Windows 10 cumulative update build 15063.502 now rolling out

Cumulative Update KB4032188

Microsoft has started rolling out a new cumulative update for Windows 10. Available for devices on the Creators Update in Release Preview and on production, the cumulative update is labeled KB4032188 (opens in new tab) and ticks the PC build number up to version 15063.502 (via Windows Blog Italia).

The list of changes includes a number of fixes for both PC and Mobile. Here's a look at Microsoft's release notes in full:

  • Addressed issue that causes a Microsoft Installer (MSI) application to fail for standard (non-admin) users when installed on a per user basis.
  • Addressed issue to enable support in the DevDetail Configuration Service Provider (CSP) to return the UBR number in the D part of the SwV node.
  • Addressed issue where NTFS sparse files were unexpectedly truncated (NTFS sparse files are used by Data Deduplication—deduplicated files may be unexpectedly corrupted as a result). Also updated chkdsk to detect which files are corrupted.
  • Addressed issue where the IME pad was not launching correctly in the Microsoft Edge browser for certain markets.
  • Addressed issue to allow Win32 applications to work with various Bluetooth LE devices including head tracking devices.
  • Addressed issue in the Mobile Device Manager Enterprise feature to allow headsets to work correctly.
  • Addressed issue where device drivers are not loading.
  • Addressed a reliability issue when playing specific types of spatial sound content.
  • Addressed issue with a dropped key on Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Microsoft Surface Ergo Keyboard, and addressed Wacom active pen connection failures.
  • Addressed issue to improve stability for USB type C during device arrival and removal during system power changes.
  • Addressed USB host controller issue where the host controller no longer responds to the attached peripherals.
  • Addressed MP4 compatibility issue while playing content from a social media site in Microsoft Edge.
  • Addressed issue with audio headsets connected to a PC through Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Addressed a reliability issue with launching a Settings app while another application is using the camera device concurrently.
  • Addressed issue with notifications (SMS, Calendar) for an activity tracker.
  • Addressed issue with video playback artifacts during transitions from portrait to landscape on mobile devices.
  • Addressed issue with Skype calls becoming unresponsive after about 20 minutes when using Bluetooth headsets with Hands-Free Profile (HFP) connections with negotiated mSBC codec (Wideband Speech).
  • Addressed issue where a service using a Managed Service Account (MSA) fails to connect to the domain after an automatic password update.
  • Addressed issue where, in some cases, a drive that utilizes on-drive hardware encryption would not automatically unlock at system startup.
  • Addressed issue where "cipher.exe /u" fails on client machines that are deployed with InTune, Windows Information Protection (WIP), and an updated Data Recovery Agent (DRA) certificate. Cipher.exe will fail with one of the following errors: "The request is not supported" or "The system cannot find the file specified".
  • Addressed issue where a memory leak occurs in a nonpaged pool with the "NDnd" memory tag when you have a network bridge set up.
  • Addressed issue where you cannot add Work and School accounts in Windows Store, and you may get an error that reads, "We encountered an error; please try signing in again later."
  • Addressed issue issue where if a Surface Hub enters Sleep mode and then resumes, it may require the user to sign in to Skype again.
  • Addressed issue where some Windows Forms (WinForms) applications that use DataGridView, Menu controls, or call a constructor for a Screen object experienced performance regressions in .NET 4.7. This was caused by additional Garbage Collections. In some cases, there was an empty UI because of a lack of GDI+ handles.
  • Addressed issue where Magnifier Lens users cannot click on buttons or select web content in Microsoft Edge or Cortana results.
  • Addressed issue introduced in the June updates where some applications may not launch when a device resumes from Connected Standby mode.

The official Patch Tuesday for August will arrive next week, so we're expecting even more cumulative updates to arrive then as well. For now, you should be able to pull this update down through Windows Update.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Anyone get the phone update yet. My 950 still hasn't picked it up.
  • yes, downloading now. 950 on release preview
  • Nothing here on my L950...
    Something is wrong because my surface pro does not want to restart after the download! error: 0x80010108. Update: The Restart Button on screen gives you an error, but a manual restart does not! Also: Posting Windows Central comments on both Win 10 PC and Mobile apps STOP working!!!.....Commenting via web browser funtional.
  • Then how did I make this comment from my L950 via app? 😉
  • I can't post via the pc app but it's working on the Android app
  • I also have not been able to access comments in the WindowsCentral app on my Lumia 950.  Using the browser is the only way I can access and post comments to Windows Central lately.
  • 650 is getting updated right now.
  • Both my old 930 and my everyday HP x3 received it just fine. As noted above, it seems that you need to be an Insider on Release Preview to get this.
  • This update broke BitLocker in my setup. Will contact Microsoft for support.
  • My Surface 3 PRO updated fine. Maybe the issues with my USB hub causing high CPU load after restarting from standby are solved now...... We will see
  • Update working well here on pc
  • Both my laptop and desktop have updated. In both cases it was quick and without issue and so far at least everything seems to be fine. Hopefully MS have got on top of the update issues they were having and the criticism will subside over time.
  • This just trashed my Dell XPS 2720.  Error code: 0xc0000098.  Boot disk now stuck in optical drive, and it doesn't work.  My system backup is on external USB hard drive, but can't boot to that either.  Nice.  :(  I may have to take the PC to a Microsoft store, or somewhere else.  I took a photo of the blue screen with my phone, I may try to post it.
  • I tried to post the photo, but I don't have enough "rep" here.  Oh well, the surface pro 4 is still working, if MS doesn't "update" it too.
  • My 2720 Touch updated fine. Isn't It too heavy to take to a MS Store?! BTW - Are you having any screen flicker issues on your 2720 when log in to win10?
  • Yeah, it would be a bit unweildy to take to MS, but it's just one piece! Typing this on my Surface Pro 4, the update is waiting for a re-boot, I'll hope for the best. No, I haven't noticed any flickering issues when logging on with the Dell.
  • I finally got the desktop up and running with a copy of my OS on DVD.  None of the boot disks or system image stuff I had would work.  After the clean install of Windows, NOW I can see the system Image backup on my external hard drive.  That's restoring now, hopefully it will bring me back to June! I hope the update from tuesday doesn't start this all over again!  Back up your stuff to an external media folks!
  • Well, the Surface Pro 4 survived the update!
  • Commenting in the Windows Central App does not work anymore. But tbh I don't know if it stopped working after this specific update.
  • What is the point of being enrolled in Release Preview if they're rolling out the update on Release Preview and on production simultaneously??
  • The SHIFT problem is back again.