Windows 10 May 2019 Update begins official rollout

Surface Laptop 2
Surface Laptop 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The May 2019 Update has started its full rollout after months of testing with Windows Insiders.
  • Microsoft is taking a throttled approach to the rollout, but you can see if it's available for you now via Windows Update.
  • For more on the May 2019 Update, check out our full review.

Microsoft today officially launched the Windows 10 May 2019 Update for everyone. The move comes after months of testing and Microsoft's promise to put the update through a longer period of testing before release after the October 2018 Update launched with several major bugs.

"Based on positive data and the feedback we've seen from this longer preview phase; I'm pleased today to share that we are beginning to make the Windows 10 May Update available," Microsoft Director of Program Management John Cable said in a blog post announcing the update's availability. "We will be taking a measured and throttled approach, allowing us to study device health data as we increase availability via Windows Update."

Microsoft says that it is slowly making the update available for everyone via Windows Update. But those who are ready to install the latest feature update can initiate it now via Windows Update. Note that, because of the throttled approach, you may not see the May 2019 Update as available for download right away.

Today also marks the launch of Microsoft's new Windows release health dashboard (opens in new tab), which provides an overview of each update's current rollout status, along with a list of known and mitigated issues.

Beyond the general availability of the May 2019 Update, Microsoft noted the upcoming end of service date for the April 2018 Update, which is set for November 12, 2019. Starting in June, Microsoft says it will begin updating devices still running on the April 2018 Update "to ensure we can continue to service these devices and provide the latest updates, security updates and improvements."

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  • I'm getting a cumulative update first (KB4497934). The release notes says it updates Windows Update, for more granular control. Hopefully, after installing it, I can download 19H1.
  • nothing for me , just a cumulative update KB4497934 (OS Build OS 17763.529). Microsoft support says that Starting with update KB4497934, we are introducing functionality that allows you to decide when to install a feature update. You control when you get a feature update while simultaneously keeping your devices up to date. Feature updates that are available for eligible devices will appear in a separate module on the Windows Update page (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update). If you would like to get an available update right away, select Download and install now.
  • Microsoft needs to be more clear about what are they doing and what they want to do in en short term future, are we going to have Cortana or not?? are they ditching the tiles and the "square-ish" style? I don´t get the same feeling anymore using windows, is more like I have to rather than want to. for me, everything was so damn beautiful in the Windows 8 and Windows Mobile 8.1 Era ( i know, not for desktops, but still.)
  • I'm not getting it either.
  • I think this is the third or fourth 1809 update I've gotten in a week.
  • I hear you... I had at least two.
  • Bunch of cumulative updates making my laptop fan spin up like crazy.
  • Lol that's Microsoft's quality control!
  • We've upgraded a coulple of laptops to 1903 Enterprise and are seeing issues with Edge not loading pages. Tried the solutions that were identified when this happened with 1809, but its still not working. If you F12 and go to developer mode and console, you see these errors - SEC7120: [CORS] The origin 'ms-appx-web://microsoft.microsoftedge' failed to allow a cross-origin font resource at 'ms-appx-web:///assets/Fonts/BrowserMDL.ttf#Browser MDL2 Assets'. CSS3119: No fonts available for @font-face rule Not finding any solutions so far.
  • I am afraid the October 2018 update fiasco has frightened Microsoft and forced them to be over cautious for this May 2019 update.... I guess you have to strip your pc out of all peripherals and external devices in order to have an error-free update!