A new update for the closed beta version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app is now available to download for those folks who are involved in its testing, adding a number of new features that will likely be put into the public version at some point.

Updates for the WhatsApp beta had been on hiatus for a few weeks, with the last beta update arriving in June. It now looks like the WhatsApp team is back and further enhancing the messaging service.

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According to our tipsters who have downloaded the closed beta version, the update includes:

  • New UI for the picture preview window
  • An option for adding captions to images you're sharing
  • You can now see the number of participants in a group
  • Speed improvements

Remember, this is for the beta version only. The public version of WhatsApp that's in the Windows Phone Store does not yet have these features.

Please do no ask about how to get access to the private beta, as there is no public sign-up method. Thank you.

Thanks to Rushab for the tip