Will Resident Evil 3 have multiplayer?

Resident Evil 3 remake Jill and Carlos
Resident Evil 3 remake Jill and Carlos (Image credit: Capcom)

Will Resident Evil 3 have multiplayer?

Best answer: Yes, but only technically. Resident Evil 3 includes both the Resident Evil 3 campaign and Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits survivors against a Mastermind.Grab two games in one: Resident Evil 3 ($60 at Best Buy)

Will Resident Evil 3 have multiplayer?

Yes. Resident Evil 3 includes two games. The first is an ambitious remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, updated for modern platforms in a similar vein as Resident Evil 2 (2019). The other is Resident Evil Resistance, which was initially announced as Project Resistance before later being revealed as included with Resident Evil 3.

This is technically a separate, non-canon game, where an evil Mastermind has kidnapped four Survivors and will be observing how they live or die in a controlled experiment. There are currently two maps, six Survivors, and four Masterminds.

What does Resident Evil Resistance include?

Resident Evil Resistance pits four Survivors against one Mastermind. The Mastermind sets traps and places horrifying enemies around the map, using the camera system to keep track of the four survivors. Each of the different Masterminds has access to various creatures, such as Daniel Fabron being able to control a Tyrant. Meanwhile, the Survivors work to try and escape, watching each others' backs to escape their horrific trappings. The Survivors also each have different advantages and disadvantages, with unique abilities that require working together.

There's going to be an open beta for Resident Evil Resistance, which will run from March 27 through April 3.

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