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Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro release date in the UK has been delayed yet again

It's almost like this phone doesn't want to come out. The Microsoft Store in the UK has delayed the launch date of the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro for a second time, with its product page now saying it'll be releasing on August 10th instead of August 7th.

Microsoft originally expected the IDOL 4 Pro to launch on July 26th when it opened pre-orders, but on July 25th it delayed that release date by two whole weeks to August 7th instead. Now today, checking the product page says the device will now be launching on August 10th instead.

That's another delay of three days, which isn't as severe as the first delay, but is still an annoyance for the few who have pre-ordered this device. Microsoft has been giving out compensation in the form of Microsoft Account money for delaying the product from July 26th to August 7th, I wonder if they'll do the same for delaying it for a second time.

Have you pre-ordered the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro in the UK? Let us know in the comments!

See Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • WTF?!?!?!
  • I don't think it will come, next t that I'm bothered I have a 950xl anyway
  • The greatest enemy of a phone running Microsoft's OS is Microsoft itself!
  • Timing is everything in this world. This happening at a time when many former and current WP/WM users are disillusioned with MS over their mobile efforts, or lack of them to be exact. This is not a good look MS.
  • they are only selling 150 units anyway, why the delay? however, i think the windows central app is broken, i cant post comments. had to come to the web version to post this. the web link button is not responsive too. fix up
  • It's broken for me too. PC and Phone apps. I have submitted feedback on the computer, but apparently that doesn't show in the mobile version of the feedback hub, so I can't send the number.. I have tried uninstalling and resetting the app to no avail.
  • I can post from the Android app and from the PC browser but not from the Windows 10 app
  • an expensive worthless crap that will go extinct in less than a year. waste of money, a device that wont be supported when windows on ARM finally arrives. all major wm10 apps are leaving the ecosystem. anybody wise should go buy an iphone or android device pending the success of MS next adventure in mobile. hell yes, MS fanboys can come at me, downvote me all u want, truth hurts, MS cba about we loyalists. 
  • Dude,  it's extinct already.  Market share is tanked,  No new devices. No app support,  no wearable support,  no NOTHING!   Hopfully they can magically turn it around if they try again...but as of right now..move on to apple or android (not samsung) and enjoy all the MS services on those devices.
  • Wow, everything in your comment is wrong! That's awesome! :D How did you manage that?
  • Not a thing he said was incorrect. You must not be paying attention. 
  • No, I just actually use the platform every day unlike the people who complain about. Everybody who complains are using android.
  • What does you using it everyday have to do with Microsoft abandoning the platform? Everything he said has been confirmed by Microsoft.
  • Because what I answered to was all wrong.. Which is what I commented on.
  • Even Microsoft rarely makes apps compatible for Windows Mobile these days. New phones haven't been released for almost a year now. They have no market share. There are very few wearables available and the ones they do have, support is gimped or non-existent. Nothing he said was wrong!
  • Yet, everything still works perfectly. Go figure, android user.
  • I really wish I could agree with you... I hate using both Android & iOS but since my job forces me to use Hangouts and Google apps I had to leave WM10 behind. So it's not perfect for those of us that need to rely on the google ecosystem, at least I had no choice in the end. and no, third party Hangout apps don't work too great, I've tried. *whimpers*  
  • Yeah, that is Google to you. Unfortunately some people gets shafted by them. :(
  • No one said it doesn't work, but it actually might not work depending on your needs. There are plenty of services not supported on Windows.
  • Works perfect here.
  • Your needs must be simple and limited to basic Microsoft services only. Almost nothing I use is available on Windows phones and I use mainstream services. Give it a little while. With the way support is being dropped from Windows Mobile, it won't be long before it doesn't work do you either.
  • Not at all... I use it daily on two docks to have office and a bunch of stuff running on 34" screens through continuum. Maybe you mostly play with your device whereas I use it professionally.
  • Continuum is a toy. Anything you can do there is better served by a Chromebook. I have a real machine for work.
  • Haha, Chromebook? No thank you. I like to keep my work to myself thank you. Like I said. You are looking for toys, not tools.
  • What can you do in Continuum that isn't better on a Chromebook?! Multiple apps? Nope. Multitasking? Nope. Professional apps. Nope. Pen support? Nope. Continuum is below toy status. It is merely a gimmick.
  • Oh, I thought you had used Chromebook. And why would I not use a real computer if I needed any of that? Listen... I know you love toys... But I have exactly what I need and I don't help bolster the many monopolies Google is abusing to strengthen their monopolies. I have the power of a Chromebook in my pocket.
  • No you don't. You have an illconcieved, unsupported mess of a Microsoft gimmick in your pocket. It barely has basic functions and even they are limited. There is nothing it can do that a 3 year old Android phone or Chromebook can't do better, including Continuum.
  • That is what you would like people to believe... Listen, go play with your proprietary hardware locked browser and stop wasting our time.
  • What does that mean?! Chrome is available on every relevant platform and even some irrelevant platforms. Calling Android hardware proprietary? Really?! There is nothing proprietary about Android at all. You can download the source right now if you want and install it on any hardware you want!
  • Chromebook doesn't run android... It however emulates android hardware for android app support which works... Very badly. Android is also proprietary, AOSP is open source... I shouldn't even have to explain the differences to you as a hardcore Google fan.
  • Chromebooks are based on Linux. If you are worried about proprietary hardware and software, how can you use Microsoft products? They are only slightly less proprietary than Apple! A single layer on Android is proprietary and Google allows individuals to freely install that layer on AOSP if wanted. You don't need it at all though. Everything about Microsoft and Windows is proprietary.
  • Based on... And then there is all this proprietary software. Don't hide behind it using the Linux kernel. I can easily use Microsoft products since they do not make any privacy related offences against its users unlike Google who is on a privacy audit due to them breaking their own privacy terms against end users.
  • Google's privacy policy is well laid out and transparent. Microsoft is starting to get there now, but Windows 10 certainly hasn't been as transparent in the past. Google has a single dashboard for privacy settings and Microsoft just recently caught up. They are both trustworthy though. They have too much to lose.
  • What does that matter when they have broken their own policy in the past?
  • android apps work better than having NO apps at all like windows 10  
  • I wouldn't know since in reality, there are more apps than i can possibly use on Windows 10.
  • Pathetic how you have to resort to poisoning the well.
  • Who? The threading on this site is hard to follow.
  • 1.  I use windows 10 mobile.  2.  I don't use android as my daily driver.  Everything you said in that post was just did you manage that?
  • No, bleached...he's just a little pissy fangirl that cannot handle the truth!
  • Awh, lost the argument... Go for the person!!
  • I agree. Hate it, but its the truth.  I have supported MS for the last 22 years but these last several THEY have burned me 4x in jumping into services of theirs only to have the rug pulled out from under me. Outlook Business Contact Manager, MS Accounting, Phone, and now Access WebApps!  THEY turned me into a.... "Hater". I'm not going to go on  a bash binge but I certainly will not be recommending them anymore.  Find a DroidFruit you can live with for now and have fun.
  • Jasqid....I hate it too.  MS should have PUSHED windows 10,  created a 1020 successor, and other TOP NOTCH devices,  not the 950 and xl which were mid range build quality.  I am dissapointed in the build quality of my 950xl for sure.   I only use it atm for a 3d scanner for creating parts for motorcycle etc.  Oh well,  I have moved to iphone,  besides the camera (1020 is better at image quality),  the iphone kills the windows phones I have in every other way!
  • Who cares? Those who want a Win10m phone have one, and the others don't want one, do they?
  • they shd fix up, at least they are seeing our comments. are they adamant like Microsoft? do they need google to expose threats?
  • Google should focus on their own issues.
  • In a different world Microsoft would just say that they need to stay in mobile and have a mobile offering. They would say they will do one or two phones each year with a limited supply while they work on their UWP strategy. If they just go for the arm ultra mobile PC with a surface label they basically don't have a consumer offering in mobile. They don't have to do much to keep WP fans happy and have at least a minimum mobile presence. However they can't even be bothered with minimum.
  • Seriously. Microsoft pulled the plug on this platform.
  • Oh no, 3 whole days delay - damn you MS !
  • Sorry, I'm afraid it's probably my fault.  I'm using Android for my primary phone, but I want to have a Win10M device around to keep an eye on the platform.   Even more so since you and Dan mentioned on your recent podcast that Microsoft is planning to backport future UWP APIs to the current Win10M branch for the foreseeable future, so API wise it should remain current with future Redstone buids for a while.  Unfortunatley, my old 640 appears to be dying so against my better judgement, I ordered a 4S here in the US a couple of days ago.  That must have used up all the available worldwide stock;  I guess it'll take Alcatel a few days to make another one.  :-)
  • No reason to ever release it. Scrap pile. Not because of the phone but because of Microsoft's mobile failure. Alcatel should release it as an Android device. 
  • isn't this the phone that in a previous life was Android ?
  • Can somebody please explain to me if moving to Android for example, why bother using MS services and apps when Google ones are better integrated and native?
    Google > bing
    Google maps > Bing maps
    Google translate > Bing translator
    Google Assistant > Cortana
    Google Docs > Office mobile (does anybody in the entire universe actually uses office tools on 5 inch display for something more than quick edits?!?!?!?!)
    Google Drive > OneDrive
    Gmail > Outlook
    MSN anything > every niche app that is dominating the category list goes on and on
  • If you were tied to MS services before better to have had that saved data then starting over with new services.
  • Opinions, how do they work...
  • You state your opinion, then an iDroid troll will label you a fanboy for not having the same one as them
  • I know W10m is on life support...but if I buy one...would WoA come to it...if that ever happens? I want one of these....(think it will come down in price?)   Mr. V
  • WoA not coming to phones, or to any devices currently on the market.
  • Very satisfied with my L640 on W10 mobile , the OS is getting regularly updated and I have all the apps I need . Truly a workhorse .
  • How can you say its a workhorse when its missing so many crucial apps? What makes W10M more of a workhorse than iOS or Android? They all have Office and the other MS products
  • What crucial apps are missing? Display a list of everyday apps? There is a app gap but the common apps are there!
  • It's missing many big apps that's undeniable. Not only that MOST of the apps that are there are so much poorer than their iOS or Android versions. Many of the big ones haven't even been updated for over a year so basically they've been abandoned
  • Some people are happy with a glorified feature phone. My father in law likes his 640 because the tiles can be made so large that it's easier for him to use. So congrats MS, you're Jitterbug 2.0 👍
  • Popular apps make up the smallest percentage of any section in all available apps... Crucial popular apps could probably fill a top 100 list.. There's hundres of thousands more useful apps that could be had. So, to say WP has at least all popular/Crucial apps (which it doesn't) isn't saying much at all, even if it did.
  • As mentioned in MANY previous apps,  I have a list of about 50 apps I use very regularly on my iphone that are not availble,  non working...or just shittie webwrappers.  
  • Eventually will get cancelled!
  • :)) who the F cares about another device running a dead OS?? besides fanboys
  • Folks Microsoft CEO Nadella said that if non of Microsoft's OEM partners made Windows smart phone Microsoft would make them. The best way and only way for windows smart phones to continue is for Microsoft to make at one good Windows smart phone and supprt the windows 10 mobile OS. so Far HP seems to be the only MS OEM that makes a decent Windows 10 mobile smart phone. Microsoft execs including Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella keep saying they will  make a Windows smart phone that does not look like a smart phone. Where is this NEW!- Microsoft Windows Smart phone that does not look like a smart phone. Yoo Microsoft people will forget about Windows smart phones if you do not make and sell them to the public. Even Blackberry who's sales are low have a few smart phones on the market, Microsoft you  are Billion Dollar company and youy cannot even put one excellent HP Elite X3 class smart phone on the market.That's sad folks real sad folks. . Don't be a quiter Microsoft at least give your Windows smart phone fans one good smart phone  
  • Gregory,  simple HE LIED!  like he did many times before!  Just fanboys around here don't want to hear about the truth with MS.  Simple.  
  • I can hardly manage an Android conversion. My carrier offered me a free upgrade with a new two year contract so I got an Android phone, LG G6 and even though it's an amazing phone, I've got a hard time adjusting. My Lumia 950xl has a Snapdragon 810 with 3GB ram and seems much more responsive than this G6 with a SD 821 and 4GB ram. I miss the live tile so much when using this Android phone, the notifications on lock screen are much more clear with W10M. W10M keyboard is so much better than Android keyboard: the blue pin to move the cursor, position of much used characters like commas and apostrophes are annoying, auto correct is much better on W10M. Finally, I'm not using apps that are not available on W10M except a couple of games. Really Android doesn't really being more for me. I'll probably end up putting my SIM card back in my 950xl.
  • I'm curious why ppl said Windows is no longer bother the W10M anymore? What i see is MS keep updating their almost dead mobile OS like bugs fixes, creator update... that's something i like about MS, they trying to maintain the service for they mobile fans, although it's actually doesn't matter.
    I'm using android all the while, the problem with Android is the manufacturer will not give any update after a year or less. they are very quickly drop support on their phones because the life circle of andoird is very very short. There's ton of new phone coming out every single month, and the value of your android is drop significantly fast.
    All android user must admit that no matter what brand you bought it will just become out dated after few months, like the phone i currently own, still sticking with android 6.0 while the official Android 8.0 is coming out soon.
    That's why i like MS M10W to success, i like MS that keep their old device as long as they can...i'm looking forward to the ultramobile-pc from MS soon later this year maybe.