When will Microsoft Surface Neo be available?

Surface Neo unveiling
Surface Neo unveiling (Image credit: Windows Central)

After all of the rumors, the leaks, the hopes, and the dreams, Microsoft finally pulled the covers off its first dual-screen Windows 10 Surface device, the Neo. It's a teeny tiny Surface with two screens, a nifty keyboard and a brand new version of Windows 10 to go with it. You're excited, naturally, so when can you get it.

Microsoft Surface Neo available Holiday 2020

The good news is you get plenty of time to save up because the bad news is you're going to have to wait until Holiday 2020 to get your hands on one. Microsoft wasn't prepared to be any more specific, but the ever flexible "holidays" period would suggest sometime in November or December.

It's a good job you've got until then to save up as well since the Neo will launch in the same period as the Android-based Surface Duo and the Xbox Project Scarlett.

Microsoft Surface Duo with Windows 10X

One of the reasons we have to wait so long is likely to be the new version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is developing to work across its two-screen Surface. Windows 10X is its name and naturally, the big story is the customizations done to what we already know of as Windows 10 to work on the smaller form factor with twice as many displays.

Other tasty tidbits about the Neo include built-in LTE, a pair of 9-inch displays that expand out to a total of 13.1-inches and has a variety of different modes, including a tablet experience, double portrait, double landscape and composition mode. The Surface Neo will also have at its heart a custom Intel processor, details of which are currently sparce.

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