Which Techtober gadget are you most looking forward to?

Surface Duo 2 Hero
Surface Duo 2 Hero (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

October is typically a big month for tech enthusiasts, as both events and fresh gadgets make a lot of noise around this time of the year. October 2021 is a particularly busy one. On the Microsoft side of upcoming goodies, we have everything from Surface madness and the impending arrival of the Surface Duo 2 to more niche items such as the Xbox Series X fridge, also known as the meme that became a real boy.

But there's more to tech than just Microsoft, contrary to what some may tell you! Techtober 2021 is also putting a spotlight on items like the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6. Are these the devices you're most amped for?

Let us know what you're feeling most jazzed about, even if it's an item not on the list. Perhaps there's a tiny little Techtober treat not on the general public's radar that has you stoked. If so, vote that way and drop a comment detailing what everyone should be paying attention to. After all, there's no wrong answer when it comes to what gets you excited, contrary to what some might say when confronted with the notion of voting for the iPhone 13 over the Xbox Series Fridge on a site called Windows Central.

And if you want to focus on Techtober events instead of individual gadgets, go vote in Android Central's poll that asks which Techtober event readers are most excited about. AC gives an overview of what events are coming up in October from Apple, Google, Sony, and Samsung, and details when said events are going down.

Two polls, one jam-packed Techtober full of gadgets and events. Truly, an exciting time for mainstream tech enthusiasts and a scary time for wallets.

Robert Carnevale

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