Will Surface Go keyboards and cases work with Surface Go 2?

Surface Go 2
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Will Surface Go keyboards and cases work with Surface Go 2?

Best answer: Yes! Nothing about the Surface Go's shape or overall size has changed with the Surface Pro 2 upgrade, so Surface Go keyboards and cases will work perfectly with the Surface Go 2.The latest and greatest: Surface Go 2 (opens in new tab) (From $399 at Microsoft)Top keyboard: Microsoft Surface Go Signature Type Cover (opens in new tab) ($130 at Microsoft)Simple, yet awesome case: ProCase Protective Case (opens in new tab) ($16 at Amazon)

Why do Surface Go keyboards and cases still work?

The reason why keyboards and cases designed to work with the original Surface Go will still work with the Surface Go 2 is because Microsoft hasn't changed the shape or the size of the device for the Surface Go 2. This means that while things like internal hardware or bezels are different, the silhouette of the device is identical, and thus the Surface Go 2 can work with accessories designed to fit the first Surface Go.

If you're looking for a keyboard to go with the Surface Go 2, our favorite choice is Microsoft's own Surface Go Type Cover since it feels incredible to type on and is very comfortable overall. If you need a case, we love Procase's PU leather cover that both protects well and looks elegant.

Why get a Surface Go 2?

Surface Go 2 Hero

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The brand new Surface Go 2 is an excellent step forward compared to its predecessor for quite a few reasons. The main one is that the Core m3 CPU you can outfit the Surface Go 2 with offers significantly better performance compared to the Surface Go's Pentium 4415Y chip. Also, the GPU is a little better as well; while the performance jump isn't massive, the Surface Go 2's Intel UHD 615 GPU is noticeably better than its predecessor's. All Surface Go 2 models also come with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, and if you want it, you can get 4G LTE as well, though you'll have to pay some more.

The display has been upgraded as well. The bezels have been slimmed down a half-inch, and the color accuracy on the Surface Go 2's screen is a step up from the original Surface Go. On top of this, the device's SSD is faster than the first Surface Go's, as is the Surface Go 2's wake-up speed. Overall, the Surface Go 2 offers a massive performance boost compared to its predecessor, yet it still costs relatively the same amount, making it a fantastic device.

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