Who's on board the Windows Marketplace

Microsoft recently touted a list of developers that already are on board for Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Someone the names are familiar. Some we talked to about their plans to join the Marketplace. Other names are a little more obscure.

Who's missing? Obviously scores of other developers, some small, some large. But this is a sure sign that the Marketplace will have some momentum when it's launched later this year.

After the break, we take a quick look at all of the names Microsoft released earlier at CTIA.

AccuWeather.com: One of the major weather information providers in the United States. Also provides services for newspapers.

The Associated Press: The AP also was an earlier adopter of the iPhone. There's been a shift in the past couple of years for the AP to be seen not just as a provider of news content, but as a portal for it as well. (For more on that, we refer you to a study the AP released last summer about its new model for news. Warning: PDF link)

CNBC: Maybe you've heard of 'em. That Keith Olbermann guy other guy who talks at you real loud is pretty popular.

Developer One Mobile Software: Of Agenda One and CodeWallet fame.

EA Mobile: Spore ... The Sims ... Chances are you've heard of these, right? EA should bring some series gaming to the Marketplace.

Facebook: Love it or hate it, there's no escaping Facebook. We've already had a look at the application ported over from Windows Mobile 6.5.

Gameloft: Recently released Oregon Trail on the iPhone. Oregon Trail HD, anyone?!?!? (Yeah, we're fans.)

Glu Mobile: Ever waste a day or three playing Zuma? You can thank these guys.

Handmark: A longtime Windows Mobile developer. Chances are you've bought something from them at some point.

Ilium Software Inc.: eWallet, NewsBreak and a number of other apps.

Jeyo Inc.: Mobile Companion, WunderRadio.

Kinoma: We're big fans of Kinoma Play for video and music playback. Good to see them on board.

LiteScape: Recently released 3Deep, which combines social networking with your phone's contacts.

Magmic Games: A plethora of mobile games including sudoku and Guitar Hero III.

Melodis Corp.: Sing, hum or play your a piece of music, and Midomi Mobile will identify it for you.

MySpace: Yeah. Those guys. Expect to see an app this summer.

Namco Networks: PAC-MAN, Dig Dug, Galaga. Nothing else in this world matters.

Netflix: Already has released an official application in conjunction with Microsoft.

Pandora: The Internet music giant has slowly been gaining ground with Windows Mobile. Sometimes officially, sometimes not.

PhatWare Corp.: Notes, etc.

Resco: Makers of one of our favorites, Resco Explorer, among a host of other great applications.

ShoZu Inc.: Pulls together the major social networking sites into one application.

Sling Media Inc.: Already has Windows Mobile clients for its Slingbox media streamer.

SBSH Mobile Software: Another longtime and reputable Windows Mobile developer. Pocket Weather, iLauncher, etc.

Spb Software: Makers of what often is one of our first installs on a new phone, Mobile Shell. A number of other great apps, too.

Web Information Solutions Inc.: Developer of Pocket Informant, a popular PIM application.

Zagat Survey: Restaurant ratings.

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