Windows 10 Enterprise PCs on Long Term Servicing Branch won't get Edge browser

Microsoft's new Edge web browser, made specifically for Windows 10, won't be available for some businesses who use the Windows 10 Enterprise SKU. Specifically, PCs with that version of the OS who are on the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) won't get the new browser, and they will have to use the older Internet Explorer 11 instead.

As Microsoft first announced in January, Windows 10 Enterprise users will have the option of installing the OS with the LTSB option, which will only offer security updates and bug fixes. This is due to the fact that some businesses don't want to deal with testing new features that Microsoft might want to add to Windows 10 after it launches on July 29. Because Microsoft Edge has been designed to add new features on a regular basis, ZDNet reports that it wouldn't make sense to include the browser on Windows 10 Enterprise with LTSB.

Companies will still have the option to set up the Current branch for Business for Windows 10 Enterprise on their PCs. This will allow them to hold off on adding new features released by Microsoft until they have been tested by businesses while still receiving security patches. That will allow them to access the Edge browser

Source: ZDNet

John Callaham