thanks, smartarse. I simply wish to discuss browser extensions without getting drawn into a browser discussion with people who can't understand that people have their own reasons for using different browsers.
  • No sense of humor? Don't worry, it's a common problem in this place
  • It was too early in the morning for such shenanigans. I was hoping for a serious answer, expected an argument, but ended up getting neither.
  • Why would you expect an argument? It was a joke, there's nothing to argue. Chill out, don't take everything so seriously, geez
  • I was expecting an argument in general, not from you. I was explaining my previous grumpiness, which apparently gives you reason to get your knickers in a twist. You're the one that needs to calm down.
  • Well, you don't necessarily invite a serious answer if you express your stark negative opinion about edge and stress (twice) how you don't want to talk about it. It's like saying: "I hate your car and I don't want to explain why but your car sucks. What car can you recommend?"
    Not really a discussion people are eager to engage in. But whatever, I don't want to ruin your day. Enjoy
  • Your example is wrong, it's more like "Your Ford has a nice stereo, I drive a Toyota as I don't like Ford's but don't want to argue about car choices. Can anyone recommend a similar stereo for my Toyota?" Is this really that hard to understand?? I want to talk about browser extensions without getting into an argument about browsers. Anytime I so much as mention Chrome here I get retarded arguments about why I shouldn't be using it. I was pre-empting the argument because that's what I always get. I want to stick to the point instead of trying to justify my browser choice. It's just as stupid as when people say "google XYZ" and everyone jumps up and down saying we should use crappy Bing instead. It's beside the point and unhelpful.
  • IMO if you wanted to ask the question without getting into browser wars you could have just asked: "I like Set tabs aside. Does anyone know similar extension for chrome?" Without unnecessary ******** on edge, like you just did with bing as well. Basically you asked for that type of response. Maybe you don't see the difference but trust me - it's huge.
  • Keeps getting better but still can't use edge and why? Because I can't even open a new tab to my default home page unlike opera, Firefox,chrome, safari, Netscape before these and internet explorer.  Anyone else out there who likes their new tabs opening to their default page?  Personally I like my google page with it's shortcuts to Google's services like you tube.  I don't understand why Microsoft has restricted this basic function and still understand why edge doesn't do better.  Also fro. A less important position a multimonitor setup sucks in edge.  Staging a new tab out of it's origional window and to the top of the selected monitor doesn't open the tab full screen, just like all it's competition still does.  Come on Microsoft let's sort out basics, again 2 years is enough time really isn't it.
  • So many fancy new features while they completely neglect the basics that are still preventing people from liking this browser.  Like being able to "rename/delete/open in a new tab" objects in folders on the favourites bar, drag the current url onto the favourites bar, and pressing F11 for full screen mode.
  • It looks good news to me. Am I really changing back from Chrome? I'l see, maybe I will. But others, I'm not so sure. Like most of MS products, they become mature when all the people are using and loving other products which makes an eventual change to Microsoft a little harder. Let's wait for tomorrow. April 11 is the Creators Update day, right?
  • I've installed Win 10 Creators Update on 4 computers. Two of them show the Books hub in Edge, two of them don't... What is the reason for this difference?
  • Good artilcle, but if it mentioned Group Policy changes/additions for Edge in Windows 10 CU it'd only then be complete.
  • Not a whole lot.
  • We have kindles here a lot in india which id's because we read a lot, and a lot digitally. Why does Microsoft not include books here then? Very sick mentality. No books, no groove, no films, none of these are available here when Indians are one off the largest consumers and producers of movies, songs and books. Even Netflix recently announced that Indians are the world leader in Bing watching.
  • I´ve been using chrome since I don´t know when, and I am trying to move over to Edge for the second time, it is going better now then the first time I tryed it.  I really like the mouse gestures extension but I see now chrome had it for a long time haha!!
  • Anything going to help with the development of an Enpass extension?