Which color Dell XPS 13 should you buy?

Dell XPS 13 9300
Dell XPS 13 9300 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Which color Dell XPS 13 should you buy?

Best answer: The XPS 13 9300 is available in two colors, but at present, the white version isn't for sale directly from Dell.Any color as long as it's black: Dell XPS 13 9300 (From $900 at Dell)

White not currently available

The XPS 13 is the best Dell laptop right now, and it's supposed to be available in two colors. One has a black interior, one has white, but the latter isn't currently available.

It's a shame too, because the white XPS 13 is quite striking, and unlike previous versions, it doesn't have any white bezels trimming the display.

The newest design has shrunk the bezels almost completely away, but what remains is black even on the white model. And that makes a difference when you're looking at a display. It's less jarring on the eyes, and the display just blends into the bezels as though they weren't there at all.

Black inside is easier to live with

There's also the fact that this is something that you'll be putting your hands on for potentially thousands of hours during your ownership, and a white keyboard, trackpad, and surrounding area will look dirty a lot faster than black will.

You should always try and keep your laptop clean and free of grease, dust, and other day-to-day debris, but the simple truth is that black hides such marks much better than white does.

And it's not as though the outside is black, either. The contrasting silver exterior leaves for something quite striking looking.

Right now, though, you can only get the black, so it's the one to buy. You might have some joy at a reseller, but unless you want to wait and potentially never get a white one anyway, grab the black one now.

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