Windows 10 build 10163 images leak online

Following the leaking of release notes for build 10163 of the Windows 10 preview, prolific leaker, WZor, is back with a whole bunch of images from the unreleased build. As the notes suggested, it's all about bug fixes and refinements with nothing new in the way of features.

Microsoft has previously indicated this would be the case as we close in on the July 29 launch date. The build that Insiders can currently download is basically Windows 10 as it will launch, albeit buggier. It's the things that are broken that need fixing that are now the priority over any new features.

Microsoft surprised us with three builds this past week and while there's no telling what the next build we see will be or when it'll be pushed out, Microsoft is surely all hands on deck right now. July 29 is just over three weeks away.

To see the full complement of leaked images hit up the source link below.

Source: WZor

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  • All hands on deck! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 is going to be the most hyped OS release in the world, this is why I love Microsoft and everything they do. Go MS!
    Posted via de Universal Windows Central app for Windows 10
  • Yeah..even windows vista was overhyped back then
  • Yes, and hopefully some of that attention will carry to mobile.
  • That's definitely going to happen. Since they are both called Windows 10 now. The universal app model is icing(made from angel tears) on the cake.
  • Still waiting for a mobile release date...
  • If all they promise really comes to life it will be awesome but usually it doesn't happen that way with Microsoft. They like fairy tales and ads too much. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does MSDN get the windows final bits before general availability?
  • All that they promise with windows 10 is already alive. Windows 10 mobile however needs a lot more attention.
  • And once the PC version goes live, mobile will get the attention it needs, then Xbox.
  • It does but the two latest builds bring a definite parity to the OSs and that sense of unification. A jump list on the desktop apps list has been long overdue and suddenly it's there and the same as mobile now, as with iconography and now Edge. It's certainly almost there.
  • What do you mean by they like ads?
  • Yeah says a android fan
  • It's funny so many people down voted you even though you are right. ​Microsoft hypes things with ads all the time then doesn't deliver. Windows 10 IS great, but it isn't normal for them. All you down voters must just be fanboys. Ate last I'm a fan boy that doesn't lie.
  • Really? what about CrApple anything??????? Are you not from this planet? CrApple is the MASTER of hype. So much, that makes iSHEEP wait in-line in front of their stores, for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS.........sleep in urine and feces, pay 100x MORE than its MSRP price in the black market,............make EVERY news station to talk about its pieces of crap prods,..............all just for these iSHEEP to get something they NEVER seen or TESTED before, and pay $800+ to $1200+ for their crap that is 4 YEARS BEHIND other brand's technology. Yeah, I say CrApple is the KING of HYPE, and BS marketing, just to rip people off. and keeps its $160,000,000,000 CASH they ripped people with, overseas.  So if you want HYPE, MISLEADING, LYING, PRETENDING,..........look no further than the EVIL CrApple. 
  • i love my windows phone i hapen to feel its the best os on the planet for a phone but i also liked my 6 years of iphone, It wasnt till cortana came out that i could switch, does that make me a sheep.  Choice is everything it doesnt mater if its apple android or windows the more the merrior, but im guessing you dont understand that concept :) apple dont suck android doesnt suck windows doesnt suck. Guess who does suck.
  • Nice burn right there!
  • apple overprices everytihng, look at the new iphone 6 plus for instance, comapre it to the lumia 1520, look at the specs, and size, then compare launch day prices. You'll see that for $200 more than the 1520 you'll buy the iphone 6 plus that is 3" smaller, and runs on 3 year old specs. Apple doesnt make "crap" products, they make premium products and massively overprice them. Also they released a slightly new version every year and people act like its amazing, thats where the iSheep phrase comes from.
  • It's true, Apple does overcharge. I mean, $80 for a power adapter, $20 for a charging cable, $130 for a tablet keyboard cover. Oh wait, that's Microsoft accessory pricing. I guess we can't call Apple out on their pricing anymore
  • The keyboard from Microsoft may look cheap and simple, yet it is one of it's kind available. Hopefully they lower price but it's not like it's a ripoff Apple style.
  • Lumia 640 has same specs (better battery) than iPhone 6 and yet I could buy like 3-4 Lumias in prize of iPhone 6. :D
  • He's got a point apple charges way to much for tech that's years behind and some how everyone thinks there revolutionary in everything they done Microsoft should have let apple die when they had the chance. That's one of Microsoft's biggest mistakes
  • Apple does get this one thing right - it sells its user experience really well. Take for instance the camera - for all our amazing Lumia imaging, the camera on an iPhone outdoes most Lumia hardware in speed, giving on an average very good auto-mode pictures. We Lumians can do better but at the cost of time. Similarly due to their limiting external memory expansion etc, they dictate a very strong ecosystem and performance, paired with tailor-made hardware. The result is a very standard user experience, which Windows (Phone) has not been able to achieve. That's what apple charges for, an experience no one can match. Windows is neither this nor is customizable like android. Windows needs to standardize these experiences of main OS features like camera etc, functions on any new hardware that releases. If they can do that, they'd beat both apple and android at their game and have things like continuum to become the go-to OS. I may be wrong in this analysis but I hope Windows kicks ass
  • it makes you a sheep if you waited in lines to get a product that's marginally better than the previous version and paid a premium to get it. Apple products are good but they tend to wait and see with their hardware and you usually get slighltly older hardware. when they started building their own SOCs, that kind of changed. They do a great job of packaging their product. It still isn't worth a premium you pay. if developers started porting truely equivelent apps to android and windows mobile, there really wouldn't be a reason to pay any premium at all. 
  • Blackberry!!!???
  • And now theres this Steve Jobs movie that looks to be a blockbuster. More hype for Apple coming up.
  • Damn.... I think this guy really hates Apple.
  • Super comment bro...
  • Wow dat fanboyism
  • Instead of complaining about Apple, MS should take a page out of there marking stratigies and get the news out about Windows Phone OS and Windows 10.  I like what MS has done lately in the mobile/ PC world.   However, for the market share for the windows Phone is so low that it is hard for developers to justitfy porting apps to the Windows OS and then spend time and money maintaining them.  I hope MS can get the word out and start getting more market penetration.   
  • But seriously... how do you REALLY feel about apple? :)))   I'm not a fan either btw.
  • With all good reason... lets face it its going to be pretty big with all the new features and one os for pc,tablet,laptop,phone and even xbox.
  • Does anyone use Windows 10 on a tablet? This thing is so effing awful. I'm actually comparison shopping Android tablets, that's how bad Windows 10 is.
  • Have you tried using tablet mode?
  • Yes, I'm using it on a Surface 3.  I find the overall experience, including switching between laptop and tablet, quite satisfying.  There are still the odd issues, of course, but each build gets more stable. Do comments like "This thing is so effing awful" really help anyone?  If you don't tell us what it is that you an issue with then what are we supposed to say?  If you really do hate the whole thing then I'd say that you're either a drama queen or your taste is so far removed from what Microsoft are building that you should do yourself and us a favour and just stay away from Windows 10.
  • It introduces completely different handling in touch mode compared to W8. The app list is a scrolling nightmare, regardless if on desktop or on tablet. And then there is the question, why W10 tablet mode and W10M are so much different.
  • that's not true, I get the sense you haven't used windows 10 on a touch device for more than an hour. All the swiping gestures are still there. you can swipe down to close an app, you can swipe in from the left to multitask and now you swipe in from the right and you can a notification center that is near identical to a phone OS. Some things got scrapped but that's expected when ur trying to make way for a bigger-newer feature called continuum. I think the engineers did the best they could to bring windows 7+8 together and finally unify the desktop environment with modern apps. Sure if you're an IT guy who uses the deep features of the OS you'll still think you're in Windows Vista, but that's intentional :)
  • All in the front all in the back just like that!
  • I sure hope the UI is also gonna get some more polish... Colored title bars that blend with the app's header, anyone? I'm kinda sick of all those gray ones...
  • Yeah, like OneNote. It looks awesome.
  • Right? All the Office apps, The Phone Companion app. they look great. Not only they look less boring without that grey bar, but the way it blends with the rest of the app makes it look more sleek and modern.
  • We could at least expect this with new upcoming Windows 10 Apps. Even some apps already on Store is utilizing that feature like VLC, Poki (oh this it really looks great), and Tubecast (and maybe some more I didn't mention).
  • More like Android lollipop.
  • Virtually invisible scroll bars are what bug me. I know they want everything to be "flat" (although why is a mystery to me), but when I have a couple of windows open, and can't tell where one ends and the other begins, and have to jiggle the mouse around to find the scroll bar, then it's a step too far down the path of form over function.
  • I agree 100% about the thin scroll bars...annoying...
  • I usually use the two fingers scroll functionality on touch pad, I think this feature comes with windows 10 and its supported will all compatible touchpads
  • Who the hell scrolls with the scroll bar anymore? Scroll wheel on a mouse, two finger slide on a laptop and Windows 10 scrolls anything that's under the mouse, you no longer need to click the windows active. Sheesh.
  • Erm, me? Sometimes, you know, people don't want to wear the skin off their fingers continually rolling the mouse button to get to Nth page of a document that is hundreds or thousands of pages long. Sometimes, they want to be able to just click three quarters of the way along the bar, or grab and drag the slider.
  • my guess, that can be changed that in the setting. Also, don't forget to go in the ""feedback"" section, and post whatever you like or don't like about win10. MS is listening and monitoring all those feedbacks. So do your part and let them know. 
  • I like the grey borders
  • I'm more concerned with stability than colored title bars and Microsoft probably is too at this point.
  • Lol, of course. Stability IS the most important, I just said I hope they pay a bit more attention to the UI as well, that's all.
  • Yeah and theme-matching file explorer with tabs to compliment the start, taskbar, and action centre would be super awesome.
  • I thought we will get a Dark theme mode... I cant see that now.. :/
  • Well Windows Apps needs to be updated to new Windows 10 SDK in order to have colored titlebars. For Desktop/Win32 apps, well it will stay like that. Colored titlebar still have an issue with the text and icons when using darker color tones, which I think that issue is deep down the codebase, maybe.
  • Waiting for official stable release.
  • All these releases are official and VERY stable.
  • You mean waiting for RTM.
  • Someone's getting fired
  • This person who has leaked this has leaked many builds for months. Either Microsoft don't know who this person is, or they know but don't care
  • Spellcheck: complement, not compliment
  • Spelling Nazi????
  • Hail!!
  • Or a high school graduate...
  • Still no aero/transparency
  • Transparency is there on taskbar and start menu
  • since build 10158 the blur effect is broken in the taskbar. i hope its a bug and not a feature.
  • I bet its a bug, but its 50/50. On build 10162 its still normal transparency.
  • If you mean on window borders, sorry to say but we need to move on from that. Tranlucency is there already on Taskbar and its flyouts, including Start menu.
    Tranlucency on windows may come in the future, but maybe in a form of Modern 2.5 or 3.0.
  • Makes sense. Build 10162 had some serious bugs. I hope with this one I can create a new MS account from within the Administrator account.
  • List the bugs you've found please
  • Wondering the same. Been really nice to me. Usually I use it for 2 hours before I go back to 8.
  • Hopefully they can hammer out the weird delay in pinning new tiles to Start be the time of release.
  • I cant wait until I get my surface pro 3 this week! And then getting windows 10 after! Yeh!
  • I am getting mine this week as well..
  • I am getting mine this era as well
  • I'm not getting anything :'( :D
  • Still dreaming of mine!
  • I've got one
  • What part of unauthorized use or disclosure does this person not get. I've just gotten so tired of thoughtless employees damaging the reputations and endangering contracts of companies that employ more than just this self centered egotist.
  • I just can't wait for this to be over with. Looking forward for the Music apps.
  • If the build that users can now download is basically the same as the release build + bugs, then it's not looking too good for Microsoft. I'd rather pay full price for a serious upgrade than get this mess for free.
    I know a lot of you who have gotten
    used to Windows 10 are gonna hate on this comment, but try looking at both 8.1 and 10 side by side and you will see a huge quality difference.
  • I've used Windows 8.1 recently... I'll take my prerelease Windows 10 over it any day.
  • I don't mind 8.1 and it served its purpose, which was getting the Modern UI into Windows. It certainly was never perfect but just like Vista laying the groundwork for 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 have laid the groundwork for Windows 10.
  • You should create a forum post and give some details on why you think Windows 10 is so unbearably bad.
  • No one is going to hate your comment unless you are talking nonsense. Please provide a few examples of what you call quality difference for discussion. Otherwise, you are just talking blanks.
  • Yeah ten is better look who don't wanna move on now
  • Can anyone confirm for me if they have changed the Notepad icon? The current icon is from the XP days.
  • Kind of, .txt files now have a new icon, however, the notepad program itself still uses the old icon.
  • W10 is going to be the buggiest RTM ever released with a bunch of features in "coming soon" state on release date. And WXM will follow in the same way. Not the best time for such things.
  • No by the time of lunch Microsoft will have 90% of the bugs worked out. Bet you the bank the rest will follow
  • wow....thank you for the insight, mr. Shaman.
  • I'm using 8.1 Pro, upgraded from 7 Ultimate. I very much enjoy 8.1. Smooth, reliable and very productive. I'm a 35 year I.T. veteran and have used Windows since 1.0. I will upgrade to 10 perhaps after 10 months or so after release, to allow for it to stabilize and be polished. Why upgrade on the bleeding edge of a new release unless of course that is what you like to do and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm tempted to reserve a copy now but I've been through this before and 8.1 simply does such a great job for me right now, it is already polished and smooth as silk and not so, you know, flat. (no pun intended).
  • Windows 10 is looking ok thus far, glitches are immanent, like in folder options the setting that enables each window to run as separate process is glichy still after some work already done on it, only opening 2 of the same windows now instead of 3 or just flashes the screen but I'm patient
  • Ive gotten the screen flashing bug as well. Usually I can reproduce by watching a video in the edge and when I go to adjust the volume the screen starts flashing/ 162.
  • many of the screen flashes that happens during any task where the GPU workforce rises can be fixed with a clean install/reset. however report that folder options bug. About 200-300 bug fixes are being worked on per release from now till RTM, get to it lol.
  • Pains me that OneDrive is still broken. Hope the universal app is available soon, hate having to sync, can't easily switch password photos because I can't access OneDrive easily anymore.
  • I'm hoping for more UI refinements in addition to all the bug squishing. And Microsoft seriously has to go through every aspect of Windows 10 with a fine toothed comb and get every single bug. They can't afford to mess up this launch.
  • That's what I keep saying for weeks now. They'll provide plenty of updates and features in the future for this constantly improving OS, but there's only gonna be ONE Windows 10 launch. We Insiders are gonna stick with it cause we like Microsoft/Windows, but the regular Joe might not give it a second look if he's not impressed the first time.
  • That's true, but the regular Joe won't have many other options either. XP is no longer supported, Vista sucks, 7 is old and hasn't any app support, 8 is terrible with mouse/keyboard, 8.1 is great but won't have DX12, multi desktops, new WinRT apps, windowed WinRT apps and a lot of great stuff.
    So even if the official W10 launch will have some problems, everyone will be forced to get it at some point
  • Are they planing to replace the recycle bin icon?
  • You can find a new one in some .dll
  • Ugliest icon i've ever seen .... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android with my Note 4.
  • Build 163. 3?half life 3 confirmed
  • Is it possible for Microsoft or anyone else out there to create something more ugly than Windows 10 ?! Was it not ugly enought Windows 8 ?! I am screaming terrified by those Windows 10 screenshots. Please Microsoft - for the god sake - hire a designer for the UI, not a mathematician.