Do you prefer Outlook over Gmail?

Both are big names when it comes to everything email, but Outlook and Gmail belong to different companies and exist mostly in separate ecosystems.

Forum member iCortana recently posed a question in the Windows Central forum, asking other members for some major reasons why it's worth switching from Gmail over to Outlook.

I'm thinking about leaving Gmail for, what are big reasons you prefer over Gmail? (Excluding privacy reasons please) Edit: Thank you Windows Central for featuring this thread on the homepage!


iCortana isn't necessarily concerned about any sort of privacy but is more focused on functionality, user interface, and sweet, sweet extra features that make sending and receiving that much easier.

Do you have a reason why iCortana might want to make the switch from Gmail to Outlook? There are already a few replies to the question, but your opinion is worthwhile! Drop in, read other replies, and give your two cents.

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