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Windows 10 build 15014 now rolling out for Insiders on PC and Mobile

Surface Insider Rings
Surface Insider Rings (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is now rolling out a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build for PC and Mobile, featuring more improvements and enhancements over the previously released build. Today's build is 15014, and is packing some noteworthy changes as detailed by Microsoft.

What's new?

  • Purchase and read e-books in Windows 10 Creators Update (PC & Mobile): Windows Insiders in the U.S. can now purchase e-books directly from the Windows Store and read them in Microsoft Edge. After purchasing your e-books – you will find those in your Books library, which is a new hub entry in Microsoft Edge right next to your favorites, history, downloads and reading list. Windows Insiders in the US get to try out this experience today starting with this build and we expect to add more content over time. Interactive reading experience: To navigate through an e-book, you can use the table of contents or seek bar at the bottom of the browser. You can search for words or phrases and ask Cortana to define specific words and view embedded video and audio content. And of course, pick up where you left of and leave bookmarks on the most interesting pages. You can even read your books when offline.
  • Learning tools: You can widen text spacing to improve reading fluency and benefit from typography tailored to reading efficiency.
  • Customize for you: Microsoft Edge is built for reading digital content on Windows 10 devices. You can make the reading experiences yours by changing the font and text size, themes, navigation control and more. EPUB support: In addition to PDF files and books purchased via the Store – you can read any unprotected e-book in the EPUB file format with Microsoft Edge. With Books in the Windows Store and Microsoft Edge, everyone can discover and read their favorite content. This is a first step towards empowering people like entrepreneurs, students, creators, educators and others to learn and achieve more.
  • Try purchasing an e-book from the Windows Store today and let us know what you think of the reading experience!
  • Lighter shade for Cortana's search box (PC): We're experimenting with a new look for Cortana's search box on the taskbar. Let us know what you think.
  • Bigger text in notifications for Cortana (PC): Cortana's voice in notifications and Action Center just got an update to get a consistent visual treatment throughout the OS. This means it is now a bit larger and now uses the accent color.
  • Pick your own custom accent color (PC): Speaking of accent colors, and for those who sent feedback asking for more than our default selection of accent colors, we're happy to share that Build 15014 comes with a new custom color option to our Colors Settings. Go in and select any color that piques your interest! Use the color picker to explore and preview your options, or if you know specifically the color you want, click "more" and enter the RGB, HSV, or HEX color code. Try it out and share your thoughts! - We've also made our new custom color picker available in Background Settings if you have "Solid Color" or "Picture" (type "Center" or "Fit") selected.
  • Automatically free up space (PC): To save you an extra step when low on disk space, we've added a new option in Storage Settings to automatically get rid of the files you don't need. Currently we support this for unused temporary files and items that have been in your recycle bin for 30 days. The option is off by default, but you can turn it on under System > Storage Settings and choose what it cleans up.
  • Merged Wi-Fi settings under "Wi-Fi services" section in Settings app (PC & Mobile): We have combined some of the advanced Wi-Fi settings.  Wi-Fi Sense and Paid Wi-Fi Services have been merged into a single section entitled simply "Wi-Fi services" under Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. While you may not see "Wi-Fi Sense" mentioned – the feature is still there. "Connect to suggested open hotspots" is one of the settings under "Wi-Fi services".
  • New power slider on select Windows 10 Devices (PC): As we mentioned with Build 15002, we are conducting experiments on features which help improve battery life for Windows devices. In a continuation of our battery life work for the Windows 10 Creators Update, some of you will start seeing a new slider in the power flyout on the Taskbar in this build (this is enabled only on select PCs currently, and is not yet wired up to performance/power settings – we have enabled it to get early feedback):
  • Some of our Windows PC OEM partners have asked for the ability to give people a number of options for how to 'tune' their PC for different scenarios. A person playing a game, for example, might be willing to have a few less FPS when on a long flight if it gets them more battery life – whereas the same person playing the same game, when near a power supply, may want top-end CPU performance to eek out every ounce of performance they can get. Please note – the slider does not actually set new power or performance configurations. It's just the UI right now. We'll be working with OEMs to determine the best settings for their customers, so that they can ship those on new Windows 10 PCs. In this Insider build, we're just looking to get your feedback on this UI!
  • So, what should you expect from this UI? Some of you will see the UI while others will not – this is intentional! We need Insiders giving feedback both on the new UI and on the "slider-less" UI, since many PCs receiving the Windows 10 Creators Update will continue to not have the slider.
  • If you turn the slider all the way to the left (when on battery power), it will turn Battery Saver 'on' (similarly to how, if your PC does not show the slider, there is a 'toggle' that can turn on Battery Saver on or off). None of the other slider positions – from "Recommended" through "Best Performance" – will affect performance or battery life at all in today's Insider Preview build.
  • In future Insider builds, we will make sure that the only people who can see the slider are the people for whom the slider actually provides different levels of performance and power savings. For now, we want all the feedback we can get! If you have feedback on the UI, we'd love to hear your feedback – submit it via Feedback Hub under the Power and Battery > Settings category. While this is just one piece of UI, we'll be talking more about battery life investments in the Windows 10 Creators Update in a few weeks – so stay tuned!

For a list of what's broken and fixed, check out the official blog post from Microsoft!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • What fixed.. SD encryption I hope
  • Should I update my Surface Pro 4 from build 14986 to this? It is my daily device.
  • I would wait for the review
  • I would wait for the review
  • I'm doing it on mine you have the ability to roll back one build.  I had to do it before mine is a daily driver for work.  Only issues I have had has been with Go to Meeting crashing on edge.  
  • If you are curios, but still want stable builds, switch to the Slow Ring.
  • I would wait but if you're that eager, install it in a VM
  • Well the web videos still don't rotate, the Quiet Hours quick action is still broken, and the stupid Windows Hello wink is now back smdh. What a joke of a mobile strategy
  • Oh so you've head that issue also? I've found a workaround for the videos not rotating. Pause the video, open any other app that rotates to landscape like Messaging... Rotate it, then go back to the video and the app should respond to the accelerometer.
  • Thanks but that's a shame for that problem to exist for 2 builds
  • You sir, are not a good example for Insider. Leave the program that would be best for you, Microsoft and us.
  • Its fast ring beta software, if you cant cope with it don't use it. If you are even remotely aware of how software development works you would understand this this stuff happens all the time..
  • I hope this update will install beter than last one. That one completely ruined my phone and forced me to do several hard resets. 😅
  • Don't hold your breath
  • Again another feature that is US only just like Microsoft Wallet! So sad that people in Canada, UK, Germany, India, etc. where they have more Windows users than USA will never see Microsoft Wallet or the e-book store.
  • Yep. The very sad reality. MS forget that worldwide users heavily outnumber US users. Its the same for most important Cortana + windows ink station features, which are again limited to the US, despite having no issues with language compatibility that would restrict it to the US.
  • You all assume this is Microsoft's fault, and not possible a licensing issue?  same as with music/movies sales, Netflix, etc have to deal with the owners over royalties and distrubution licensing.
  • It's still Microsoft's fault for not dealing with these licensing issues! I'm guessing you have licensing in the US, and they'll obviously deal with these happily...
    I know they have to start somewhere, particularly with Insider builds, but they ALWAYS start with the US, and quite often the features NEVER make it further, which is quite infuriating for customers who often pay more than their US counterparts in the first place...!
    Amazon has no Danish store, but have no problem selling me ebooks from their US, UK or DE store, so why should I even begin to consider this feature, discriminating as it is?
  • Keep in mind, it's not likely to be about royalties. Regulatory guidelines in other countries would likely be the main issue, in addition to other things. MS can't force a country to allow a service, if that country is being stubborn about it, for whatever reason.
  • Oddly enough its like Skydrive and Skype.. Both are not allowed to be used in UK due to SKYtv :)
  • SkyDrive had It's name changed to OneDrive, so the service is still usable, but there's been no issue with Skype in the UK, its still going strong! :-)
  • I think it's pretty clear that it's Microsoft's fault that basic features like having Cortana setting a timer should be available in Canada. There's no licensing issue to deal with.  Nevertheless, simple Cortana commands like this are unavailable unless I "trick" my phone by setting my region to USA.  Ridiculous.  Why can't they figure this out?  Siri certainly isn't confused by the USA/Canada border. If they're trying to sell us all on the wonders of Cortana, they should get these features out across borders as much as possible.
  • If Cortana was a locally installed feature, then everyone would have it. Cortana is server based and that requires regulatory approval from other countries. It's kind of like certain video service aren't allowed in some countries. Granted, it would be nice, if Cortana could be installed locally, but there isn't a phone available that could support the size of data needed to let Cortana work the way it would need to. That's why regulatory approval is needed. Apple doesn't have this issue, because most countries support Apple. Therefore, Siri would likely work in more places than Cortana.
  • To be honest, hardly a few people are going to bother buying books from the Microsoft store when there are already much better options available in the category.
    And if you want to talk about India, people don't buy e-Books here unless they have a Kindle e-reader. They tend to download them from torrent websites.
  • What makes you say they are much better when it has only just been release. Have you been using it long enough to decide..??
  • "it has only just released" You kinda answered your own question there.
  • Yes I did, that is indeed the nature of a rhetorical question!!!
  • Because Amazon has been selling eBooks for God knows how long
  • And black cabs were around years before Uber. Just because one thing existed before another doesn't make it automatically better. So I assume you have nothing at all to base your statement on then..??
  • Also hoping Edge settings are fixed and whatever is locking up the Explorer/Windows interface when it resumes from sleep/hibernate. I haven't had to restart the Windows Explorer process so much in any prior build of Windows.
  • Edge settings are not fixed, as it says in the blog post, but there are steps to fix it.
  • Well I can't even open edge now (it takes me to the store for some reason, where it says it's already installed). I tried to give feedback but feedback hub keeps crashing. Sad day for me.
  • me too, please post here if you find a workaround, i will do so too
  • Still no continuum changes :(
  • I'd hazard a guess the revamped Continuum experience is tied with the release of the Composite Shell Zac revealed earlier in week.
  • I thought they discontinued wifi sense
  • It's there in a limit capability sense... (no pun intended)
  • Eh...All the PC love nothing for mobile except ebooks and wifi setting. So much for creators update being mobile focused.
  • When did anyone say creators update would be mobile focused?
  • Since day 1 Microsoft has been saying "Redstone 2 will shift focus to mobile"
  • It's actually Redstone 3 and 4 that are slated for mobile focus..
  • So we can expect it in Redstone 11.
  • Eight at the latest. Both guys left in mobile are working as hard as possible to get it out.
  • LOL
  • You mean working on Windows 10...
  • Yeah, that's what I've heard.
  • Nowhere have I heard that... I've read after RS2.
  • Dude it has been all over WC after Anniversary Update Redstone 2 was mobile focused, but then again they lied many times before
  • No, they've said after RS2... They have never once said creators update was going to be mobile focused...
  • Nothing new for mobile. I'm afraid WM is dead.
  • MSpoweruser and all the rest declared mobile dead at least once per week during all 53 weeks of 2015.  In 2016 this likely will continue.  So, as long as MSpoweruser and others declare mobile dead 
    its alive and kicking and gets updates.  I'd be more worried if MSpoweruser et al would not mention mobile any more at all.    So don't worry, the W10M story continues ...
  • MS won't sell me a new phone, so not for me it doesn't...
    Oh, and it's 2017... ;-)
  • Why won't they? What have you done?
  • Not me in particular; MS aren't selling their Lumias, period.
  • No idea why you purchase a mobile section then close it. It definitely wasn't for the patents which Id have expected.
  • Because they didn't want to carry 95% of the hardware themselves.
  • Try and keep up dear:      
  • We are keeping up dear, I'm in one of the markets where MS actually had a decent market share (>10%) and not only can't you get a 950 at a carrier, you can't buy it from MS either. MS are doing irreparable damage to their platform just now and whilst everyone knows they'd lose money putting out more Lumias it's also obvious that retrenchment in mobile jeopardizes Windows in general as the world pivots to Android/iOS even for things squarely in the Windows desktop space.  
  • Is this news? I thought we all figured future mobile devices would run full Windows 10 on arm.
  • But surely there will be bug fixes too
  • Lmao! First it was kids corner to apps corner. Now apps corner is gone as well. I guess mobile insider program for insiders is all about anticipating what feature may get killed next and for Microsoft to determine next lesser used feature to kill. Good times. Lol! At least bring back native fm app Microsoft even if no one uses it. :(
  • It's interesting since app corner was touted as an enterprise feature when it was announced. To lock your employees device with work apps. I guess Microsoft isn't even targeting windows mobile to enterprise anymore. Ok I know better but I don't like features getting killed even if no one uses them. Dunno has a negative vibe to this approach.
  • I wish they'd kill edge and Cortana, and allow use to change to alternative.
  • OMG!!!! When did or what build did Apps Corner leave??????? I know of a project at my former employer where a whole department is dependent on Apps Corner on their 50 Lumia devices!!!!
  • Got killed in build 15007, I just searched and its gone. Quite annoyed actually....
  • That's ridiculous!!!!
  • I and others have submitted feedback about Apps Corner. Please submit feedback and upvote any existing feedback that you find in the Feedback Hub. Thank you for pointing out that App Corner was gone.
  • "Due to decreased usage, Apps Corner is no longer available in Windows 10 Mobile starting with Builds 15007 and above." - [From the full MS blog] Edit: Noticed someone else mentioned it a bit further down, but will keep this here anyways :)
  • It's funny they took it out because of reduced usage considering the amount of people that actually use a Windows Mobile Device.
  • You're assuming they don't know how to calculate percentages.
  • You do not have to rely only on apps corner to manage W10M Enterpise edition apps for company phones.
  • We use air watch. But still need users to install apps.
  • Apps corner stinks IMO. Try getting out of apps corner with a broken power button
  • And then there is US only stuff. Ebooks, US only. Wallet, US Only. Cortana, Local Music backup to One Drive, select markets.
    Can anybody explain to me why can't I back my local music library outside of select markets to One Drive if I have 30 gigs of available cloud storage? It should have nothing to do with groove music pass or any other membership. I should be able to back up and stream my local music collection through One Drive just like any other kind of files, media and documents. Anywhere in the world.
  • "Due to decreased usage, Apps Corner is no longer available in Windows 10 Mobile starting with Builds 15007 and above." It wasn't being used because it would disappear from your start screen!
  • It seems like only Microsoft takes away features because many people don't use them. That's stupid in the context of not having much market share. The user base is super small so usage is going to be super small for certain things! They shouldnt make the OS do less stuff when there aren't many users to give an accurate gauge of feature importance. Microsoft should build features that cause the OS to stand out and it seems they are more concerned with doing less and less. I rarely see features taken away when I upgrade my iOS and Android devices and I barely use those devices at all but with Windows, it is like we have to beg and prove to Microsoft that we matter so that they can see that their features matter. Using Windows shouldn't feel like we are fighting to keep what made Windows special. It really feels like development is being run by bean counters, stat counters and more. Maybe the user data collection is working against us. I can't force even a million users to use Apps Corner just so we can keep it. It's unfair and a shame.
  • Due to increased usage of windows phones, we've decided to discontinue... ;)
  • What they should have done is developed it to work W10, and not just mobile. That would have seen increased usage.
  • downloading on SP4 but getting error 0x80080008 on Lumia 950 both using 15007
  • Me too just soft reset the 950 and retry. Mines installing right now
  • Same for me, rebooted my unlocked 950XL DS and downloading now.
  • SD Encryption not fixed. Can encrypt but not decrypt
    edge url/search bar bug still not fixed.
    Quiet hours in actions list still broken.
    Brightness can't be set manually.
    Keyboard cursor seems to be stuck on right side of keyboard, even if set to left.
    Apn not seeing network set option.
    Data sense not showing mobile data.
    Didn't think these would be fixed.
  • Thanks allot for the list!
  • What's wrong with the Edge address bar?
  • As you start typing it times out and goes back to last used url
  • Ah yes, I have come across that.
  • i am not able to update, im on 15007 and i cant update it give me an error 0x8008008 what gives
  • Hold the power button on your phone until it turns off and then turn it back on and try the download again.
  • I had this, to fix I put updates on pause, updated, then unpaused, then updated
  • Thought this round of updates are supposed to be mobile focused? Maybe its RS3
  • I wouldn't hold my breath for mobile-focused future updates, especially after last year's retrenchment and refocusing, and the fact that Windows 10 Desktop can be run on ARM. To rub salt into the wound, Microsoft even halted Minecraft updates to their own mobile platform. In this build, they even go further by removing Apps Corner, which was advertised as an enterprise feature, while they try to target mobile for enterprise at the same time. Their PR might say that they are "fully committed" to mobile, but action speaks louder than words, buddy.
  • Cool. So they gave us a way to buy more half baked stuff. And that's it.
  • Hope with this new build my Lumia 950 becomes usable again :-)  Been frantically waiting for a new build.   
  • Sounds like a hard reset for you... And I mean from scratch, no restoring a previous backup. When all else fails!
  • I assume that you are in build 14007 if you are sutck there uninstall facebook app and this will fix the concurrent hungs and reboots 
  • Woot woot
  • Does anyone knows if build 15002 is available in slow ring??
  • You can download the iso
  • I wish I had another pc so I could download
  • MyPeople got pushed back to RS3. :(
  • Well I suppose MS has abandoned its mobile focused goal for this update since they have found the way for windows 10 to run on ARM and maybe that will be for phones of any chipset too. Also Windows for different devices are being rewritten to unite the shells of the OS. Perhaps we'll see some improvements for mobile in RS3.
  • I can almost guarantee that Windows 10 on ARM won't be released for a single currently existing (W10M) device. You'll have to purchase a brand spanking new device with a Qualcomm 835 SOC, and once again MS fanbase is left in the dust. (What I wanted to say with that is that they shouldn't abandon projects over and over again. Instead of chasing the magical unicorn, they should maybe try to make the current products as good as possible, whilst working on even better stuff in the background - and release that once it's done. Give Google a year to make something similar as Continuum, and the latter will be left with no market share shortly after.)
  • Yes, that is a possibility but in the long run, every future chipset might be supported.
  • With an emphasis on MIGHT.  Given the way MS is dropping support for current W10M first party apps, there is zero chance they will spend even more development money trying to support SD 810 and 801s.
  • My lumia 650 get stuck in the 14977 update help!!!!
  • Mine too. I've tried everything I can think of except a hard reset, which I'm trying now.
  • My L930 on fast ring too. Please post the solution for this and I hope I don't have to reflash the phone.
  • Use WDRT to roll back to OEM OS, then update to latest OTA production OS, then join Insider fast ring and update again. This worked for my 650 to get 15007 installed, and 15014 installed without issue. I did hard reset after installing 15007 due to mail tile not updating.
  • Welll this is new.. Went to the update settings and there is a new sentence at the top:
    "Some Settings are managed by your organization" Um.. this has always been just my personal phone. no organization here.  Anyone else see this?
  • Me to. My pc says the same. Neither are part of a domain.
  • Sad that I had to go somewhere else to find this info:
    " Under Settings > Update & security > Windows Update you might see the text “Some Settings are managed by your organization” even though your PC isn’t being managed by an organization. This is a bug caused by an updated flight configuration setting for Insider Preview builds and does not mean your PC is being managed by anyone. "
  • I had that too and it failed to update with some error code. After restarting my phone, the sentence was gone and it updated just fine
  • I have that to. Saw it since build 15007, had to reboot to get the update going. This "bug" has broken my banking app (Barclays UK) saying my phone is now a jailbroken device... Anyone else seeing apps misbehaving?
  • i just saw this... do you think this is a build issue or app issue?
  • Where are the continuum changes. The only thing I was looking forward to. 😕
  • They can't even get edge passwords, skype messages syncing.
  • Agreed. Why can't they just get sms sync to work? Should be a priority. And not just the w10m version.
  • There used to be SMS syncing in some builds in the past and it worked nicely, so MS decided to scrap it and move it to Skype instead, where it still isn't working well.
  • Yeah. They are moving too slowly with this one.
  • I'm gonna try out this build again now on my Elite x3. Let's hope its better than the last. That was terrible.
  • So far, three hours in, this build is stable. Nothing to complain about yet, other than Township needs to now update their app, as it doesn't work well with RS2, lol. Still trying to play with any new features, but on an Elite x3, this build is solid.
  • Try encrypting sd card on your mobile, and see if it's decrypted on reboot or corrupted or wiped.
  • Installed on my 950XL from search for update to full install in 1 hour
  • Due to decreased features, I will start to broaden my search for a complete OS.
  • Wow, really? Apps corner is the one that did it for you, huh?
    You're a troll or just need attention. Which is it?
  • I started on wp7 and moved to wp8 quickly which had nice family features. We regularly used family room and kids corner. They removed both of those features and replaced them with something that was less intuitive. Now they have fully removed kids corner with no replacement. The reasons for staying are getting less for us. I still don't like the options either but it won't hurt to keep my eyes open.
  • My Laptop failed to install 15007 and now won't install 15014
  • Don't like the possibility of this happening: "During the installation of this build, Insiders may experience a storport.sys bugcheck (GSOD) causing them to rollback to the previous build. There is currently no workaround" Or this: "Connecting an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller to your PC running this build will cause the DWM to crash resulting in your display flickering and/or appearing blank or black.​"      
  • I'm stuck on 14986 because of that GSOD issue. I was hoping this build would finally fix it. 😒
  • 3hours 0% sownloade, a mess
  • I'm just hoping (probably futilely since there was no mention of it) but that WP8 (Silverlight) apps will work once my upgrade is complete. I haven't been able to run them since 14977. It's been painful not having my password manager (LastPass) for a month.
  • And as I thought... no go. *sigh*
  • There are so many password managers out there. I know that Keeper and Enpass both work and are updated. Just import your passwords into one of those and you're all set.
  • E-book reading still really slow, that exactly doesn't work on Lumia 735. Bookviser Reader still the best.
  • Loading. 52% on Surface, 79% on Icon. We'll see.
  • Both loaded properly. Phone installing. Here goes on the Surface.
  • Looks like this build fixed my SR300 Windows Hello issue.
  • Continuous power settings is a GREAT idea - especially for those of us who travel the globe and spend LONG hours on airlines or in dodgy airports.  I recently spent 6 hours in Astana airport, Kazakhstan, and there was NOWHERE in the departure lounge to charge my laptop or phone.  Ended up using my 950XL phone to surf and used my Surface Book as a very expensive battery.
  • Pick your own custom accent color (PC). About time! The newer bright colors are so ugly. Loved Windows 8 accent colors.
  • As trending goes the mobile i