Where's the best place to buy Razer Quartz Edition devices and accessories?

Where's the best place to buy Razer Quartz Edition devices and accessories?

Best answer: The Razer Quartz Edition is a special run and is exclusively available from Razer's own store. So that's the best, and only, place to buy these accessories.Razer: Razer Quartz Edition (From $25)

Only available at Razer

For this run of the pink-colored Quartz Edition products, only the Razerstore will be officially stocking them. As a special run, you'll have to go direct to the source to pick them up.

To add an additional caveat, not all of the things are available in all of the places. The Quartz Razer Blade Stealth is only available in the U.S., Canada, and China, while the Quartz Raiju T.E. PlayStation 4 controller is only being sold in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Everything else available isn't region-locked.

Mouse pads, keyboards, even laptops, all in Quartz

This isn't the first time Razer has done the Quartz Edition, but it's much bigger than it has been previously. The range on offer is much broader.

At the bottom, you've got a case for the Razer Phone 2, mouse pads and headphone stands. In the middle, there's a mouse, keyboard, headset and a special Quartz version of the Seiren X microphone.

Sitting atop the lineup is the limited run Quartz Edition Blade Stealth laptop. This is Quartz Pink, top to bottom, with the body color the result of an anodizing process for durability as well as style.

Really well done

If the previous Quartz Edition Razer products are anything to go by, these will be incredibly well done. Yes, there's a lot of pink, but it's not a gaudy finish with hot pink lashed everywhere you look. It's a softer, more pastel shade.

Paired with the grey color, the Quartz Edition offers a unique style unlike anything else on the market right now. Toss in a bit of Chroma, and you've really got something that stands out.

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