Where's the best place to buy an Xbox Chatpad?

Where's the best place to buy an Xbox Chatpad?

Best answer: Your best bet is to buy an Xbox Chatpad from Microsoft directly, as it is one of the only retailers that sells it new instead of used.Microsoft: Xbox Chatpad ($35)

Why get a Chatpad?

Before explaining which retailer you should choose to buy a Chatpad from, it's important to explain why you should buy it in the first place. I go into depth on that here, but the gist of it is that no other chatpad on the market offers the all-around greatness that the official Xbox Chatpad does. Built sturdy, comfortable to use, and jam packed with communication features, it's the king of Xbox chatpad accessories and that isn't likely to change. You no longer have to tediouisly move the joysticks or D-pad to type in information, or set up a separate keyboard. Just use the chatpad and you're all set.

What makes Microsoft the best choice?

Xbox Chatpad

Xbox Chatpad (Image credit: Windows Central)

The biggest reason you'll want to buy from Microsoft instead of another retailer is that it's one of the few retailers that actually sells the Chatpad new. Sites such as Amazon only have used options available, and even if a seller describes their Chatpad's condition as new, there's always a risk that they're lying or are rating the condition inaccurately. Some other shopping sites also sell it new, but these are few and far between, and if you have any questions about the Chatpad, their representatives won't be able to help you nearly as much as Microsoft's will.

Another strong reason to choose Microsoft is that you'll be getting a Chatpad that has spent minimal time in shipping transit. If you were to buy from Walmart, for example, that Chatpad would have gone from Microsoft's warehouse, then to a Walmart warehouse, and then finally to your home. Buying from Microsoft directly eliminates the "middleman" and the chances of your Chatpad being damaged during shipping will be significantly lowered as a result. It may seem silly to think that a sturdy and well-built item like the Xbox Chatpad could break during shipping, but you never know what kinds of heavy objects it could be sharing space with in vehicles.

Save on shipping

A significant financial advantage with buying from Microsoft is that they offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States, and even to Puerto Rico. Most other retailers, in contrast, charge a shipping fee of around $2, give or take a dollar. Small fees like that appear insignificant at a glance, but if you make an effort to choose free shipping options more often, you may be surprised at how much money you can save. Microsoft is a fantastic retailer for that.

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