Windows 10 is now on 1 out of every 10 PCs on the planet

Windows 10 increased its share of the total worldwide PC operating system market to 9.96% during December 2015. It shows a steady adoption rate compared to 9% in November, 7.94% in October and 6.63% in September 2015. The numbers were revealed today by research firm Net Applications, who monitors operating system usage from tens of thousands of websites.

Although its share keeps going up, Windows 10 is still in fourth place among all PC operating systems worldwide, according to Net Applications. Windows 7 still has a solid lock on the number one spot with 56.65% in December, up from 56.11% in November and its 55.77% share in October. Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer supports, was listed in second in December with 10.93% up slightly from November with 10.58%, but down from 11.68% in October. Windows 8.1 was third with 10.30% in December, down from 11.15% in November.

Microsoft's last official update on Windows 10 was nearly three months ago in early October, when it said it had been installed on over 110 million PCs and tablets in the first three months since it launched. It's likely that number is much higher now. A more recent, but unconfirmed, report claims Windows 10 has now been installed on over 200 million devices.

Source: Net Applications

John Callaham
  • Quite a success. Windows 10 will definitely get 2nd place in 2016 or even 1st place (kinda kard though...). P.S. Happy New Year!
  • Agreed and this can only be good for mobile as well!
  • Hahaha my corporation has 10 PCs and only one has Windows 10 :D
  • That's the same % the article states. Pretty accurate reporting.
  • We have the inverse ratio, those W7 remained being laziness with application installs we don't want to bother with too much
  • Problem is not every PC works(some as old as ivybridge while others sandybridge/ep) with reference drivers after MS went ocd 3-5 months ago & started to remove old(necessary) code
  • Yes, the number of devices with windows will not be a pretext anymore for the devs because even if mobile has 40-50 mil, there are now 200 mil PCs as well. Even though W10 works great most of the time on my sister's i5 laptop, I will go back to W7 on my 10+ years old pc without dedicated graphics card. CPU usage goes to 90% just by opening 3 new tabs in Edge from the news feed, combined with a problem reporting process. I'm not worried about being free because I install it as Insider
  • Good to see positive comments! :) happy new year! ^^
  • Windows 10 is at 11.75% worldwide market share which is what most people use for these kind of stats.
  • The numbers that I found for desktop OS were lower:  Windows 7   =   55.68%  Windows XP   =   10.93%  Windows 8.1   =   10.30%  Windows 10   =   9.96%  Mac OS X 10.11   =   2.99%  Windows 8   =   2.76%  Mac OS X 10.10   =   2.23% Beyond all the Windows 10 hype, Windows XP is still more popular than Windows 10 and the uptake rate has slowed dramatically. Link:
  • XP machines are probably the ones using old accounting software that can`t afford to update to newer versions of the OS. And Windows 10 adoption is still slow because of the surrounding news about the so called spying and people being paranoic about it.
  • Those XP machines are illegal copies that can't be upgraded to anything newer.
  • I think he's got he 11.75% figure from StatCounter, where 10 also overtook XP in November.
  • Actually, Statcounter has proven very unreliable for these things based on the fact that they count pageviews instead of individual users. Or are they suddenly the right one because they show W10 as being more popular? I swear, some people...
  • Double standards everywhere :/
  • Early october? Threshold 2 was mid-November?
  • I think they mean we were last updated by Microsoft on the # of Windows 10 installs in early October.
  • Correct.
  • Happy new year everyone!!! That was quicker than I thought. I guessed around 1yr. I supposed being 'free' helped a lot.
  • If the 200 million is correct with +/- 1,5B pc's worldwide, we are looking at a higher market share
  • I wish Windows 10 would spread like a plague Inc Neurax Worm!
  • Interesting choice of words. Microsoft used some aggressive tactics to get this thing installed on as many PC's as possible and the way they (ab)used Windows Update mechanism to advertise W10 and in some cases even sneakily downloaded it, was quite dubious. I dare to say that the whole GWX debacle was technically a software worm in that regard.
  • They can't abuse their own system. If they deem that using it to get people on properly supported operating sysyems, that's hardly abuse.
  • That's not abusing, the update only sneaked unto your PC if you enabled Windows Automatic updates. After all, it is an update. If you don't want it, simply don't enable Windows Automatic updates and verify/hide whatever updates sneaky Microsoft is making available...
  • 200 million would include xbox and phones, and this 10% is only PCs
  • That's not true, they are talking pc
  • as long as its windows 10 i dont really care tthe more the better for windows phone something i dont want to see disapear.  Not when my only choices both have static icons.
  • Lol. I just jumped to the fruit cart, 'cause I got tired oF MS's US-only stuff, but I might come back, because lot of love left for the Windows phones
  • Dont forget xbox  phone and Iot. they factor in to on the MS 200m but not on the PC % estimate. 
  • Didn't know they made that many engineering samples of that test phone
  • That one PC is probably my desktop that's still getting the dreaded, nondescript "Something happened. Windows 10 installation has failed" message.
  • I had that problem as well. Redownload the Windows 10 iso
  • Just a thought, have you tried updating your bios? I had a similar issue on my older HP desktop, during the preview. I updated the bios and it solved the issue.
  • Yes this. As a senior tech, I've had to update tons of bios'es to get them to take W10 properly.
  • That's a good idea. I had this one laptop gets blank screen every time booting to Windows 10 even with fresh install.
  • Had downloaded the iso a few times without any luck but hadn't thought about updating the bios, makes sense. I'll try that. Thanks!
  • Releasing the final mobile OS will make the Windows 10 even better.
    Millions of people are waiting for the new mobile OS
  • Mobile already released...
  • Only for a select amount of phones officially. Mohsen930 probably was referring to every phone.
  • I Disagree, as good as the new windows 10 features are it would have been a much better phone experience if they didnt fragment the ui, haveing hambutger menu might seem like a good idea to android and iphone fans but windows users know beter, pivoting rules hamburger sucks.  It just does.  Yeh im using mobile 10 full time instead of 8.1 but 8.1 was great it was to me the best mobile os i have ever used on a smart phone.  Windows 10 has goten alot of things back but still misses what had become basic, gestures app, and pivoting is missing from a few places, social medi integration like facebook and its albums is something i also miss.  Apps are still a issue for me when it comes to gameing.  Windows 10 mobile will sell better when theres 400 million users or more on the windows 10 eco and start spending money, then developers will come, and windows will grow.  I do think this will happen but they have the least best of the os versions they had since 7,8 and 8.1. Mobile ofc.  We need hundreds of millions waiting for the windopws 10 phone but sadly i think its more like 1 million hard core users are waiting for windows 10 the rest are very happy on 8.1 mobile
  • Totally agree. This^^
  • Hundreds of millions waiting for W10 mobile? My wife upgraded to Windows 10, but this didn't make her buy a Windows phone. She's fine on Android. I'm a Microsoft fan, and still can't convince her to switch. I think that Microsoft strategy is a good move, since they are loosing their os dominance, but I think that the hopes that people and developers will jump to w10 mobile just because they use window 10 on PC won't come true (at least not in the numbers they need and want). I hope I'm mistaken, though.
  • You are cuz its not just about devlopers jumping to windows 10 mobile it's about developers jumping on the universal bandwagon and that's were you have to understand consist of more the pc/mobile it also includes xbox/tablets/hololens so when I'm a developer and I'm looking at the vast combined market share of windows 10 with the abilty to write a program once and have it run on screens ranging from 4 inches to 70 inches it's very exiting people have to stop being so narrow minded and look at the big picture I guaranty that developers will be looking at the bigger picture and will flock over to windows 10 once it hits a bigger market share witch they will do it's inevitable.
  • Agreed. Still on 8.1 which is rock-solid on my 520.
  • And yet they don't have basic functions working properly yet. Sad times. I just want my sleep to wake to work proper.
  • Mine does
  • it works fine in my computer... sooooooooo.... that's not OS fault, it's hardware problem in your case. so you can't generalize things when Windows runs on so many hardware configurations some work fine and others don't, I guess you can't always blame the OS for not working properly with some components sometimes the hardware maker should do it's job properly. of course there are bugs on Windows 10 but some are just costemic and they can be fixed someday soon.
  • Emi, absolutely right. Hardware is a much bigger factor here than most people realise, because Windows 10 is going to every computer irrespective of the hardware
  • That function works perfect on Windows 10.. Works great on all three of the PC's in my house running Windows 10.
  • Bios update your motherboard?
  • Curious, is your problem that the PC won't wake up?  And was it upgraded from a previous version of Windows? And have you tried doing a reset or clean install of Windows 10? I had a PC running Win10 that would go to sleep and not wake up from the keyboard or mouse.  Not every singe time, but most times;  it was notable if it did wake from sleep.  Even hitting the power button wouldn't wake it up; even holding in the power button wouldn't force it to shut off. I'd have to turn off the power supply, turn it back on, and then hit the power button to bring it back.  Tried tweaking every BIOS and windows setting I thought could be affecting it, but nothing changed the behavior.  (No BIOS updates were available for this motherboard.) Since this was one PC out of many I had working, I just chalked it up to some ephemeral bug.  This was an older PC that I built towards the end of the Win7 era, then upgraded to 8.0, then 8.1, then 10.  It was also my test mule I used to dual boot preview versions of Windows. I thought about doing a reset on it, but I never got around to doing it. Then the HD died, so I replaced it, did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 (which installed and activated automatically - yay new activiation scheme!) and now it wakes from sleep perfectly every single time for months now.  It seems like some old software/driver or config setting got corrupted and was messing things up.  What I'm getting at is that while Win10 isn't perfect, some problems are quite possibly due to the myriad combinations of hardware/settings/drivers lingering from older OSes/upgrades and software.  It would be fantastic if Microsoft could address every single last one of those. But until we get to Nirvana, if you haven't already, consider resetting and/or doing a clean install on your PC.
  • Dear MrPuny, It is uncommon to see such reasonableness on the internet.   Are you new to the internet?  I'd like to help orientate you to your new surroundings.  Are you aware that the internet does not work via electricity and servers and such, but rather on the pique and petty irrationality of millions if not billions of people?  Outrage rather than electricity courses through the web.  You may want to practice expressing some petty outrage in order to avoid a Donald Sutherland in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" moment. Just trying to help, have a good day....
  • Very good point. I finally had to reinstall after having windows 7, 8, and 10/I think from beta with win 8. It was acting strange and the newest preview seemed to be the final straw. Completely new install worked. And activation wasn't an issue. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well set your alarm properly and it should work, my alarm works great,  Though i think the default alarm is back and it sucks, i want to change my alarm 1 time and then the phone should remember it but its stoped doing that, that really is a very basic requirement that windows 10 had in the early days but seems to have forgoten about now.
  • Your alarm works great! Apart from the parts of it that don't work, you know; the 'basic requirement' parts. Is there a points system on the internet I'm missing whereby people get money per word or something for posting any old crap? Can I just post Lorem Ipsum everywhere and get paid? At least people wouldn't have to waste their time actually reading it..
  • It's going much faster than I thought it would. Hopefully Windows 10 can pass XP and 8.1 by March. It's kinda funny that will all of the tech hype around Windows 10, the average consumer still associates their utter hatred of Windows 8.1 and the ancient Windows XP more than Windows 10 with what they think of as Windows in general. People tend to want to believe that since Microsoft released Windows 10, all of the sins of Windows 8 and the old, decrepit look that Windows XP have gone away, but the average consumer still curses Microsoft for their terrible UI or outdated tech more than they use Windows 10. I've always found this kind of cognatic dissonance between the tech media and the average consumer to he fascinating.
  • Past 7 in March? No way.
  • My bad, meant 8.1
  • Well going slower than I expected, why the wait for most?
  • I work at a computer store, and the general public is satisfied with 7 and see no reason to upgrade to 10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah but users have a history of waiting to sp1 with MS products. I would say the June update will be the one that nails the little issues and a lot will upgrade then just like w7 did.
  • That's why Microsoft had to give them a reason to upgrade like discontinuing support for all other versions of windows but windows 10 but do it little at a time so it will be easier for the masses to accept it.
  • On the plus side, they've forgotten about Vista...
  • My work upgraded last week. :-)
  • Good news, please update mobile os with some good bug fixes now ;)
  • It's a long way but ms will catch it. Vamos ms no te rindas. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why does there seem to be a growing difference between the numbers of Net Applications and Statcounter? Statcounter says the adoption rate increased in December, Net Applications says it decreased.
  • Margin of error. In general, everyone on this site (writers and commenters) has considered NetApplications to be the more reliable source, simply because of the way they track things (individual users vs page views). So while it may not be what they want to hear, adoption is slowing, which is scary considering that this was just the holiday season.
  • NetApplications also applies a weighting system, though. I think there lies the issue because every country I've checked out had an increased rate in December, except China, where adoption is crawling at snail's pace. And China is very big. Another reason may be that Statcounter has actually a much greater sample size than Net Applications. 
  • Hard to say.... Holiday season skews a lot of usage stats as many desktop users are on holidays and their usage different. These sites are just tracking web usage so that needs to be consistent for the numbers to mean anything. Is 1% a month bad? hard to say as enterprise is basically half the users and they will not start in volume for a year or so. Consumers at 36% of their 50% is proportional for the 1B target not including other devices,
  • "Holiday season skews a lot of usage stats as many desktop users are on holidays and their usage different.​" Which is why I expected the adoption rate to increase in December, which is also what Statcounter claims: A 1,7% increase over November (putting it at 11.84%) vs a 1.2% increase from October to November. Not to mention 10 overtook XP according to StatCounter in November. I just find it curious that the numbers are quite inconsistent and I wonder which one is to be trusted more. I think an argument can be made for both. StatCounters number seem to be better at predicting long-term development, considering you don't see weird temporary increases for XP or 7 there, while NetApplications seems more prone to statistical error.
  • The one to be trusted more would be an average of both!
  • They don't count the same thing. Net applications counts users. Stat counter counts hits.
    Stat counter is far more susceptible to hit count shenanigans like Chrome's prefetch engine and Google's chrome UAG on their web crawlers.
  • Yes, but even NetApplications resets their users data every 24 hours. You make a good point but StatCounter also has a far greater sample size than NetApplications. This is why I said an argument can be made for both, they both have their advatanges and their disadvantages.
  • And arguably stat counter is much less useful and completely inaccurate when it comes to tracking how many people are using what. Google learned to manipulate stat counter a long time ago and you haven't been able to draw any reasonable conclusions from their numbers since.
  • Wow, that's not great. The market share is rising, but the percentages it increases at are looking rough. Less than a 1% increase in the past month, when a lot of Christmas PC shopping likely occurred?
  • Look at past OS adoption rates for comparison and you will see it is actually quite healthy.
  • I've not seen them monthly. More importantly, those other versions weren't free, nor did they have MS backing them at launch.
  • "nor did they have MS backing them at launch.​" Huh?
  • I misspoke, typing on my phone. I meant to say MS wasn't backing the OS as a hardware supplier. The previous versions didn't have Surface behind them, nor do I recall a joint advertising campaign like the other vendors are doing for PC now.
  • I see, though I'm not sure how much of an impact that is having.
  • I think it is a big deal. Look at how often we see Surface commercials, which wouldn't happen without MS
    It wouldn't have pressured PC makes into making better devices like the Yoga and XPS lines. We probably wouldn't see the group PC ad campaign we just did. Though a lot is probably PC self-cannibalization, Surface has become a serious brand that makes money for MS, and that has increased PC visibility.
  • So in a few months, windows 10 is less than 1% away from the adoption rate of 8.1 during a decline in PC sales and that's not great? The OS has been out for a short time, did you expect everyone to upgrade over night?
  • "When a lot of Christmas PC shopping likely ocurred"... Yes, yet a lot of those PCs, like mine, are still being configured, setting up programs, and transfering half teras of files. So basically I have both my older and newer laptops side by side, but until today January 1st, I still was surfing with the older laptop... I'll consider Christmas shopping usage at January's stats!
  • The vast majority of people have hardly any programs on their computers, except Chrome. They probably hardly have any files either since everything I'd backed up in Google Drive.
  • Google products are for the foolish.
  • It will be a LONG time before my workplace adopts it, and it will be thoroughly sanitized before that happens. I even count in that number of activations, but that installation has been replaced by Korora.
  • I know 2 people who have reverted back to windows 7 and 8.1 because they didn't like how "edge was integrated to much" into windows 10. When I tried to ask what they meant I realised it was as simple the default browser needed changed. Anyway point of this is I think Microsoft should advertise more that when you go back you have a time limit to keep your license. Also makes me feel sick to think how people hate change so much that they find the stupidest things to not accept it. Anyway I hope windows 10 continues to grow!
  • I had one person who hated it because they said they didn't like Windows 8. I told them it wasn't 8 but rather 10 and came back a few days later to check up on them and they said everything was great. It's was so funny that they didn't know what they had or even hadn't looked at it all over a number. I just checked back after 2 months and all is still good.
  • The while windows 8 thing is crazy, I think a lot of people if they tried it without people saying it rubbish would like it, if course a large amount of people would still hate it but bit as many.
  • That's exactly like people would respond to Vista, even though it became very stable and much better than XP after some patches and a service pack.
  • I find it hard to believe that your friends could figure out how to successfully revert back to 7 or 8.1, but can't figure out how to change the default browser
  • Its actually quite simple to revert back just a couple of clicks in settings. yes I agree though
  • Okay! First you let 10 people stand in the desert for long without any water, and then you give them 6 water bottles, and now you say that all the water bottles are empty in just 15seconds and one out of two persons are having half of the water inside them
  • That analogy makes no sense.
  • That was an analogy?
  • Lost me as well....
  • Okay... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol! I thought only the OS was stupid? :P
  • Lol. No attempt to explain.
  • Well, it this happended in the Antartic desert, the water would be iced... just saying
  • So only one (adding all 'others' together) would be a non Windows person, by your reasoning he would not get any water, right! Yeah I know it ALSO makes no sence! But heck, we were making no sence at all!
  • Did you mean XP & Vista users cannot upgrade to Win 10 for free so that all consequent statistical claims are skewed? Trying to comprehend.
  • Care to explain, all that tells me is there are 10 people stood in a desert!!?!
  • Just updated my mom's laptop to Windows 10 yesterday. That must have done it.
  • It's good progress for windows 10. I think more businesses will upgrade in the next 12 months.
  • Sounds like SkyNet....Just saying
  • yea, I noticed in the new Terminator movie how many people carried around Lumias.   I had a weird feeling the writers wanted to draw a parallel between Genesis and Windows 10
  • One OS for every device, Cortana becomes self aware...... Holy sh*t, Microsoft is Skynet!!! Posted via.........deez nutz!!!!!!
  • I wonder if it's voluntary. Alot of people I know say it's updating although they don't want it.
  • They are banking on a surge of updates and upgrades in enterprise this year. If companies choose the 2-1 form then it means Windows 10. There are also some entries like government that have paid to have continued updates for security on XP systems. There will be a flood of changes in the next 12-18 months.
  • Is there a need for apps on a pc?
  • A way for the Average, non-tech savvy person to easily install and uninstall software without worrying about viruses or bizarre changes to computer settings? The answer is yes.
  • Why iOS and android seen as the most vulnerable then? And the worldwide web has been around long before apps existed. There's no tech savy-ness needed to brows the Internet today. One can brows the Internet without having to delete or install a website. No, apps are not needed On a pc.
  • Yes apps are required on PC. Apps suit the tiled start screen and are familiar to millions of users. There are those on PC's who would prefer to have loads of dead shortcuts covering their screen. But with Live Tiles linking to apps it is so much better and easier to use. Welcome to the modern OS.....W10.
  • You can easily go to the web browser and click on your favorite saved sites.
  • I like apps more than website because:
    1. Immersive experience. No address bar & browser widgets.
    2. I can pin them & have live tiles.
    3. As I normally find/use apps in smartphone, using apps in my PC makes me feel in a 'unified' experience.
    What I thought apps should be:
    1. More functionality -but not really true.
    2. More stable/robust/interactive -but the opposite.
    3. More integrated into the OS -but still pending.
    In short, we should give time for apps to be matured & use them a lot. Though tweaking apps are more burdening for developers, apps 'should' be the way forward in a mobile-centric world. My three cents.
  • @lubbalots You really need to stop thinking about apps in terms of just a tiny program that's an extension of a website. That is the original idea conceived to get around the fact that mobile browsers were terrible once upon a time. "App" has always been the "hip" name Apple gave to such programs. What Microsoft is going for is a return to the point where apps (or applications) are more powerful and productive without being limited by mobile hardware. To simplify, they are aiming for the ease of use of the programs you put on a phone but with more flexibility in what you can do with the power of a desktop behind it. So yes, there is a need for apps on the desktop and you should think outside of the Apple box.
  • It's easier to click on Netflix app on pc and it opens and starts playing you next installment of the walking dead then it is to open the web browser and type in and the log in if you don't have you username and password saved so a app is faster just like Facebook and alot of other apps.
  • Who the heck is still holding on to Windows 8.1.
  • Windows 10 doesn't support Windows Media Center. People who paid for the 8.1 Pro Pack to get Media Center have no incentive to update to 10. Sent from my rooted Nexus 7 (2013) running Stock/AOSP (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) ElementalX N7-5.05 via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ehh... doesn't officially support WMC... *wink wink*
  • Mediaportal and Kodi are for free, actively developed and blow WMC out of the water functionally. Since ages! Plus, Mediaportal can be installed as a client-server environment.
  • Many people that got used to it and don't want bad surprises .
  • I think you're really overestimating the number of people who care about these things. There are tons of people out there who don't even care what version of Windows they're running, they just use whatever was on their PC.
  • Yeah, the average joe doesn't give a **** as long as facebook works on the iphone. I asked my sister what os she had. "I have a laptop" was her answer, looking at me like I was stupid :)
  • Lol. Reminds me of the progressive insurance "milk bully" commercial.
  • I think the newer laptops by Dell, Lenovo and HP are making an impact. For the first time consumers can actually get good trackpads on a Windows laptop. However their battery life remains abysmal compared to Macs.
  • Comparing mice to trackpads presicion on programs like AutoCAD or Illustrator, I think trackpads are just for surfing! Now, the battery life, guess what every single place that I sit to work has next to it (even my bed); an electric plug! I could not careless about more than 3 or 4 hours (and that's to say much) about battery life on a laptop; but my Core i7, 16Gb RAM, 4GB Video GTX, 2 Teras, beautiful Envy cost me half of what a MAC price would be!
  • I use the precision trackpad a lot on my Surface Pro 3 keyboard. With all the taps and swipes, as well as the normal keyboard, it's highly functional. Add to that, the touch and pen functions on my SP3 Pro, there's no way would I buy an overpriced Mac or gimped iPro thingy.
  • XP in 2nd place? Old-school people.
  • You would have to add W8 & W8.1 together; XP is not separated by SP1, SP2, etc. So really W8 is in second!
  • They are too pushy though, they sneak 10 into windows update even after you hide the updates.
  • Just remove(or if you can catch it in time block) the get w10 app update
  • So Windows 10 upgrades are free yet Windows 7 use has actually INCREASED over three months, how weird especially considering it no longer comes pre-installed on new PCs
  • I'd consider the increase small enough to be attributed to margin of error. StatCounter, which on the one hand counts pageviews instead of visitors but on the other hand has a larger sample size, shows a slow but steady decrease of Windows 7 usage share.
  • Well retail/opk licenses are reusable after all
  • How can Windows XP increase?
  • Simple people installing it on older hardware for other reasons.(theres still massive market for xp supported av)
  • Windows 10 installation has some issues with W7 but no issue with some early 8.1PC's
  • Sadly this is the reality some are facing
  • These numbers don't include all the PCs. There may be many more devices which are not connected to the internet. Adding them could increase the number even more.
  • If a computer isn't connected to the internet, it is irrelevant anyway.
  • In my lab all the 3 PCs are on Windows 10 including one which is at least 10-12 years old
  • I run an automation software and hardware company using 3rd party libraries and as most enterprise users , I am very conservative. I might update my Win8.1 touch laptop to windows 10 in May or June . But I doubt that we will upgrade our win 7 machines . We have to remain compatible with our systems already at customer place.
  • That's good, make developers be interested with W10 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Simple maths. 200 millions in 5 months = 500 million more by the end of 2016. That means a total of 700 millions. That's awesome.
  • Your math is flawed, considering adoption was much faster in the first month.
  • It doesn't quite work like that especially if the actually end the free upgrade offer this year, personally I think they will either extend it or announce that it will be a free upgrade forever and Windows 10 will just be a free OS, it depends how much money they can make from the platform services and app purchases, if they make as much or more than they did with licensing fees then I'm sure they will at least extend the offer or license it for $25 kind of range instead of $100+
  • W10 is a free update, but not a free OS.
  • Yes that's great news for windows 10....but the edge browser keeps locking up my computer so some work still needs to be done... But overall pretty good. Red​920
  • At this point it'd be advisable if they quietly switched back to metro ie & call it a day
  • Microsoft propaganda doesn't concern me. Only thing that interest me now is that win 10 mobile is not finish, how long this suffering going to last, and why is Microsoft so slow and without interest to speed up progress on mobile platform? We have lots of promises in the past, lots of delays, and for the moment we have win 10 mobile that is hopelessly stuck, and than just total silence from Microsoft.
  • I'm not sure why you feel that you are suffering over W10M, but if you truly are I don't get why you won't just go to another platform and when W10M catches up and won't make you suffer just come back, you don't even need to switch ecosystem considering Microsoft services and software are on the other platforms too so there would be nothing stoping you from coming back later... I'm very happy with W10M, does everything I want plus a bunch of stuff I don't need and won't use, Facebook app could be better but I'm not a power user on Facebook so doesn't really bother me.
  • Why have'nt I yet received the th2 update for one of my pc:s(asus laptop, 5 years old by now) Seems something is blocking it.
  • by the end of 2016 it might be 500 milion /hopefully
  • I'd guess closer to 400 million for desktop, but if you include mobile and xbox in the figures shouldn't be difficult to pass 500 million. If there is major adoption in enterprise might even get a nice surprise with the figures by end of the year.
  • & if you add those cheap throwaway & forget tablets/dongles yes
  • August 1/2016 deadline for Windows 10 before free ones are gone, so they got 8 more months before the finished Windows 10.1 Redstone.
  • Edge is still a problem sometimes. Even on my SP3 sometimes it just hugely hogs system Resources for no apparent reason. Have to keep Firefox as my main browser.
  • Agreed, I'm using Edge mostly but quite often have to switch to IE to get certain things done, I expect by Redstone it will be better than IE 99% of the time.
  • Well, that sucks. I rolled back to W7, even after the 30 day grace period. I gutted my computer, installed a new hard drive, and then put an old copy of W7 on my compute. I'm never, Never, Upgrading to W10. Sorry, I'm not into half baked goodies. I'd rather go to W8 once support for W7 runs out. That's how I roll.