Windows 10 build 10163 images leak online

Following the leaking of release notes for build 10163 of the Windows 10 preview, prolific leaker, WZor, is back with a whole bunch of images from the unreleased build. As the notes suggested, it's all about bug fixes and refinements with nothing new in the way of features.

Microsoft has previously indicated this would be the case as we close in on the July 29 launch date. The build that Insiders can currently download is basically Windows 10 as it will launch, albeit buggier. It's the things that are broken that need fixing that are now the priority over any new features.

Microsoft surprised us with three builds this past week and while there's no telling what the next build we see will be or when it'll be pushed out, Microsoft is surely all hands on deck right now. July 29 is just over three weeks away.

To see the full complement of leaked images hit up the source link below.

Source: WZor

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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