Chime in: Where's the best place to sell a used Xbox One?

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Microsoft kicked off preorders for the Xbox One X earlier this month, allowing eager buyers to secure a limited-edition variant of the console themed around its "Project Scorpio" codename. With preorders for the standard edition of the console currently on track for September, now's a better time than ever to prepare your wallet for its slated launch this fall.

How to sell your Xbox One so you can buy an Xbox One X

With the Xbox One X supporting all existing Xbox One games and accessories, for many, there's little incentive to keep your old console after upgrading. Selling your used Xbox One is a logical step to secure some extra cash, though how you approach that sale can have a significant bearing on the profit.

A related discussion recently kicked off in the Windows Central forum, with existing Xbox One owners asking about how to get the most out of a second-hand console. While major retailers like GameStop offer some noteworthy trade-in deals, sometimes online auction sites, such as eBay and Craiglist, can return much more favorable earnings.

Already have an S, preordered the X, so the original can now go. Want to sell it but keep kinect. Where is the best place to go? Gamestop? Best buy? Amazon?


But we want to hear from you. Do you have plans to sell your Xbox One ahead of the Xbox One X launch? If so, do you have any recommendations on exactly where to sell your console? Drop into the forum thread and share your thoughts with our community!

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