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Wileyfox delays its upcoming Windows 10 Mobile handset by two weeks

If you've been waiting for the upcoming Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10 Mobile, we've got some bad news for you. Wileyfox has pushed back the launch date for its Windows 10 Mobile device, now launching on December 18 instead of December 4 like originally planned.

It was recently spotted that the Wileyfox Pro with Windows 10 Mobile would be available directly from Amazon UK on December 4, but now that listing has been silently updated, with a new release date of December 18. You can still pre-order the device if you're interested in grabbing one for £189.99.

Interestingly enough, the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro also suffered a similar delay of two weeks just days before it was originally supposed to go on sale. Perhaps these Windows phone manufacturers are having trouble getting these devices into the UK for sale? Or maybe demand is so low, there's no real rush to make these devices available.

December 18 is cutting it pretty close to Christmas too, so if you were hoping to get someone the Wileyfox Pro for Christmas, you might have to watch out and hope it gets here in time.

Pre-order Wileyfox Pro from Amazon UK

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Which iteration of Windows does it support? Falls Creator Update?
  • Most likely version 1607 which is the Anniversary Update or could be Creators update (v 1701)
  • Can anybody explain to me why someone would plan and realease a phone running W10M when MS officially said its dead? So is it dead or no? I am sick of this Schrödinger Windows Mobile bs already.
  • W10M will be supported until end 2019, but it will not get any new features. For a W10M user a new handset can be welcome.
  • They added some features. Now with Living Photos you can go back and save a snap from different places in the photo.
  • This feature has actually been there for a long time, but glad you noticed it. I use it quite often myself, particularly over the last 9+ months, as taking photos of a baby can be challenging. :-)
  • Are you still usable windows 10 device as your main driver?
  • A W10M phone is as usable today as it was a couple months ago when it was declare dead. It hasn't lost any functionality. So it's perfectly useable, and it's the preferred OS to a lot of people.
  • That's right fdruid it hasn't. It has even got a bit more fluid and faster. I'm thinking Windows 10 Mobile is like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. They say he's old and can't last long but he keeps on surprising us. Keep your knife sharp, you never know when you will need to cut something.
  • Damn, that would have been a reason for me to turn those back on! Didn't even think about that function.
  • Living Images is one thing I miss now that I use a OnePlus 5 (running Android 7.1). NOKIA and WP8 were a perfect combo and Living Images was one of the things that made it amazing for us!
  • Hey taking baby photos is actually how I found out about it!
  • Another Microsoft problem illustrated. No marketing, no public announcement of what the new features are. Users have to find everything on their own. It probably can do what you want, but if you don't know the feature exists, what it's called, or how to get to it, it may as well not exist.
  • It was invented by Nokia years ago, and available a long time ago.
  • It is never dead. Always comes back in different names. Win CE, Win mo 6.5, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, windows-on-mobile.
  • Well, my Lumia 640 just died yesterday. So I ordered a new BLU Win HD phone from Amazon to replace it. I bought it because I enjoy using the UI.  I  have tried using my wife's Android but it is not for me. I don't plan to switch to Android until I have to in 2019.
  • aww too bad, you shouldn't have since it can't get past anniversary update.  Nice phone overall though, but needs some firmware updates....
  • Zac Bowden is a good boy
  • Good news
  • You can get a similar-spec Android phone for the same sort of money. And it has the support of app developers
  • My 950 was acting up. I used my insurance carrier to upgrade to an LG V30 for $150! I have been on the MS train for 6 years. My wife still has a 950xl.
  • I wanted to continue using the Lumia 950XL but certain apps that I was using such as LINE, Lukas Dashcam, BlueDriver, and DreamPOS Payment were discontinued about a month ago and had to switch to Android for that matter.
    I'm so sad but at the very least I've disabled everything Google (except the Play Store app), and got Launcher10 with Live tiles and all. Still won't be exactly like my Lumia 950XL but oh well.
  • Line still works, I have it on my L650.
  • Yes, Line still works on my 950XL.  The OP has to come up with another justification for going to Android.  Let me see...maybe banking applications with the same functionality as mobile version of the web sites on any of the 5 browsers including Edge?
  • As it says in the title of the Amazon page, this phone is targetted towards BUSINESSES, and not the average consumer hunting for the latest apps. The Wileyfox is intended for those companies for who W10M was "good enough" and probably offered them the benefit of being manageable within an Active Directory/Windows based environment that was already in place. Those companies can now buy new hardware to replace existing handsets without at the same time having to introduce a new OS.
  • But it's still Android Brian2014.
  • I have all the apps i need on my 640
  • ...and the very latest malware
  • You can get a similar spec Android device, yes. You know? I think people have noticed that? But thanks anyway Brian2014. Yet those Android devices are still really awful to use and Windows devices are still just so lovely. Hence they're still coming out with new ones. Says a lot really. Makes you wonder what could have been if it wasn't for Ol' Nads.
  • Get the last few lumia 950 from Microsoft store or iPhone SE.
  • Microsoft Store stopped selling any Lumia devices many months ago because nobody is willing to buy a $700 phone especially with a unknown platform.
  • Zac always nice 😍
  • SIM-Free?
  • Yes pre owned but its shiney new
  • Delay by two weeks? How tha fuq? Delayed by two years!
    How the hell are you gonna delay something that's 4 damnb years too late?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • Just what's the point? Anyone still looking for a Windows phone at this point could get a Lumia 950/950xl or Idol 4s pre-owned for around the same price with so much better specs. Buying a new Windows phone now that the OS is winding down seems crazy. W10m might still be getting maintained but apps and services are dropping like flies so it's getting harder and harder to hang on.
  • The thing I think you and everyone is missing is that if they sell a phone in 2017 they still (and Microsoft) have to support it for 3years. My L730 is still getting updates and that is a few months over three years old. It is running W10M now so it could be just that.
  • This is completely untrue. If you go to Microsoft's support site and search for Windows 10 Mobile you'll find the last official release of Windows 10 Mobile that will have support was 4/25/17 with main stream support ending 6/11/19. The "extended" life cycle is a bit ambiguos since MS just notes it follows the SaaS model but doesn't really give a firm ending date. But Microsoft is under no obligation to support any Windows Phone sold in 2017 for 3 years. Microsoft can pull support for an OS version whenever they see fit.  At best Windows Mobile 10 has less than 2 years of life left. 
  • Using my 950xl with no problems...also have a G6... Surprisingly what I have tried to do is mimic what I have on my G6 with what I put on my 950 XL so for instance any apps that I have on the G6 I tried to put on the 950 XL what I can find in the App Store I look and see if I can find a web page for it and honestly I can say 90% of the apps that I have on my G6 I can find as a web page and point it to my 950Xl... The only thing I am really missing is Snapchat of course but that's okay and the ability to watch DirecTV now and use Google Allo but other than that everything else is working so the 950 is still very functional
  • I recently went over to android 7.1.1 buying the new Nokia 5 but luckily I'm still using my Microsoft Lumia 650 has a second phone so is Windows 10 for mobile dead or what ? Because I've been a big fan of windows phones for many years now and a new windows 10 mobile phone would be a great addition.
  • I just bought a 640 which is nearly the same specs for £30 and this is £180 - I adore windows phone but who in their right mind would buy it? I also happen to love Wileyfox and have had a few of their devices. Great value for money and made in the greatest country on this flat earth x
  • Who im their right mind would buy it ? You just did , clown
  • Not reading his comment properly and finishing off by calling him a clown?..... Hmm
  • I know right
  • Can you read?
  • Why even bother selling a dead OS.
  • Windows10 mobile is very stable and it ain't dead .
  • I agree, but it still lacks a bunch of basic functionality.
  • 2012 called and said 2007 called and said it's phone missed the train but will be on the next bus from South America.
  • Wileyfox has other revenue streams with Android and that's lucky for them, but I really, genuinely feel sorry for the company behind this device in the same way I felt for the guys behind the whartonbrooks windows phone. As a business owner I can say with first hand experience there are few things that derail you faster than a supply chain that becomes unreliable midway through your planning and execution phase. I get that MS will support W10M until late 2019 but these companies are faced with a problem that has no solution....forge ahead and hope they can sell enough devices between now and the end of W10M in late 2019. Frankly, unless they sell devices by the shed load they're never ever going to make up thier buisness costs. We W10M users were abandoned and it was frustrating for sure, but can you imagine what it feels like to watch your entire business go under because of Microsoft. There will be people at whartonbrooks who lost thier homes and life savings, and a large part of that misadventure can be traced right back to the uncertainty Microsoft created around the future of Windows Phone.   There are people behind these devices. People who created thier business around W10M. People who took huge financial gambles and invested a lot of thier money in W10M. What Microsoft has done to them is terribly unfair.
  • Why is this a thing? I'm not one of these ******* trolls who have nothing better to do. I'm actually a DIE HARD WP fan. But seriously, what's the point? Virtually no one would have bought this before Microsoft "official" killed the platform. But now no one is going to buy it.
  • It's funny because I used a few Wileyfox phones in between being a windows phone fan, I'm back with windows phone again now until the bitter end but Wileyfox were struggling big time and have decided to release a windows phone...erm why! Would have made sense to wait for the new iteration of the OS with project Andromeda and then release a Wileyfox note type device using the new Cshell OS and a foldable screen but what do I know.
  • Who are they trying to sell this to? The Elderly??
  • You don't think the elderly is a big market?
  • Just bought 2nd hand 950. Under 100£ brilliant
  • I guess someone finally got the memos, those pesky TPS reports.... always .... errr 'getting' in the way of work!
  • The other DOA device from trekstor, is only at 10% on indiegogo :)))))) what a FAILURE :))) like anyone expected it to succeed.
  • My company just around 2 years ago moved from blackberry to windows phone, we have around 8,000 windows phones!, we invested a serious amount of money in it to suddenly have it wound down, there is no chance of us moving to android or iOS for a few years until we have made use of our investment so new devices are good news for businesses such as us. Even if it is just prolonging the inevitable
  • So, I've been a long time Windows fan.  35 years +.  Windows Phone was my last straw.  I've given up on them.  They made promises and broke them.  All of them.  First they said they were committed to phones, and were in it for the long term.  To any rational person, that means they'll stick it out on a slow growth plan indefinitely.  They would keep competing no matter the cost.  Hell, they even bought up Nokia.  So, I went Windows Phone 8 - 4.5 years ago.  Awesome I thought!  Then they release 8.1, and I upgraded.  Then they promised every phone capable of running 8.1 would update to 10.  Guess what, mine didn't.  Unsupported.  Then Sprint dropped them, as did most other carriers.  Clearly their plan to kill off Windows phone started many years ago, because they stopped negotiating with the providers, and let Sprint and others drop the lone.  I had no upgrade path what so ever.  I was forced to hang onto stale technology that was pushing 5 years old, because there was no upgrade path at Sprint.  Last week, I made up my mind.  I am now the proud owner of a iPhone X.  The story is even longer though, because I have a beef with my Surface Pro 3 hardware about 2 months ago, which just died on it's own in the middle of the night.  I won't get into the details, but the surface was les than 3 years old.  I finally beat on it, literally, about a month later.  It started working again.  I returned an iPad Pro 12" I bought.  Loved it, mind you, but practicality lead me to save money.  I didn't need the iPad right then.  The Apple ecosystem is a whole new world for me.  And I have to admit, WAY better than Windows.  Sorry.  I have absolutely no regrets switching to an iPhone X, and when the Surface dies, you can bet I'm going Mac iPad Pro.  If I really need a Windows OS, maybe I'll think about a MacAir or MacPro laptop, running Parallels.  But, I don;t think I will need it. The CEO, Natalya, or whatever his name is, needs to be fired.  The man is killing Microsoft.   The real problem with Windows though, is that it's not designed for a touch world.  Windows Phone was a good attempt, but really, they just should have copied the Android and Apple UI from the start.  Why reinvent the wheel?  I know everyone wants to be original, but squares as apposed to icons isn't an earth shattering reinvention of the touch screen.  It's just a different presentation, but a whole other planet for a potential customer who was used to icons in the Android / Apple space. The Surface Pro is a horrible tablet, but at the same time, a great "MICRO" laptop.  I loved it for that, but NEVER used tablet mode.  My Surface remained plugged in on a desk with a mouse 99% of the time.  I'll be willing to bet most people use it exactly as I do.  The iPad on the other hand, is a true tablet.  Designed from the ground up for touch screens.  The iPad Pro could have effectively replaced my Surface Pro 3 utilizing RDP and a Citrix X1 mouse.  I needed to access work and it did the job better than my Surface Pro.  It really did.  RDP worked better on my iPad than it did natively on Windows.   So there you have it.  I'm now Mac, and have 0 regrets.  It's better hardware, and honestly, better software.  Although I never cared much for Apps, I have to admit, they are most convenient.  Banking, insurance, tools, GPS's, eBay, etc., etc, etc.  I have a functioning level and compass right now.  My GPS App doesn;t spin aimlessly as I'm driving down the road any longer.  Everything about the iPhone is simply a better user eperience than a Windows Phone.   Natalya killed Microsoft.