Best answer: High demand has caused many retailers to go out of stock, so the best place to buy the new Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) head-mounted display (HMD) is straight from Samsung. There you can find in-house financing, free shipping, and frequent deals.

Samsung: Odyssey+ WMR HMD ($500)

How does Windows Mixed Reality differ from VR?

WMR is a platform birthed by Microsoft, intended as a way to get PC-based VR into more hands thanks to reduced prices and less reliance on expensive PC performance hardware. Despite the "mixed reality" title, this is genuine VR, complete with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and tracked motion controllers.

Thanks to Steam integration and third-party workarounds by hobbyists, most VR titles that can be played on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive can also be handled by a WMR headset, as long as the PC connected has the hardware inside to power the experience.

Where WMR differs from the Rift and Vive, however, is in the lack of a requirement for external sensors. WMR relies on inside-out tracking for the headset and controllers, with no need for extra hardware set up around the room. For this reason, it's also one of the easiest systems to set up and manage.

What are the main differences between the Odyssey+ and the original Odyssey?

The original Odyssey and Odyssey+ might look the same at a quick glance, but there are some fairly major changes that are cause for the rather hefty price difference between the two HMD models.

No doubt the biggest has to do with the display, which in the Odyssey+ now has virtually no screen-door effect. If you've had a chance to pop your head into other VR headsets, you might have noticed a fine grain over the top of the image. It might not always be evident during action sequences, for instance, but taking a second to look usually reveals the screen door. The AMOLED display is physically the same in both headsets, but improved technology allows for the resolution to effectively be doubled from 616 pixels-per-inch (ppi) to 1,233 ppi for a far clearer picture.

Othe quality-of-life changes include a wider nose guard (40 mm vs. 32 mm) and wider eye box (146 mm vs. 138 mm), both lending to more room for your face to get comfortable, especially for anyone wearing prescription frames. You still get Samsung WMR motion controllers, there are still built-in AKG headphones, and you still get a built-in mic to chat with friends or give voice commands.

Can you still play the same games on the Odyssey+?

The Odyssey+ is a bonafide WMR headset that can handle everything the first-gen Odyssey headset handled. All WMR games from the Microsoft Store can be played on the Odyssey+, and there are likewise plenty of titles available through Steam.

Go with the Samsung Odyssey+ for a premier WMR experience

With an updated display that lacks screen-door effect and with a more comfortable fit, the new Odyssey+ is by far the best WMR headset on the market today. It's in high demand and is sold out at most retailers, so buying straight from Samsung is a wise choice. You'll get free shipping, as well as financing with no interest if you manage to pay it off within six months.

Our pick

Samsung Odyssey+

The best WMR headset

With clearer display, a more comfortable fit, and the same Samsung quality, the Odyssey+ is at the top of the pile of WMR headsets.

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