WhatsApp Windows Phone

Looks like the folks behind WhatsApp, the super popular messaging app, aren’t resting on their laurels anymore.

Last week we saw the long-anticipated “overhaul” update, which added fast resume, ditched the music streaming API (for Windows Phone 8) and even added a few features. Within hours, a second update rolled out for some, which seemingly fixed a few bugs here and there.

WhatsApp Screenshot

Now, version 2.10.506 is live in the Store, ready for your updating. Unfortunately, no change log has been released, so we’ll just have to assume this has improved up on notifications and fixes some other lingering issues.  For what it’s worth, the WhatsApp developers are continually updating the beta version of the app, meaning this is still a “work in progress”. That’s okay by us, so long as things continue to improve.

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Pick up WhatsApp for Windows Phone here in the Store. Via: Plaffo

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