The Windows 10 Game Jam will give students free lessons during a 24-hour hackathon

Microsoft wants students to learn about how to make apps for Windows 10 with a series of 24-hour events that will be held around the world in over 30 cities. The Windows 10 Game Jam events are just one of Microsoft's latest efforts to promote Windows 10 to the overall development community.

While its just announced Build Tour is targeting professional developers, the Windows 10 Game Jam is aiming to be a less formal event for students who will be given the goal of learning about the operating system and then making games during the hackathon. Microsoft says:

"Learn from professional devs about how the Windows 10 Universal App Platform unifies gaming across PCs, phones, and Xbox One. Find out how your next game project can support multiplayer gaming across devices, tap into an amazing gaming community, and take advantage of the latest game engines and frameworks from Unity, Monogame, and Cocos. Then work with other students to kick off your next game projects! We'll keep you fueled up and hacking all day, with Microsoft devs and top student coders on hand to answer questions. You can level up your skills and start fast with free gaming art assets to launch your ideas."

Here's the current list of cities and dates for the Windows 10 Game Jam:

  • Marousi, Greece (May 14)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (May 14)
  • Bucharest, Romania (May 15)
  • Kyiv, Ukraine (May 15)
  • Seville, Spain (May 15)
  • Budapest, Hungary (May 15)
  • Lima, Peru (May 15)
  • Santiago, Chile (May 15)
  • Danang, Vietnam (May 16)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka (May 16)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (May 16)
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (May 16)
  • brno, Czech Republic (May 16)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (May 16)
  • Madgeburg, Germany (May 16)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (May 17)
  • Turku, Finland (May 20)
  • Milan, Italy (May 20)
  • Rzeszów , Poland (May 22)
  • Bordeaux, France (May 22)
  • Paris, France (May 22)
  • Toulouse, France (May 22)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (May 22)
  • Munchen, Germany (May 23)
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico (May 29)
  • Beijing, China (Jun 5)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Jun 6)
  • Yorkshire, UK (Jun 11)
  • Vienna, Austria (Jun 12)
  • Gurgaon, India (Jun 16)
  • Trichy, India (Jun 18) R
  • Bogota, Colombia (Jun 18)
  • Jabalpur, India (Jun 21)
  • Visakhapatnam, India (Jun 23)

Microsoft plans to add more locations and dates to the Windows 10 Game Jam list and we will post up any updates as needed.

Source: Microsoft

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