Windows 10 gets integrated into Telstra's Discovery Stores in Melbourne and Sydney

Windows 10 is being used by Australia's wireless carrier Telstra to help customers at its Discovery Stores in Melbourne and Sydney. Among other things, the OS helps to run the stores' unique way to help customers shop for new smartphones.

Microsoft says:

"Built with Telstra's partner Engagis, the Windows 10 solution enables customers to use innovative "tap and take" cards, which use near field communications (NFC) to help customers build a personalized digital brochure by simply tapping the card on their selected product or service on digital kiosks in store. Each card has a unique code which enables the customer to access the personalized information online, review, consider and complete the transaction at their leisure. Telstra also uses Microsoft Power BI to analyze customer traffic and offer a better mix of products."

Apps that were built with the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform are also used in both stores to run displays that allow customers to learn about and demo devices. Finally, Telstra plans to purchase 5,000 Surface devices over the next few years that will replace the desktops used by workers in its 370 stores.

John Callaham