Windows 10 Mobile now on nearly 5 percent of all Windows Phones

In this month's AdDuplex report, a surprising increase in devices running Windows 10 Mobile has been confirmed with 4.7 percent of all devices running the new OS. The numbers reflect a 1.4 percent increase from last month and strongly suggests that more users are taking advantage of Microsoft's free Insider preview program.

Windows 10 Mobile is expected to be released next month after Microsoft's New York City press event on October 6. Those who are part of the Insider program will get the update first before carriers begin to provide officially over-the-air updates. Additionally, new hardware running Windows 10 Mobile should be in people's hands by early November.

What to expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 devices event in NYC

The increased adoption of Windows 10 Mobile – even in beta form – is likely due to the growing stability of the OS making it more appropriate to use on people's daily phones. Microsoft still likely has a few builds before the OS is "finalized" for the actual release, however, meaning there is still more to come.

Nonetheless, even with Windows 10 Mobile becoming official, the Insider program is going to continue. Those enrolled today will carry on receiving Insider previews as Microsoft's Windows as a Service (WaaS) treatment of the mobile OS takes off.

The conclusion that can be reached is the Windows Insider program – even for mobile – is a general success for Microsoft. Having such a large swath of users with Windows 10 Mobile is likely providing the software company with a lot of telemetry data that will be used to continue to improve the OS over time. Having said that, most users would likely agree that Microsoft still has many obstacles to overcome before even their most ardent fans are convinced Windows 10 Mobile is worth their trouble.

About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store. That data serve as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for September will be posted tomorrow, September 25 on

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Any doubt 5% are Windows Phone Fans and techies!
  • entire market is barely 3% and in 3% market share only 5% has windows 10 :)
  • well i believe when you try 10 you cant go back to 8.1 xD on my 535 it works like a charm and i can use it for daily use with no problems :DDDD
  • its definitely better than WP8.1 ... still not par with android and ios 
  • My heart, being desperate for new.
  • ASPDev, please tell me what android/ios has and windows 10 doesn't have? I am curious to know, there is no anger in the question.
  • well list is long my friend ... 1. better multi tasking 2. ability to customize most of the things on phone such as lock screen, themes keyboard etc. 3. apps sharing data among them (coming in marsh mellow) 4.LED notification (which windows 10 claims to have it now after 5 yrs). 5. finger print scanner  6. better notificaion center  I can keep going with this list ... google to belive it
  • I read that app sharing data between them is available in windows 10...i saw tutorials on wpdev
  • i can list some stiuuff iphones cant do.  and i love iphones but im a little less bias. 1)iphones cant nfc to blutooth speakers. 2)iphones dont have gestures beta that 8.1 have that allow speakerphone to come on when you lay phone on table and others while in a call. 3)live tiles (yes this in number 3 but its the single bigest  thing from my point of view.) 4)cant drage and drop files like music and vid from my iphones but i can on my windows phone. 5) A navigation system that realies on menus and buttons unlike 8.1 that was purely and intuatively touch and swipe and a wonderful experience.  I do like iso as well i just prefer 8.1 phone. 6)Great notification system but then again so is windows notification, truth is they both stoll it from android lol. 7)iphone doesnt have a 20 mega pixel camera and take shots as great as 930.  (only mentioning this cause you think we all want led notification lol. 8) notice i havent mentioned android, well i have only used gingerbread on a budget phone and kitkat on g4 and after useing the g4 and installing alot of apps and doing customisation i can only say i 1 thing.  If all androdi phones lag as badly as the g4 does after a little use and customisation why on earth would anyone want a androdi phone over the great iphone and windows phone, i just dont get it, i really dont, maybe lollypop has improved it but i havent used that. 9)It says alot for a phone if 100 million people would rather use it than have all those extra apps the other models use, there must be something those users like or apriciate over the other modesl as at flagship on contract theres really no financial insentive to just not pick the one you like lol.
  • Can't hide photos, videos, etc No app Lock No call recording No Bluetooth folder No Lockscreen Notifications No Animated lockscreen Can't see which is using more RAM Can't share app data No USB tethering No side-loading of apps (which was available in WP 8.1) better multi-tasking in Android
  • Yes...agree with you...MS should also improve Multi tasking in windows10 for phone...i am tired by staying in the app while downloading maps or in app data or while sharing via easy transfer or any dlna app like lumia play too...also no background sound recording is there...
  • Lack of side loading is killing me with this new windows 10 store
  • but with windows phone you can install loads of apps, mess with a slightly more restricted customisation set and still my 930 runs butter smooth, somthing my g4 android kitkat couldnt do and something nearly most of my friends who used to use android agree with me, most of them are on iphones now and wont be going back to android any time soon and 1 of them is on a windows phone, lol they have woken up in my opinion.  But maybe im bias cause i just havent had a good android experience yet, maybe ill try androdi again in another 6 years. I do agree with sideloading though.
  • I bought a car and its only compatible with iOS and Android
  • A more vibrant development platform? Larger base of third party manufacturer accessories?
  • Pfff! iOS is a bad joke and android is a worst joke...WP/Wm is just a bad spot joke
  • lol i used iphones for 6 years and i moved to 8.1 on a lumia 930.  I poersonally found the 8.1 and 930 the best phone experience ever so im definatly gona have to disagree with you.  My 267 apps 30 of witch i use daily is enought, a working nfc not restricted like my ipohnes all were and well live tiles, gestures that none of my iphones did..  Dont get me wrong i loved all my iphones but 8.1 on the lumia 930 is just better to me.  I guess its a matter of taste really.
  • I have reverted back to WP8.1 a few times already. There are some bugs that seriously affect my usage (such as broken messaging app). It's weird too. Coz I installed W10M on old 920 and found it was good enough to use, so I installed it on my daily driver, L930. It worked fine for a day, then the MS Messaging stopped working, the app seemed to stuck in update and I couldn't fix it. And I was not gonna carry around a phone that couldn't even text. 
  • Jumped onto TP with my 930 on this build and no major issues. Yes, there is slowness at times and little oddities that come and go (like time disappearing from lock screen but turn it off and on and it appears). I am really happy using this build on my 930 daily driver. My one main issue is asking Cortana for directions to......use to give me the option to choose Sat Nav app, Here or Maps but now just shows Maps only. I will not be going back to 8.1 and look forward to improvements for W10 from here onwards.
  • i have the lumia 930 and its runing flawlessly ans very fast, battery life is back to its usually exellence since last patch 1-2 weeks ago.
  • Is it now? I had W10 on my 535 and it was frustrating, quite recently not early build, like 2 months ago. Is it kind of good now? Especially the speed and responsivness.
  • agree it was bit frustrating ... but current build is better 
  • But Mobiles with 512mb RAM can not afford to run Windows10 mobile, I have rolled back twice after upgrading to W10m, but it may run effectively on 1 gb or higher one.
  • My 635 runs ok on it. Better than the 928 I have =/.
  • Mine also did, will get even better, is cortana working on yours?? or only certain regions.
  • Same here. From the most recent build (10536) on mid to high range existing WPs, it's really hard to go back to WP8.1. The improvement to the OS is huge. The mail app for one is now a real, full blown mail app - you can practically do anything you wish as far as mobile platforms go. On WP8.1, the mail app was just bare bones - decent but lacking many important features. Groove is really good on WM10 as well, I actually find myself using it more and more compared to Xbox music on WP8.1. The list goes on and on. On new hardware at par with the iPhone 6/6s or the Galaxy S6 or HTC one M9, WM10 will really shine. I'm looking forward to RTM!
  • I think windows 10 mobile is very good but mail and calender in my opinion isnt part of that.  No linked inbox creates 4 times the amount of work to view my 4 email accounts so any extras to me are pointless there.  No simple to see or even the hard to see desktop version of the weekly calender view is present again at this stage its beginging to feel like its a little late.  Grove could do with the revampo that the now great photo album got last week, delete hamburger and bring back the swiping lol.  I would much rather have the old mail app becaus ewell i could see all my emails in the same inbox, there was more than enough features for me personally.  And gestures beta i miss so much.  To put my phone on the table and speakerphone came on during call and lifting it up went back to ear piece, turn phone upside down for mute, all things that enhanced and brought features that even iphones didnt have well they are gone.  So as much as i love windows 10 on my lumia 930 and as brilliantly as it is running on my 930 and as unlikely as i am to go back to 8.1 some of these features need to come back to this phone, surely phones when they improve should gain features and not loose them.  I understand facebook intergration missing, i miss it ssimple albums in my photo album but i do understand and accept this but the other features well they need to happen really.  I have 1 year to go till i get my next phone so they got a year for me to bring them back otherwise ill reluctently be going back to apple, and no live tiles gurrrr. I really shouldnt be talking about features we should and have already had i should really be saying things like when are we gona have a proper working wireless payment thing like apple pay , i was promised this when i bought my 930 and its been a empty promise with its nfc ability religated to blutoothspeaker control lol.  And still i love my lumia 930 and windows 10 on it, thats says alot.
  • It's like Stockholm sindrome :D You know, it's buggy and a lot of things don't work as they should, but you just can't go back to the stable 8.1 (or more precisely - can't let go of 10) :D
  • True that!
  • did latest build have calling facility ? does it support on lumia 630?
  • i was using 10 but loading screens poor battery and apps non compatibility made me roll back
  • Not sure how that is relevant. We all know that Windows Phone is a small segment of the overall mobile market. 5 percent of any amount using a beta OS is still, in my opinion, significantly high. Reasons for it may range from 'being techy' to even desperation for something new, but it does suggest that the Insider program is being used as intended by users.
  • I have a 1520 running windows 10 and a 640xl running wp8.1, the difference is very clear. Windows 10 seems more improved.
  • Totally agree Daniel. I think it also points to a decent chunk of current windows mobile users as being windows enthusiasts. More so than I thought. But not entirely surprising.
  • Insider program is a great success story for MS, but still there are fans and techies (this includes apps devs)  out there with non-Nokia/Lumia phones that can't revert due to the fact recovery tool is restricted to mostly Lumia devices. But 5% of W10M is good leap!
  • im loling at this moment.  you said win 10 is bester than 8.1 and closer to iphone and androdi but not quite there.  I do like windows 10 mobile but there is so many features it misses compared to 8.1.  With this logic if you actually use a windows 8.1 phone then im guessing 8.1 phone would be there with iphone and android, definatly a suituation i would agree with you lol.   If you wana know whats missing or whats ipohnes lacked compared to say a lumia 930 with 8.1 just read below.  Your a funny dude.
  • That article is 18 months old.  You may as well have linked an article comparing the Blackberry Curve to the iPhone3G.
  • Even I am also fan and techie... But didn't opted for developer preview... Any comments
  • we believe in democracy .... you made your decision good for you :)
  • The day has come.... at last!!!!
  • They have two weeks to "RTM" the Mobile. I dont think they will...
  • Not sure where you're getting that date from. No one has sait it's going to release in 2 weeks.
  • So they will announced two flagships with a beta OS inside? How good will be when all the tech jornalists in the event go to the hands one and face thousand of bugs and "loading.." screens??
  • Most people seem to forget that the majority test WM10 on 2-3 yrs old hardware often mid range or old flagships. That is the main problem with things like 'loading' or 'resuming' or other performance issues. Have you tried an iPhone 4s with the highest OS it can accept? It also lags and stutters. Let us see WM10 on the 950 and 950xl before making any judgments.
  • yeh actually ios 7 destroyed my old iphone 4s it was a awfull update that never seemed to get fixed on that phone.  Windows is alot more stable at this stage for sure.  Imaculate on my 930.
  • Not true. Even my iPhone 4 still performs perfectly with i0S 7. I use of mainly for web browsing, YouTube and reading and editing documents though so can't comment on gaming apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kind of like how they debuted Windows 10 while it was still beta. Also RTM and finished are 2 different things. They finish it first and then release it to manufacturers. Now we can add to everyhting that you don't know what the current code is like, or how many people are working on things. So basically, your comment is 100% speculation and has nothing to stand on.
  • They can announce the phones when OS is in beta but they may start shipping the new phones in late december or early next year full featured OS.
  • This is where Microsoft has always gone wrong with Windows Phone and Windows Mobile. Announcing devices and then waiting MONTHS to ship them. No other manufacturer or platform does this. This kills all excitement and momentum and there is a huge risk of sales lost to competitors who can announce a product and get it on store shelves in weeks.   Until they can at least get this right, they will be fighting a losing battle. OS parity and apps aside, keeping your customers excited about a product means you need to let them be able to buy it before they forget it ever existed.   I hope they can get these new phones out the door quickly when they announce them, or I fear they'll just get lost in the shuffle again.
  • yeh looks like marketing is staill a big issue over there.
  • W10M is brilliant on my 930 so I guess it will be pretty good on 950 too, do not worry. Little bugs aside.
  • agreed its great on the my 930 too, just want linked inbox, gestures and pivoting back in groove music player.
  • It's not because they announce it that we will have it right after. I certainly hope they will be available shortly after October 6th and that you're right and the RTM will be ready by then.
  • The OS on the Lumia 950s will be a much more polished version of Windows 10 Mobile. They probably have a team working to stabilize it behind the scenes. It may not have all the features we recently got in the latest build but I'm sure it will be stable. Microsoft is not stupid.
  • They won't release the 950's straight away, so that buys them more time. Any demo units that journalists might encounter will likely be using a Windows 10 build that has been tested on the new models beforehand and as many bugs ironed out just for that device. Plus, these new powerful phones should handle the OS with ease. I wouldn't worry.
  • At launch events, most journalist interactions with products is tightly controlled by the company in question, and limited.   
  • It would be very abnormal for them to be rolling out every build they have out to testers sequentially. Typically builds are released with specific purposes at specific times and aren't just rolled out because its next. It would be very strange for there not to be a near finished and polished build ready to go rtm right now that public testers may never get or only get at the very last. At this point you'll hear ppl talk about the large jump in performance much like the build that just dropped last week. Open Betas serve a purpose but it isn't the end all be all of testing which is a huge misconception amongst testers in gaming for example. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • you'd be wrong...wanna bet moneys?? =p
  • The biggest problem, the new Windows Mobile 10 still has a lot to evolve until it reaches the same level as Windows Phone 8.1
  • One day son.. One day..
  • Agreed
  • I just hope MS remains focused
  • I can't stand 8.1 after using 10.
  • Same here. I had bug with 536 that made me go back to 8.1 but it took about 20 minutes before going back to 10.
  • All it needs is firmware...
  • that comment perfectly summs up windows 10 mobile currently.  Just hope it doesnt take them another 4 years to give use back all of 8.1,s features.  8.1 was never the issue, makeing the phones easyly accessable to buy  seems to be a story i always here than and the lack of sales staff willing to push the windows phones to customers.  Maybe offer the sales reps some bonuses instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • Was on mine! Once!
  • I kept my 1020 with Windows phone 10 aside and using denim on a 920... No use of it until 2025...
  • What?
  • Great thinking ..
  • Tried 10 on my 1020 but quickly went back. No RAW on the camera, and the loss of camera features/apps degrades the biggest selling point of the 1020 for me. Imaging was something Windows Phone excelled at whilst Nokia was at the forefront, concerned at the moment that it's being pushed into the background. I'll likely go wherever the best camera is tbh.
  • When official man...????
  • The full statistics are officially released tomorrow. If you meant W10M, it'll be most likely announced on October 6.
  • They can take me out them stats im back on 8.1. also there is no way its going to ready in 2 weeks.
  • Who said W10M is being released in 2 weeks? They may showcase new phones with W10 on them, but it's not likely a release date.
  • It's not RTM in 2 weeks. The event in 2 weeks is to announce new devices, they won't be released the same day. But yes, I think Windows 10 Mobile won't be ready in about 6-7 weeks (Most likely when devices will hit the shelves), just like the Desktop version it will be released half baked and updated shortly after to help polish it up. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer 10 to 8.1 but there is still a long way to go before I would consider it great for any normal consumer, but I don't want to wait longer for new devices just so the OS can be improved, for me it's already daily driver capable.
  • Argh, the wait is too long. Going to 8.1 to an iPhone 6s plus.,
  • Announcement is on the 6th of October, however phones don't start shipping to customers around the end of October / Mid November (give or take) when you take into account the lead time for retailers (I got my 920 just around mid november - pre-ordered the moment it was possible via So theoretically they have about just over a week if they really wanted to push it beyond the wire (13th Oct). Unless they package updates, which is most likely what will happen since no o/s is finished until the update support cycle officially ends.
  • As I can see the situation right now, nothing will be available new on Microsoft (both hardware and software) before end of the year, or even early next year. I stille genuinely think that the only way to make a successfull announce is to do it "apple style" an have the product widely available in the next days (less than 2-3 weeks). I also think they should stop all this shit with the phone carriers and send OS update directly over the air (as apple does, once again). Nobody wait on his FAI to update from W8.1 to W10 on a PC, why is that different on mobile? It's not for Apple, why should it be for Microsoft (or Androïd) ??? About W10M, I had it on my L1020 because the Bluetooth was failing with W8.1 (and that's not cool with the MS band). I had a few releases with a stable bluetooth, but the last build (about 10-15 days ago) was failing again... So I reseted to W8.1 and send it back to repair... W10M is pretty bad on the S4+ of the L1020, even with 2GB of RAM. Everything is sluggish, booting take minutes (about 3-4) and the camera app is far from the Nokia Cam on W8.1... So, waiting fort the 6th with very few hope of something nice coming out from MS. Now that HERE Maps is available on Androïd and iOS, I might change to get a normally sized (4.5-4.7in) phone. Sad, because I really LOVE the 1020 camera and Xenon flash. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised at Microsoft announcing they drop Windows Phone for a "reskinned android" (a bit like the Nokia X).
  • Uh didn't you hear or see that Microsoft said they will control the updates more on mobile?
  • if they released windows 10 in the next few days theyll destroy their mobile phone hopes before it starts so no i dont want them to realse it yet.  Its great on my lumia 930 but there are key features like linked inbox, gestures and pivoting groove music player for a good and fun experience still missing .  Linked inbox being a basic must have feature.  Then nothing has been mentioned about a apple pay, that needs to happen very soon after launch.  I really dont want a reskined android if that happens im going back to iphone.  Iphone and windows phones are great they really are but for me android just sucks, imn not a fan, id actually rather have a old fashioned 1990s sybrian nokia than a android smart phone.   Yeh your lucky here maps is great defo recomend using it.
  • Yeah, ppl said the same thing about the's fine. The real problem is still those pesky carriers, they REALLY get in the way. =\
  • Beta builds are not always reflective of where the product actually is in development Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Please Windows Central, update your app and make it compatible with Windows 10.
  • This^ it honestly sucks right now. Just saying.
  • When is the next build? #bandwagon commence lol
  • With carriers consistently dragging their feet if it comes to roll out of upgrades, I guess the windows insider program will be pretty much the only choice for Microsoft to deliver the experience of Windows as a service in the mobile segment.
  • You are probably correct with regards to carriers but the great thing about the Insider App is having the choice to use it. I joined for this release and keeping it on my daily driver. If this option were not available god knows when I would see it, if ever, on my 930. Got to give Microsoft credit for making the Insider option.
  • I fully agree with you. I really like the insider program. I just think that at some point Microsoft will have to bypass carriers to realize the vision of Windows as a service for mobile, or get the carriers to roll out updates faster and more frequently. The insider program would lend itself for that. There could be the fast ring for preview versions and the slow ring for stable releases. Not sure though what carriers would say to that, if they lose the final power over OTA upgrades. I'm hoping for the best and that W10 mobile will catch on and make this issue go away with carriers becoming more cooperative.
  • They said that they will have more control over the mobile updates didn't they.
  • I remember hearing that. Not sure what that means in detail though. I guess we will have to wait and see.
  • The flaw in that argument is that the insider program is not very consumer friendly in ease of use.  Try explaining the insider preview to the average Soccer Mom picking up a new phone in a carrier store, or most non-enthusiast consumers. The insider preview is essentially similar to rooting your phone on Android to install a new ROM, except in this case, it's an official OS release from Microsoft.
  • You got a point there. Maybe MSFT can preinstall the insider app and set it to slow ring per default during the initial setup to make sure they can push out stable builds OTA to "normal" users? No idea, really. I just think that the current state with carriers is a problem for a SaaS model.
  • I agree with your point about it being a problem.  'Windows as a service' on Windows mobile is essentially dead in the water, until Microsoft can get around carriers to mass consumers. That is never going to be a thing; carrier power may go down over time, but not over the next year or two. An even LARGER problem will be if W10 Mobile will ship on Lumia 950 devices, sold via carriers, with bugs and features missing-------and carriers block the OS updates required to fix said bugs and add features.   Apple and Samsung have enough sway to get these pushed through.    Microsoft, not so much;  in fact you could call their carrier relationships 'antagonistic'. Jane Consumer picking up a Lumia 950 that sports, say, a buggy messaging or music player experience, isn't going to go online to forums looking for answers, or install insider previews; she'll go back to her carrier store, scream and throw the phone at the rep and ask for a refund or a different phone, and the store rep will show her their line of iPhones, new in stock.
  • unfortunatly as win 10 stands at this stage you are right, they would loose alot of sales.  They really need a linked inbox for all accounts thats something im missing alot now on 10 and iphone does it great.  8.1 did it too.  Put that with the groove music the second or third most used thing on mobile phones then yeh you got issues.  I hope they get rid of hamburger there and bring piviting back like they have in photo and people app.  Times runing out though and unless in my opinion they do these things before release it will stain windows 10 for a couple of years.  I hope they rather dely any new release untill they offer ever thing and feature 8.1 had like gestures and things mentioned.  Personally i have 1 year for them to sort it out before i update my phone so its really gona be up to microsoft to offer me all of the above, opps and some sort of working, yes working apple pay cause having nfc on my phone means nothing without it.
  • Waiting for new polished build now.
  • I like W10M beta. Am on latest preview build. Only functionality too buggy on my L930 is Photos and camera symbiosis.
  • Correction: I also have trouble with edge, but not as frequently as photos.
  • im not haveing bug issues on my 930 exept 1 restart yesterday
  • Is W10 running fine on Lumia 730???
  • Depends on your definition of "fine", use the forums for details!
  • The main issue on W10M for me is Microsoft Edge. Does anyone else have weird behavior in their Edge? Like glitching, reloading, crashing when viewing multiple .gif and sometimes some buttons like the voting system on Windows Central won't respond.
    Yes I've restarted my phone and everything. Otherwise it's pretty enough stable for me for a daily driver. Camera tends to crash, but that's ok for now.
  • I know windows central lost their developer. Their app, for now, runs horribly on WM10.
  • Ahhh that's why there is no news on that anymore. Ah well.
  • Oh that's why
  • iwell to be fair windows 10 isnt actually out yet so i get it.
  • This really makes me question the stat numbers we get. If we go with the common estimate of 70 million WP users, then 5% would be 3.5 million. I have a hard time believing that that many people are using it.
  • Why is that hard to believe? Some absolutely detest Apple or Google, or both so the only viable option is Windows Phone. Blackberry is decent but it's not even in the equation when it comes to global marketshare. Not to mention there are bound to be enterprise users and IT testers.      
  • I think Dan mentioned this site getting millions of hits each month and there are many articles here covering the Insider programme. Out of those millions of hits some, like me, who are not techies will take up the option. Add to this number the devs and techies and 5% is no surprise to me. Don't forget the Insider programme has been mentioned on many Tech sites and general media sites too..... so 5% is easily possible.
  • i used iphone  for 6 years and moved to windos phone this last year, and yeh i love windows phone, i did love iphone too but after 6 years i wanted something different.  I also tried androdi and although i found iphone and windows phones to be awsome i completely hated my androdi experience.  Grandted ive only used gigerbread on a very old horrid phone and kitkat on a g4 or 5 cant remember, i just know that withing a few hours all my installs and customiseations cause the phone to crash and slow down.  If all androdi phones were as bad as my galaxy s4 or 5 not sure witch it was then i dont get why anyone would want to use android.  Iphone i totally get and windows i totally get but a phone that slows down the more you use it.  Really?
  • Question is how many of them are still using old builds ?
  • 100% less 5% can't work it out neither!
  • I had it on my 1520, until it bricked from update 10536-1004 lol
  • A whopping 5% of 3% of the total market share... which equals about 50 people have windows 10 mobile.  Proceed, Microsoft, to prioritize ios/android... you have every reason to.  
  • You likely did not do very well in math.
  • Hey, if people won't come to your party...have your party where they are. =[
  • That 3% marketshare is estimated to be at 70 million users, btw.
  • 3% 70 million??  gtfo
  • WP does significantly better outside of the NA market. It is the #1 phone in some large (albeit not rich) markets like Brazil for example. Last I saw it was very popular in places like Russia, Italy and other Euro states too. That being said the big money is made in US and China Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can see it was worth getting that Mathis Degree /s
  • Wow math isn't your best subject I see. Just saying.
  • lol.  Your right 5%  of the current windows base isnt a lot but its a big increase in present users kinda symbolic, like your 50 people number.  Personally i use it easyly as a daily driver.
  • Hmmm, rather one of the 1%. This is a painful process.  Some apps take 3-5 minutes to load. Forget taking pictures- the subject moved on. Want to return to 8.1 or ditch the phone.     
  • Yea, IDK how they're going to have this ready next month.  I can't even take a picture and share it... it just freezes.  I have to go into the photo app itself to share a photo.  
  • Oh, ye of little faith. Isn't the current build much better than the previous build? So obviously you can expect the next build also to be much better than the current build.
  • Still lacking in a LOT of areas....  it's verry messy
  • I can take pictures and share them quite well. Some people don't have problems with this kind of thing. Just saying, it will only get better.
  • I'm an ardent fan but am I a big enough jerk to really take them to task? I guess it takes a real jerk to be a bigger, I wonder who my opposite number would be? =p
  • 5% on Windows 10 Mobile and 95% of them have reverted back to 8.1 because of this catastrophic beta :)
  • Give me a break. So the preview is catastrophic because it's still buggy? If you're not prepared to live with bugs you shouldn't even Install a preview version in the first place.
  • That product is not even ready yet!
  • I have been an IOS and Android have Wp10 on my 1520 as a daily driver....I have had not one issue so far......I will admit the WP has a long way to go but for me and what I do for a living.....I will never go back to IOS or Android unless forced.....the one thing I would love to see is a very powerful flagship phone to compete with Samsung
  • Recently picked up a Lumia 735, and a week later I tried WM10 with the build on the slow ring at the time of this posting. I did like it very much, using it for about 2 or 3 days before I sadly needed to revert back to WP8.1 for my daily driving needs. Overall I'm liking the direction its heading. I'd like to see this Continuum / desktop-ability thing that WM10 has work on the 735, though I'm worried its not powerful enough... time will tell. I'll likely upgrade to the Lumia 950 by early next year anyway.
  • The OS still doesn't work worth a crap.  It is painfully, INCREDIBLY slow on my test 635.  Cortana is unsable (and I use Cortana EXTENSIVELY on my 1020...she is set to "Always on").  And a third of the apps I TRY to install on the 635 come up with various errors--803F8001, 80073D01 (even though I have apps set to install to PHONE, not SD), for example--and hard resets make no difference.  EVERYTHING takes way too much time to actually come up when pressed, and I see "resuming" with nearly every app.  This is ridiculous.
  • Not trying to deny your observations, but I am testing on a 635 too and haven't seen the majority of your issues at all. Works pretty well actually.
  • Work pretty good on my 1520.
  • buimmer i know my 930 doesnt have any issues, yeh things and certain features i used to have and dont now but working in every way.
  • So nobody is going to comment on WP7 still grabbing a 6% piece of the pie?! Go WP7!!
  • I have Nokia Lumia 730 in India & here Nokia has separate from lumia & Microsoft has started its own Lumia brand. How can I got update my Lumia 730 from 8.1 to 10 ??. I am eagerly waiting for this. What is inside program ?? ​
  • Im glad in one of the statistic in increasing the Windows 10 Mobile,in the next build ill enroll two friends.
  • Just rolled back from 10536 to 8.1 Update 1 on my HTC 8X .
    Boot loop and microscopic text size was the reason to.
  • Uh you can upscale the text on there you know right.
  • I can't get my 8X to stop telling me a non existent update is rdy for download so W10M is a no go there. Its okay though since I just smashed the screen to pieces. My new 640 is in the mail lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Amazing
  • I'm happy with Ms win10 TP build bcs I'm using Nokia Lumia 620 win10 phone works well in my phone .
  • ...
  • _
  • So 5-10% of owners are developers :)
  • Fix the glace screen, and embed or enable gesture beta
  • Build 10536 is not a daily driver capable. Battery drain, random crashes, random restarts, buggy messenger etc. Hope for next build, but have my doubts about fast improvements. Maybe we can see good and truly stable build at the beginning of November. I am impatient, but so far mostly disappointed. Had really bad experience with 10536. Much worst than I had with 10512. Back on win 8.1 and waiting. Nothing else to do.
  • If they would include us trogs that don't run Nokia phones, that number might be a bit higher...  :(
  • my 930 is noice and steady.  But still missing and wanting a unified linked email inbox, pivoting in grove music player, gesters beta.  I hope they al;l come to the phone before they release their new phones.
  • Ok great MS!!! Now stop giving all you best apps a services to other platforms so WP can grow already!
  • The newest version is really good, plenty to recommend for a daily driver. I just wanted full use of my 1020 camera back and felt that the older S4 cups work better on 8.1, so I reverted. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is cortana working for every region? i need quite hours cheers. Good enough to run F/time.
  • that probably means a lot of people are using it on their daily drivers...
  • Is really windows 10 update is coming on Oct 6
  • What of the what it will be officially released on Oct 6         Gooooooooood news
  • Really guys.. Per this news update,,. Are we getting windows 10 mobile next month???? ..:) :) :) :)
  • My Lumia 1020 has gotten extremely hot at times as well as battery drains within a hour or so as well occassionally.  Glad its not my daily driver anymore cause really its unuseable.   Hopefully when it comes out I can fully restore it to Windows 10 and not upgrade it from Windows 8.1.
  • windows 8.1 was really good but windows 10 such a worst i just hate it lots of bugs n error really waste........
  • Love these past predictions: Windows Phone overtakes IOS in 2014 Windows and Android tie for marketshare in 2016
  • must be less than that now, the number of people i see rolling back to 8.1