Windows 10 build 10136 screenshots posted by Windows Insider chief

We are used to seeing leaked screenshots of unreleased Windows 10 builds coming from third parties. However, it's rare when a member of the Windows team does it himself. Today, Gabriel Aul, the head of the Windows Insider program, did just that on his Twitter account with two screenshots showing Windows 10 build 10136. Currently, Microsoft has build 10130 available for the over 4 million Windows Insider members to check out.

There's not a lot that's new in these two new images, although the system tray arrow and File Explorer icons have both been updated. One of the images also shows that Word 95 can indeed run inside Windows 10.

Windows 10 Word 95

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will officially launch, or more accurately come out of its preview stage, on July 29. Earlier today at Computex 2015, the company announced there will be about 300 products running the operating system by the time it debuts.

Source: Gabriel Aul

John Callaham
  • When you get a new build, does it wipe all of your Win 10 customizations away? This time, I'd like for that to happen. Just don't touch my desktop apps!
  • There have been a few oddities with each build, like settings that changes and live tiles that need to be re-pinned because apps are reinstalled, but by and large all of your customizations are retained.
  • Kinda have a question, when you get a new build, when upgrading is it the same size with someone downloading the tp for the first time into a windows 8.1 PC with someone just upgrading from the previous build??
  • No for most; some things occasionally go missing like Cortana configuration.
  • I can tell you I've had to re-accomplish all of my settings every build.  It NEVER remembers I want permanent Tablet Mode, default to always going to fullscreen Start Menu, etc.  Never.  Heck, half the time it forgets those settings randomly during the day.  Very frustrating to keep seeing the desktop.
  • "You went full Start Screen, man. Never go full Start Screen." - Tropic Thunder Windows Central Director's Cut
  • Seems faster ! When in India?
  • Hahahaha
  • Oh man! The most cliché comments for Windows Central ever! xD I laughed so hard.
  • I needed a laugh, thank you
  • Where did that start and what does it mean or what's it reference
  • There was a time not long ago, when people from India ALWAYS asked when a product or update would come to India. Most of the time the people haven't even read the articles, they just blabed it out. And it often had horrible spelling so that's why "wen India" and the like arose.
  • And often asked in totally unrelated articles. Like asking about about GDR updates at the comments of a game review etc
  • "Seems faster" started some time around the Developer Previews of WP 8.1. There were some updates without change log and even articles said that the new build feels smoother or ... seems faster. At least, that's what I remember, or was it earlier? Nevermind, people started commenting on everything, that it seems faster.
    "It has no change log, but did you notice anything new?"-"Seems faster"
    "EA announced the new Need for Speed."-"Seems faster"
    "Checkout these new skins."-"Seems faster"
  • Lol! You had me laugh really hard xD
  • Not sure but wasn't it Daniel Rubino himself who started "Seems faster"?
  • Yes, with Facebook update without change logs.
  • When in India, then in India.
  • Hahahaha. But really when in India?
  • What?! No Oregon Trail, or DOSwork 2.5?!?!?!?! Not even qBasic?? I'm out. /s
  • Its ok, you get candy crush.
  • Origin trail was a fun game man! Its been so long
  • Maybe their adding back dvm in 32bit w10
  • DOS Prince of Persia and Contra for the win!! And yeah, Dangerous Dave too :)
  • Of course DOS games would be awesome, but I can't even get Pizza Connection 2 running on Windows 8.1. :(
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. 
  • Am I the only one that thinks Win 10 is horrible on tablets unlike WIn 8.1
  • Yes.
  • Maybe you haven't experienced the Continuum features yet...
  • Continuum for PCs is more of a mode conversion type of feature rather than a delighttful touch interaction model...
  • Well, I'm talking about Continuum for tablets.. Lol. Well, it's all the same, but in the end it provides a better experience than normal desktop mode...
  • Continuum does nothing to provide better experience. It's like saying WiFi toggle makes Wi-Fi connections stronger.
  • When you disconnect the keyboard, continuum launches tablet mode which is basically the windows 8 start screen with some stuff on the left side. and a taskbar at the bottom. Overall the experience should be pretty close to windows 8. I haven't tried it myself, but I don't see anything wrong with the tablet experience from the images I've seen.
  • ..and it isn't anything close to Windows 8 experience. Your tiles to start with are in a column of 3 tiles. They are all vertical. Then your all apps lists that in Windows 8 is avaiable by swipe up is gone. It is hidden under a hamburger menu on top left, then going to "All apps" on bottom of the list and scrolling a massive list vertically again. Everything with this tablet experience is wrong. It is only wrong if you've ever used Windows 8 and then used Windows 10 TP on that same tablet. It is broken.
  • All this complaining just feels like the except same as the complaining about Windows 8........"Its bad because its unfamiliar"   Continuum does a Whole LOT for Tablet experience. It enables the edge gesture for multitasking, the swipe down to close gesture for ALL Apps (not only modern Apps as Windows 8/8.1 did) multitasking is way better than on windows 8/8.1........ Your complains are completely irrational. "In W8, you swipe up and scroll. Or you swipe out charms bar and type!"......I mean WTF? there is a always visible search button in Windows 10......It is way faster to search for a program in Windows 10 than in Windows Tablet-mode as well.
  • Ummmm.. How's that❓
  • I should clarify that I mean that in contrast to Continuum for phones where that unlocks new functionality.
  • It has issues, for sure, but those are mostly the unfinished or broken things that will probably be addressed soon. The biggest pain right now is the lack of PIN login (the only login method that is good for both keyboard and touch).
  • It's available in settings
  • Now to go to any app that's not pinned, I have to tap Windows Button, then hamburger on top, then all apps on bottom, then scroll. Wtf. In W8, you swipe up and scroll. Or you swipe out charms bar and type!
  • Use the feedback App.
  • And you can't tap Cortana and type?
  • That means I *have to* pin Cortana? Charms bar wasted no space.
  • You do not *have to* pin cortana, it is there next to the startscreen. click it, type any out, she will fetch it for you. And the space that it currently takes will be used to present information in a stock market style of scrolling text. which is neat, I like it.
  • Of course you *have to pin* her. If you don't want to waste that space and instead have program icons on taskbar, you will have to remove Cortana. When I say pin, I mean pin to taskbar. She needs to be pinned there. Why go through all that vs simple swipe up on screen to access your apps? How is that simpler? Typing out a name of app instead of browsing a list of apps with a swipe?
  • it sucks when human-computer-interaction loses priority to newer implementations but you either pin that app or if its used as frequent as ur complaining about then it'll be right there when you hit the hamburger button under Most Used :)
  • Surely, most used would be Live Tiles? Why add the clicking on a hamburger menu to click on something you hope is under most used??
  • Why would I always need an app I used most? What if I installed "how old?" app to have fun and then after 2 months I want to show it off to my friends. I won't pin that silly app and waste space on an 8 inch tablet. But then during a party with about 10 friends looking at the screen, you expect me to tap hamburger, tap all apps, tap H, tap app to open? or tap Cortana, launch keyboard, type in app name, tap to open? VS in W8, swipe up - H - app. I would defend Microsoft more furiously than you, but I am not going to deny they threw away something beautiful that has worked for touch just to please desktop users.
  • You can press windows button then type
  • Not on a tablet without actual keyboard. e.g. Linx 8. You need to launch soft keyboard EVERYTIME you want to type.
  • Hmmm I hope they fix this then. In tablet mode , the keyboard should pop up any time you tap a text box. Give feedback, they should listen
  • @ rockstar
    I have a feeling I will not update to W10 due to these silly changes. W8.1 is perfect for tablet and desktop for me.
    On 8.1, if I need task manager, all I do is type tas and up it pops. Same for spreadsheets, music etc, it's simple. But W10 sounds like neither the Start Menu or Desktop actually works?
    I have not used TP so going by comments and screenshot's as well as YouTube bids. Seems W10 is two steps backwards?
  • W10 for touch - is a disaster. It is not intuitive. It isn't finger friendly. For mouse and keyboard, is it perfect. Why? Because it essentially is just Windows 7 with tiles as far as desktop is concerned. But for touch, what simply worked on Windows 8, now takes thrice as much effort to work.
  • Thanks for the info, with this info and other comments here, I can see my Surface Pro 3 staying 8.1. My Surface 2 has been saved from this mess anyway :)
  • Yeah, but there's also the mobile version for tablets, that most people will be likely using.. That version is designed more heavily for touch.. The PC version is for power users, so not too many complaints from most people... It'll be ok.
  • Well, the article here on W10 poll shows it's very popular. Which is great for those wanting W10. I love 8.1 on both my devices, for me it's the best OS from Microsoft, in fact from anyone, ever. I am more touch and pen and keyboard occasionally. So the conclusion is that W10 looks to be a major success but I will stay 8.1.
  • yes you can set a pin login, actually if you do a clean install it will ask you if you want to set a pin during setup.
  • No your not alone, but you need to realize this isn't official stuff, this is still unfinished. They will improve upon it. Currently the only issue I have is the AppBar, having to lower the top bar then press the hamburger button and then press App bar, to many steps.
  • Not sure that it being "unfinished" holds much weight anymore with a release date set next month. Bugs, sure. But the problems are generally by design...
  • Yeah, no charms and notification center that doesn't really compare feature wise. No way to get to the desktop. Task bar still on but lots of things on it too small...8.1 is still better on tablets.
  • No way to get to the desktop❓❓❓❓❓
  • Well you got to get out of tablet mode as far as I know, or you can go to the desktop folder... But why isn't the recycle bin a live tile?
  • Why would the recycle bin need to be a live tile? You need updates on what things you deleted?
  • I need to know when it's full. I don't pay attention to what I delete all the time.
  • Lol..
  • Yeah, well, shift+del with a keyboard good by by for good, trap and hold delete puts it in the recycle bin. So is like to know... Exorcist since tablets are more a family consumption device...
    It would be nice to dl free titles without an account too. For the kiddies... Or kids corner.
  • Seems like unticking tablet mode is the only way for now.
  • Don't know why the desktop is desirable in tablet mode. Need a pretty picture?  What else is it for? Use Windows Explorer. The desktop folder is there and it is more useful that way. 
  • Because until file explorer is better I use desktop for a general install file repository. I use my dvp8 for real work on occasion... Hell the OneDrive app is gone too, they force you to use file explorer.
  • You do real work in tablet mode? Doubtful. Connect a keyboard and then you can do real work and continuum will bring you to the desktop automatically.
  • I have a bt keyboard and mouse, continuum does not work on a dvp8 yet.
  • In tablet mode, the start screen is the "desktop"
  • I miss the Windows 8 task switcher the most. It's brilliant for switching between apps much like how ALT+TAB is awesome with a keyboard. Otherwise, the Start Screen is a bit off and not having Charms now means hunting for it the first time to configure everything and then having the gears always there with no utility 99% of the time.
  • Taskbar has been made easier to use in tablet mode
  • But the insider previews we get are unfinnished.
  • The only way to improve this mess is stay 8.1!!
  • Lol.. Right.
  • Actually, less than 60 days to go with a Jul 29 launch date... they aren't going to be doing alot to fix this. These last few weeks are going to be subtle refinements.
  • What do you mean "unfinshed"? this is it, The Finished Product...... what ever they are going to do from now till july 29 will be very minor detailing, that i really do not expect to be notices at this point. Overall great OS.  
  • Sorry to say, but Windows 10 is "done" at this point.  They will change the fonts and the icons and squash as many of the huge number of existing bugs as they can between now and release, but these changes will not change the fundamental interaction model of W10. Which, if you are using a touch only device, sucks. Since users of Windows 7 will almost never be on touch devices, W10 should feel like a pretty marked upgrade for them.  Depending on your use and preferences, it may or may not be a marked upgrade from Windows 8.1.  On my ThinkPad 10, it feels like a gigantic step backwards.
  • It will get better it time, change in 10 was necessary. We finally have notification center and Cortana on our frigging tablets.
  • No you aren't. It's a nightmare. They ripped apart what was beautiful on tablets. I regret trying it on my 8 incher.
  • Best thing is to reserve a small tablet to preserve 8.1 permanently. I'm not upgrading my Asus vivotab note 8, but my surface pro, laptops and desktops are all going to 10, way too much goodies to forfeit in 10. Will keep the Asus for memories of 8.1.
  • I've updated my DVP8 to 10, never going back to 8.1. New apps, Edge, Cortana, notification center are enough for me to stay and endure (horrific) tablet mode.
  • I've cancelled my free upgrade. I much prefer Windows 8.1 after using the latest builds of 10.
  • Out of interest, what goodies are you missing from W10 by staying on 8.1? Not on TP W10 so comments appreciated at this time.
  • Lots of them.
    The multiple desktop is top of my list, I can't live without it anymore! :-)
    Next is Cortana, I was impressed when I said 'Cortana launch PowerPoint' and she did, it would only get more awesome!
    Finally windowed mode for modern apps, also can't live without this after getting a taste.
    10 is superior to 8.1 overall, but they crippled the tablet mode :-(
  • Well, I'm very happy for those who prefer W10, but for now I will stay with 8.1. I love 8.1 so no tears, and will keep track of how W10 progresses, never say never :) Thank you for replying to my question, it's very helpful. Great to have people like you on here. Cheers.
  • It is getting progressively better, are you using 10130? There are only a few things to make it perfect.....
    1. Gesture control to reveal hamburger menu contents on start screen
    2. Ability to snap an app from multi-task screen + swipe it up to close app
    3. Gesture controls for task bar - swipe down to hide, swipe up to show.
    4. Add live folders like Windows Phone 8.1
    5. Fully transparent live tiles like in Windows Phone 8.1
    6. Option for fully transparent taskbar
    7. Better way to place taskbar vertically on left side of screen.
    8. Edge Browser needs ability to hide tabs, and allow address bar on bottom of screen.
    9. Bring back offline/online only OneDrive files.
  • Totally in support of folders like WP8.1! Would be awesome in organizing the start screen.
  • Enter that each of them in Windows Feedback.
  • Have placeholders returned to OneDrive yet? That alone is stopping me reserving Windows 10 on my Asus T100. It may stop me doing the upgrade entirely....
    (Terrible decision by MS to remove that functionality - makes OneDrive fairly useless.
  • 10. Bring back remote fetch to OneDrive, too.
  • Don't know if you are or not, but in the current builds I prefer 10 in tablet mode to 8.1. 
  • One major thing I prefer 10 for is the multitasking, now all apps are equal, no separate 'desktop' apps contained in a desktop environment, this had been very useful in switching between apps.
    But I still miss the 8.1 full start screen with the horizontal scroll and lower full screen apps list, I'm keeping an 8.1 tablet for this feature for sure!
  • What do you think about not being able to flip between/through apps like in Windows 8 via thumb swipes? Once you swipe from the edge, you have to pick from the new switcher. Not sure about having desktop apps equal in tablet (touch) mode though since most aren't touch friendly. So for me, when using the device as a tablet, I don't necessarily want desktop apps until I have kb/m.
  • Yes the swipe multitasking and even the charms bar of 8.1 are sublime. Still superior to that of 10 as far as tablet use goes. But I also like the full screen task switcher of 10, it had its own appeal I guess. If they don't significantly improve the tablet mode of 10 to closely approach 8.1, I'll just keep one 8.1 tablet.
  • I'm with you for Win 10 preference, but I also agree with Kaymd: the main thing I miss from Win 8.1 is the full screen start screen. If something isn't pinned or on the taskbar it currently isn't optimal to find it.
  • Its ugly even on a desktop tbh. Navigating the start screen in tablet mode is a nightmare. It was so much smooth in 8.1. The live tiles looked great earlier as well. May be in the start menu, the vertical scrolling for pinned apps might be ok but definitely not in the tablet mode. Hope they improve upon this before RTM.
  • No you are not alone - I agree that on tablets that rely on on-screen keyboard - i.e. Dell Venue 8 Pro - Windows 10 is horrible.  Many screens come up with input and do not auto-launch the keyboard and "tablet" mode is a joke....    
  • No, it is horrible.
  • I'm with you. Kinda glad there won't be ab update for RT, they will be my "for everything except work" tablet until they die. Ar that point I may be looking at an iPad unless Microsoft picks up the fumble
  • With the current build Win10 looks like it's specifically optimized for desktop users, and touch screen usability is an afterthought. Win8.1 sure does look alot more refined and well suited for touch than Win10.
  • Damn, Word 95 looks ugly. 
  • Why word 95, that has to be a hint for something or is it just capability they are showing
  • Don't look too far into it.
  • He was replying to Paul Thurrott who had just mentioned that Word 95 ran on Win 8.1.
  • This. Should be in the article because it's way out of context.
  • It was on reference to Paul Thurrott earlier saving a document in Word95 and opening it perfectly in the latest version of Word.
  • For compatability reasons probably, for businesses running older software programs.  I remember my old company used proprietary software by a small vendor/contractor, that is no longer in business, and for the longest time put off switching to Windows 7 because they weren't sure how it would run.   There are a lot of small business in the same situation who can't replace software like that if it won't run on the new Windows, so they'll just run XP or 7 forever.
  • Missing those Windows 95, Office 95 days. It was fun learning to use Windows. #nostalgia
  • It's about ready to RTM.
  • This means one thing: Windows 10 can run old desktop apps. But how?
  • How❓ They engineered it to do so...
  • Im guessing they updated dvm
  • If I can't do 16 bit apps, useless!
  • I used to using 16-bit apps to make pranks to my friends.
  • Yeah.. It does mean.. All you need to do is upgrade.. And install all your favourite apps even from 1995.
  • Wow a program from 1995 works on 2015 software... Mind blown. #futurenow
  • This is something I always appreciated in Windows. Sometimes they do break old programs, but most times they try to maintain backwards compatibility as much as possible.
  • WOW is also the name of the technology that (in part) enables this. Windows On Windows, enabling 32bit software to run on 64bit architecture.
  • thats nothing new for windows
  • #pastnow?
  • Great! No XP Mode, but they include a Win95 Mode? I guess in trying to reach the 1 Billion user mark, they need to get those 5 people off of Windows 95, but what about the other 2 on Windows 3.1? /s
  • It's not a "mode".  It's simply very good backwards compatibility with their programming APIs that allows modern versions of Windows to run most older versions of programs.  In this case, Windows 10 is still capable of running Office 95.  This has nothing to do with getting users off XP or Windows 95.
  • Wow. Didn't catch the "/s" tag at the end of my post, did ya? It's called, "sarcasm." Oh, well. At least my wife pretends to appreciate my sense of humor, even if you don't. ;)
  • Oops!  You're right, I didn't see the /s.  My bad.  You're joke still doesn't make sense though.  ;)
  • He is boasting the backwards compatibility of Windows 10, so that those stubborn people and companies that trapped in the past with Windows XP will move on.
  • Not so much stubborn, as due to the reason that a lot of smaller or mid sized companies are using legacy software running on Windows that they can't replace (probably because that software company or vendor no longer exists or is too expensive to find an alternate replacement).
  • Who the fuck still uses word 95? O.o
  • Hm, not sure, but I do have a legal disk for Office 2000 that I can still activate. If Word 95 works, then 2000 should as well.   Honestly, for Word you don't need much functionality anyway, just a simple word processing program.   Sometimes I also just use Wordpad instead of full Word, since it's easier on resources and the interface is simpler.
  • You mean there's a newer version?
  • (sorry duplicate post)
  • "Leaked"? Really? It appears quite authorized and as much of a "leak" as it is when Microsoft shows demos at Windows 10 and Build events or promotional videos.
  • It's the type of 'leak' that a movie studio does, to gauge the reaction to a film they're not sure how the audience will take to.
  • So that 29 July that RTM or GA? Or are they blurring the lines of those for this release?
  • GA
  • Word 95?  HOLY SHIT SIGN ME UP!
  • OFF TOPIC: i cant switch to fast ring on settings, im on the 10074. Someone has the same problem?
  • Flagging it as off topic doesn't make it any more legitimate.
  • if it can't help, don't bother me
  • If you can't stay on topic, don't bother us.
  • You have to be logged in as an administrator to switch to the fast ring
  • You might have to "Reset this PC" in "Settings / Update & Security / Recovery".
  • very impressive to show 20 year old software running on an a modern OS that is very different from Windows 95 that this software was designed for. This is one reason for the success of Windows to this day, backward compatiblity of Windows has not been matched by any other desktop OS.
  • i can't wait to run my lotus 1-2-3.
  • +925
  • Is it sad that this made me miss Word 95? We had many late nights together.
  • Word 95 ?
  • Does it even count as a leak if it's released by someone official?
  • When for phones?its been more than two weeks!!
  • What! Word 95 on win 10? Does that mean it can run softwares from previous version of windows? Like c++ Fortran....
  • I will test the software that was useful in XP to be run in Win10. If that's useful, I'll force my clients to upgrade. :D
  • Man, if they don't fix Edge before it drops, its gonna take a lot of heat in the press. Paste to Search / Paste and Go is missing in what supposed to be a modern browser, one that competes with Firefox and Chrome.
  • And its still in preview, and it will keep getting updated even after launch. Chill and just wait, and give feedback
  • Leakings just got BETTER.
  • All this reminds me of is an Apple iPhone with its rows if dead, do nothing icons. Long live Live Tiles and Start Screen over this rubbish! Just saying :)
  • I reserved my update, that means that it will automatically update to windows 10 in July 29?
  • yup
  • lovely OS
  • I'm surprised Notepad and WordPad have been rebuilt as universal apps... ???
  • You're kidding, right?
  • Ow, great! But... Who will say "Word? I prefer the 1995 version!"
  • Nobody.  This is just showcasing how good Microsoft has done at maintaining backwards compatibility in Windows throughout the years.
  • Looks like we might get a present this weekend if Gabe's posting screenshots.
  • I like to see what Microsoft techs are now using it tells us what thr RTM version is shaping up to be. I will not be using build 10130 at all. too many complaints about it. all so Microsoft did not give my computers the notifaction to recieve the update to Windows 10. Perhaps they will have it in the Windows store like when Windows 8.1 was issued. The 64000 dollar question is will we get 1 or 2 more builds before us Windows 10 Tech Preview users get The RTM version of Windows 10. Folks The DVD OEM instalation disk for Windows 10 goes  on sale in late August I will upgrade my PC's CPU to an Intel i5 CPU maybe go to an Intel i7 CPU us system builders At least now know when we can buy a Windows 10 Installation disk. I do Hope us Windows 10 Tech Preview Users do get an ISO Copy of the Windows 10 RTM because a person can get an new Microsoft update or a hackers bug that makes your Computer un useable causeing a Person to have reload the RTM. a Full installation disk is a must have for me